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  1. It is not matter of going far out. It is when you leave the water and come out of the water back onto the beach. Sometimes the climb is a bit steep, and the sand moves under your feet and it is hard to get your footing. Maybe we just visited the beach after a storm and the tides shifted the sand a bit. So, I may be overthinking it 😐
  2. I have made my choices accordingly. I had trouble once getting out of the water and fell with no injuries except my pride, but after helping few people out of the water that were truly struggling it got me thinking. Maybe Princess could make the visit to the Princess Cays beach a bit easier for some folks.
  3. I should have been more clear in my wording. The beach at Princess Cays beach was a challenge for some folks. I did have to help a few people on Grand Cayman seven mile beach a few years back. Maybe we just visited the beaches after some strong storms went through and changed the beaches.
  4. On our Caribbean cruises with princess we enjoy stopping at the islands and taking a dip at the local beach. Sometimes I have a hard time getting out of the water and back on dry land as there is steep drop off on the sand/water line. I have witnessed many people struggling and fall as they attempt to walk/climb up the steep sandbank. Also, I have witnessed many people have other people pulling them up out of the water. I have been thinking that it would be nice if there was a ramp of sorts that people could float or swim over to and then person could just walk up out of water without a struggle. Has anyone on a cruise seen a ramp at the beach similar to what I am thinking about? If yes, maybe I have missed it. If not, I was thinking of writing to Princess about my idea.
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