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  1. We are currently aboard the Harmony and they just announced the cancellation of the stop at Coco Cay due to weather and we will now stop at Labadee. Our last two days were sea day then Coco Cay, it is now Labadee then sea day. Can’t control Mother Nature and I have faith that this decision was made for the safety of all on board.
  2. Following along. We will be on Harmony December 15. Can’t wait.
  3. Has anyone tried to use the current $100 credit on $500 payment on an existing booking? I would love to use this to make a payment on an existing booking but the fine print says it will only work on “ reservations booked between 11/15/2019 and 3/31/2020”.
  4. We just went to Buffalo Trace last Saturday. Very interesting place. Had lots of fun with the tour. They took us into Blanton’s Bottling Hall where they were hand bottling Blanton’s. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any for sale that day. If you make it to Buffalo Trace, take some extra time that day and visit Woodford Reserve Distillery. It’s only about 20 minutes away from BT and the two distilleries are so different. BT is the big cooperate distillery that has been around forever and Woodford is a nice smaller distillery in the middle of horse farms that has been operating for only 23 years (as Woodford) . Both were a fun visit.
  5. I’ll take one of everything except the ceaser salad please! We really liked this place on the Allure, can’t wait to go back. Got the unlimited dining plan and plan on taking advantage of it.
  6. Following along. We will be on Harmony in December. We have the drink package which I plan on using to do a week long whiskey tasting. My preference is usually bourbon but I will try almost anything. Can’t wait to see what whiskey you found. Nice to see the Kennedy Space Center. Currently are scheduled to check that out post cruise.
  7. Thanks, I will keep an eye out for it. Our December cruise can’t get here soon enough.
  8. If anyone has been or going to be on the Harmony, I would love to know what you found onboard. I’m mainly a bourbon person but do enjoy other forms of whisk(e)y too. I have the drink package and am looking forward to trying just about anything. I will be on Harmony in December, will try to make a list of what is available and at what bars.
  9. We are currently on the Horizon and at the beginning of the cruise there was a letter in our cabin stating that the Sky Ride would be closed for the duration of our cruise. To our pleasant surprise it opened yesterday and was open again today. Seems they got whatever needed to be fixed done. Hopefully this is a sign that is back into normal operation. Have ridden it three times and find it enjoyable. We did go up to it when there was a minimal line (while the ship was in port). Don’t think I would wait for it if there was a substantial line.
  10. Just remembered about this after someone else mentioned the melting cake on another thread. On our last cruise we were talking to one of the girls on the entertainment staff before trivia and she asked if we liked the melting cake (yes) and then asked if we like Reese Cups (yes). Her suggestion, get the melting cake with a side of peanut butter. Then mix or put the peanut butter in the melting cake. Turned out to be really good. If you like chocolate and peanut butter then try it. I don’t think I’ll ever order the cake without it again. Of course, now I am wondering what else would mix in well with the melting cake (a little rum perhaps :confused:)
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