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  1. Presto, a tip we were given when we were on Azura worked really well. If you want a swim, try going up to the pool before breakfast. It was really peaceful, and usually only us in the pool. Although, the sun worshippers did appear to start reserving the sunbeds. Then retreat to your balcony and enjoy the solitude. Then around 5.00p.m. You can return to the sun decks and lo and behold all the sun worshippers have left the sunbeds to get ready for early dinner. Worked for us!!
  2. Same to you Graham, and to all the regular posters on the P & O boards. Our eldest granddaughter aged 8 has just had a message from school telling her to isolate for 10 days. This will not effect us as we had already been deleted from the Christmas guest list ( tier 4 for us ). However, hope she stays well! Paula
  3. Fingers crossed Graham that you will be 100% before Pauline gets the Christmas “goodies” ready!
  4. A very merry Christmas to all you regular posters, who have provided so much “entertainment “ and cheer whilst we have all been anxiously waiting for cruising to resume. Also, your help and advice about all things related to cruising has been invaluable to me. Fingers crossed, some of us will be boarding a ship in 2021! Paula
  5. Thank you for your replies, which has enabled me to select cabins for the Baltic cruise. Also, I am really grateful Terrierjohn, for explaining the easy formula for identifying which cabins have sofas or chairs. I will retain this information for future use. It seems that whatever query you have about P & O cruises, there is always someone who knows the answer!
  6. Could someone please confirm that the standard balcony cabin with sofa will have a full size sofa seating 2 people. Looking at the details on the deck plans it appears there is 2 different sizes of sofa (some to accommodate a total of 3 passengers, some 4 passengers) I am more than happy to pay the extra cost for a sofa where we can both sit together, but would not be happy with what appears to be an armchair. Any help, including relevant cabin numbers would be great.
  7. Have sailed on both Regal and Royal Princess. Very similar to Brittania, so you will be fine on that aspect. We enjoyed the cosmopolitan feel of various nationalities on board (34 on one of the cruises). However, we felt the food on board was biased towards the American market. A prominence of beef on the menu each evening, also less variety than on the MDR menu on P and O. Have to say, a fabulous choice of cookies every time you pass through the buffet! Add on the gratuity, and service charge of 20% each time you buy a drink ( which are far more expensive) makes for a hefty bill whe
  8. Sorry to say that we tried Discovery and Discovery 2 at end of 2019, and beginning of 2020 and were somewhat disappointed. We felt that the food in MDR was reasonable, but not as good as P & O, although we liked the vast floor to ceiling windows, which made the dining room feel light and spacious. The cabins were OK, although the furniture in the cabin was a variable mix of old and new. Our main criticism was the lack of seating in the atrium, inappropriately large chairs grouped in 4, largely occupied by a couple and thereby restricting available seating ( we were a group of 4). As we cou
  9. Thanks for your help, and like your suggestion re forward cabin. This would put me in a good position to use the forward lifts straight up to the crows nest every evening!
  10. Many thanks Andy, just what I needed to know! Paula
  11. Could any of you regular cruisers give some advice please. We are thinking of moving our cruise booked for May 2021 on Iona, to May 2022 on Brittania. Before choosing my cabin I would like to know if the smoking areas on this ship are on the port or starboard side. Any help would be much appreciated!
  12. TerrierJohn; I think the area you are referring to is on both Port and Starboard on deck 7. this area was relatively unused and known to us as “sunny 7” or “shady 7”. we found it a great place to watch the lines released at sail away. feeling quite nostalgic now!
  13. Does this 7 day ruling only apply to cruises from US ports? I ask because our final payment is due on 5th November for 14 day coral Princess leaving Santiago on 4 th February 2021. We are assuming this cruise will be unable to operate, but have been advised that unless we make our final payment we will be in breach of contract in UK!
  14. Hi CC members Really glad to see that my username has provided a source of some lighthearted entertainment to everyone. This was a response to a grouse of mine regarding Princesses lack of information, and is refreshing to see in these difficult times we are still able to stay positive and look forward to cruising again in the future! Keep smiling everyone, Paula
  15. Hi Kathy, Well,, you asked where the name came from, so here goes! First, I’m not sure if the term “kitty” is used in US, but here it is a central pool of money to be shared. Many years ago, we rented a holiday cottage with friends, and I was deemed to be the person responsible for looking after the “kitty”. This meant that I had the authority to decide if we would be able to partake of a beer at the pub after a long walk, amongst other things! On arrival at the same holiday cottage, I arrived with plenty of home grown produce from our kitchen garden. Needless to say, this
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