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  1. Thanks for the advice Nancyneptune regarding the pricing being reduced after code 150 finishes. Any idea how long these “flash sales” usually last? Agree with you, JayW that the pricing for the Caribbean cruises seem to change almost daily
  2. Hi Soobs, we too have been looking at the Marella Caribbean cruises since P and O cancelled our Arabian Gulf cruise for January 2020. However, we were shocked at how much more expensive it will be on Marella for an almost identical cruise. Know that with Marella all drinks are included, but for us we find the drinks prices very reasonable on P and O. Hope your cruise meets all your expectations!
  3. That’s exactly the one I am looking at Vitalsign! See from your history you have cruised a lot with Marella, would suggest you also check prices with P and O. We are on our first Marella cruise to Adriatic in October, and see you did that cruise in June. Do you have any tips for us? However, still hoping someone can give some advice re the pricing for Barbados!
  4. Hi Vitalsign, yes, you are correct, it was due to the current situation in the gulf. Apparently, it is Due to the fact that P and O fly the red ensign ( and have a great big union flag painted on the bow) that puts their ships at risk. Other cruise lines continue to operate, and in fact we were offered to switch to Costa cruises who are also owned by Carnival. To get back to my original post, have just checked and prices have changed again due to TUI new discount code. However, 12th Jan 14nights balc on Exp 2 £2249, against 18th Jan 15 nights balc on Britannia £1764. You are correct that P and O have 4 sea days, against 2 on TUI, but don’t feel that this justifies such a large price difference. Hope you enjoy your cruise to the Arabian Gulf. We have visited the area on both Celebrity and Costa, and very much enjoyed both. If you have a port call at Abu Dhabi, don’t miss the Mosque visit, it’s fantastic!
  5. Hope that regular Marella cruisers can offer some advice here. After having a P and O cruise to the Arabian Gulf In January cancelled, we decided to look for alternatives . Found a Discovery 2 cruise which looks quite interesting, but whilst we have been discussing with friends the price seems to fluctuate on a daily basis. Is this normal for Marella cruises? Have checked an almost identical cruise from Barbados with P and O, which is £700 per person cheaper. The only difference seems to be the drinks inclusive on Marella. Would appreciate any suggestions as to if this cruise price is likely to stabilise!
  6. We are booked on Discovery sailing from Corfu in October. Our flight leaves UK pre dawn, so will presumably be on the ship around lunchtime. As we do not sail until 23.00, will we have time to visit Corfu town, and at what time is the emergency muster likely to take place. Many thanks.
  7. Many thanks everyone for your advice. Will stick with Tux and “posh frock” for dress to impress evening, we like to dress up occasionally. In the past have seen several kilts on display, and also a few Military Dress uniforms which look fabulous (especially on Princess who give generous discounts to serving Military)
  8. Would like to know what is acceptable evening wear for our first Marella cruise in October. Do we need dinner jacket/tuxedo for men and formal evening dresses for ladies. Any advice much appreciated.
  9. Many thanks for your helpful advice, will checkout the website as you suggest. Have checked ships in port, and we are only ship in that day. Hopefully, we maybe closer to the port exit than in your experience.
  10. We are visiting Venice on Marella Discovery in October. I have read suggestions of taking the people mover (which apparently may be a fair walk from the ships berth) to connect with a vaporetto down the Grand Canal to St Marks. As my husband has recently had a knee replacement would like to keep walking distances to an absolute minimum. Can we take a taxi to connect with the vaporetto instead? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks
  11. Thanks for your advice, have now booked the Discovery after reading your comments. We are used to the bigger ships, so think this will suit us well.
  12. Hi everyone, Thinking of booking first Marella cruise in October, and would like some advice over choice of ship. We are regular P and O and Princess cruisers, and have seen a lot of familiar names from the Pand O / Princess boards, so hope some of you will be able to offer some suggestions. We are looking at Discovery or Explorer 2 , in the Med/Adriatic. Many thanks.
  13. Sadly not, Presto2. We returned from Canary Islands early in April, so obviously the smell is still around. Hope you enjoyed the Fiords, where have you put your review? Kittyonions
  14. Have to confirm that the “smell” was definitely on promenade deck just 10 days ago! And as already stated, approx midships, and worse on one side than the other (sorry, can’t remember which)
  15. If I remember correctly Presto2 you are off to the Norwegian Fiords on your next cruise. We did that cruise in May 2017, and like you I expected to be wearing ski wear. But we were extremely lucky for most of the cruise, and in Olden it was 22c and I was in the swimming pool! Be prepared to be on the open decks really early for the spectacular scenery ( but then you will need the thermals)
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