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  1. Hi All, We will be sailing on the Star this July for the Iconic Mediterranean Cruise, Rome to Barcelona. We have booked all of our excursions. I was wondering if any of you have done an excursion in Sete that you would highly recommend. We are currently booked for the "Medieval Town and Abbey in the Wine Country" excursion. Thanks for your input. We are so excited for our trip!
  2. Hi comeonnow, What cruise are you on? It just so happens that we live in Colorado and we will be departing from Barcelona on July 18 after our Iconic Mediterranean Cruise. We opted for the 7:55 AM Lufthansa flight to Munich and then non stop to Denver. The Munich airport is much less of a hassle than Frankfort and we don't have to navigate Chicago.
  3. Hi ALL, We will be sailing on the Viking Star July 11 for the Iconic Mediterranean Cruise. Today, I was checking My Viking Journey and it said that shore excursions will be available to book at 1:01PM MDT on May 5. (We're in a DV cabin). From what I've read on the boards, I thought excursions opened at 1AM? Has Viking changed the reservation times? Thanks for your responses.
  4. Hi All, We will be on the Iconic Western Mediterranean Cruise this July. We will depart from Rome and end in Barcelona. I was wondering if any of you who have been on this or similar Viking cruises, can recommend any shore excursions or relay your experiences. Any tips, pros and cons, etc. are appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  5. Thank you everyone for this information. We are getting excited for our July '19 sailing.
  6. We are taking the same cruise in July 2019. We will also be starting in Rome and this is our first Viking cruise. I will be following this post. We can't wait for our trip!!
  7. Sorry to hear about the itinerary change. Please let us know if Viking gives you a reason. We are taking the same cruise next summer, July 2019 but it starts in Rome and ends with two days in Barcelona.
  8. Have you checked here? https://www.cruisecritic.com/reviews/review.cfm?ShipID=748&pgtype=cabins
  9. Gulfgreek, sounds like we may be on a similar cruise next year, Iconic Mediterranean. We signed up for the Air Plus as well. Glad it wasn't too difficult an experience. What Airlines were offered to you? We will be flying out of Denver and I know we will need connecting flights. Thanks!
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