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  1. We are headed to Tauranga later this month. We have booked a car through Thrifty. They have a shuttle bus that will pick us up from the port & take us to the office. They offer a return shuttle when you return the car.The price seems quite reasonable.
  2. Yes, i was very surprised myself. It was the first time we had booked a guaranteed cabin, so assumed it would take a lot longer. We had booked a guaranteed suite & my sister also booked a guaranteed balcony at the same time & she was also allocated hers at the same time as us. Both of our cabins have remained unchanged.
  3. That's exactly what happens to me too. Has been happening for over 18 months, so when i purchase a drink package etc i use a different email addy (gmail) & have no problem.
  4. Back in July 2014 we booked our Xmas cruise on Explorer for 2015. We received our cabin allocation within 3 weeks.:)
  5. [quote name='shrekaus']Total newbie here so a couple of questions please. Is the 76c conversion applicable to Celebrity too? (I rang them today about my booking and got hmm Carnival or RCI). If you buy an OBC and don't use it all do you get your money back? If so how and at what conversion rates? As I said very new to this so any advice is greatly appreciated.[/quote] I don't know what the rate is for Celebrity, sorry. Yes you do get back any unused OBC. At the end of the cruise you go to guest services & they refund in either cash or return it to your credit card (your choice). Obviously if you choose the cash option you get back US dollars, so no exchange rate, but I'm unsure what rate it would be if you have it refunded to your credit card.
  6. Explorer is actually a whole 5ft longer than Voyager lol.... Explorer is 1025 ft & Voyager is 1020ft.... So technically they are right, she will be the biggest ship in Oz waters...just... :)
  7. [quote name='Kiwi Kruzer'][SIZE=1]70c today:mad::mad:[/SIZE][/quote] If you ring Royal & pre purchase OBC the rate they are offering is 76.9 cents. Much better than you ll get anywhere else at the moment.
  8. Hi, Does anyone know when they will release the Asian itineraries for the second half of 2016?... I would like to know what Ovation is doing between arriving in Singapore in June 2016 & heading to Oz at the end of Nov 2016. Cheers.
  9. I have never read a good review of a first cruise after a refit. We went on Voyagers 2nd cruise after refit & it wasn't perfect, but by all accounts it was way better than the first. Never put much value in reviews after refits. Give them a few cruises first to iron out the issues.
  10. It was announced yesterday that she will go to Tauranga instead. They have some planned work & dredging happening next year, thus enabling her to port their...
  11. Some on Decks 9 & 10... Have a look at the latest deck-plans & you will see which ones..
  12. Royal haven't said too much about the refit,but they have said that she wasn't getting Dynamic dining....Though she is getting new specialty restaurants like Izumi's, Chops Grille.
  13. Carnival have advised that she will stay out for another night. Apparently it is too dangerous for the Pilot boat to get anywhere near her, & they don't expect the weather to change in a hurry. They are in the process of advising those passengers who were due to board today.
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