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  1. Thanks! Good to know about 1211. I will look into 608 or 609. 😀
  2. Trying to decide between limited rooms left on the splendor. 1211 is by the elevator and on the sports deck. 609 is by elevator but may quieter. Which is a better choice Thanks
  3. So bummed so learn they changed this itinerary. I understand they had no choice but was hoping for the best. They are only giving a future credit no refunds. Not crazy about the new itinerary so I guess Italy will have to wait for sometime in the future.
  4. Thanks for everyone’s comments. I booked the ultimate tour...very excited for this cruise
  5. SWFLAOK did you have a timed skip the line ticket for the David statue?
  6. Thanks for your comments! Looks like a lot of options to look into...I am leaning towards the ultimate tour but the small group Florence and Pisa tour looks good too. The small amount of people of the small group Florence and Pisa appealed to me but you said on the ultimate tour there was only 16 on yours I have heard mixed feeling on stopping in Pisa. Some say it’s more than just the leaning tower. I guess I have to decide between seeing the David and seeing Pisa.
  7. Thanks for your comments! Looks like a lot of options to look into...
  8. Has anyone done these excursions in Florence with Regent?. We are also in Florence on a Sunday and have read you may not see the churches.
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