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  1. Adawn47 can I make the suggestion of a trip whilst you are visiting Bergen. The local tourist information centre run a coach to the home of Edward Grieg. You have time to tour the house and gardens (which are in a beautiful setting overlooking a lake) before a short concert of Griegs music in a small concert hall in the grounds. Then return to Bergen . It is much cheaper than the excursion run by P and O, and was the highlight of our cruise.
  2. Thank you Dysongs for spending the time to write such an excellent and accurate review. We did this cruise in early January, and had similar weather to you ( we were not expecting such strong winds in the carribean. If anyone is interested, I would recommend spending the day on the beach at HardRock Cafe in Montego Bay. It’s only a 10 minute walk from the cruise port, and the charge is just $4 for the use of sunbeds, umbrellas and a lovely pool. Or the beach if you prefer. Thanks again for the review.
  3. There was music playing in the bar and terrace, but it was just pleasant background music. Something that we would have appreciated at times on board Discovery 2!
  4. Sorry, forgot to mention in my earlier post that the Hard Rock Cafe is also right on the beach, so you can choose either sunbeds on the beach or on the pool terrace.Enjoy
  5. Hi, if you are looking to chill on a beach for a while, my suggestion would be the Hard Rock Cafe in Montego Bay. Just walk out of the cruise port, ignore the taxi drivers and turn right at the road after port gates. It’s about a 10 minute walk (or you may be lucky and see the complimentary mini bus). Cost $4US for sunbed, umbrella, lovely pool and of course refreshments as required. Highly recommend.
  6. Just returned from a very successful cruise, and will try to be of help to any future cruisers. On arrival at Montego Bay, we were advised that we would be unable to get into Cayman Islands due to high winds. However, the captain had managed to change our cruise itinerary and we would visit Cayman later in the week. Unfortunately, the high winds continued for almost 2 weeks, but we were able to make all our port calls. This was our first cruise on Discovery 2, and we were happy with the standards of food, entertainment and crew on board. Very wide choice of excursions in such a diverse selection of ports. Highlights for us were the Tropicana Night club in Havana (amazing floor show), Panama partial transit (needed to be on top deck at 5.00a.m. To watch, as we were obviously first ship through the locks) and, the transfer to Charhito national Park in Costa Rica. Happy to help with any further information if required.
  7. Thanks for the advice Vitalsign, we have already booked our Panama Canal excursion. Vwgolf will try to be some help when we return!
  8. We are very excited to be sailing on Discovery 2 on 7th January 2020 from Jamaica to Western Caribbean and Panama Canal Experiece.Cant find a roll call for this sailing, is anyone joining us? alternatively, has anyone done this cruise and is able to offer any tips or advice. many thanks.
  9. A very happy Christmas to all you regular posters, who have given so much helpful advice since I caught the cruising bug! Due to P and O ditching our cruise on Oceana in January, we are jumping ship to join Marella to visit Central America and Panama Canal. Just a little trepidation on my part, so no adverse comments please. As it is far more expensive than the original cruise booked I have high hopes!!
  10. If your cruise visits Tortola ( British Virgin Islands) I would suggest visiting Brewers Bay. Easy to take a taxi from the port, and a lovely quiet beach with a bar/restaurant for refreshments!
  11. Thanks for the advice Nancyneptune regarding the pricing being reduced after code 150 finishes. Any idea how long these “flash sales” usually last? Agree with you, JayW that the pricing for the Caribbean cruises seem to change almost daily
  12. Hi Soobs, we too have been looking at the Marella Caribbean cruises since P and O cancelled our Arabian Gulf cruise for January 2020. However, we were shocked at how much more expensive it will be on Marella for an almost identical cruise. Know that with Marella all drinks are included, but for us we find the drinks prices very reasonable on P and O. Hope your cruise meets all your expectations!
  13. That’s exactly the one I am looking at Vitalsign! See from your history you have cruised a lot with Marella, would suggest you also check prices with P and O. We are on our first Marella cruise to Adriatic in October, and see you did that cruise in June. Do you have any tips for us? However, still hoping someone can give some advice re the pricing for Barbados!
  14. Hi Vitalsign, yes, you are correct, it was due to the current situation in the gulf. Apparently, it is Due to the fact that P and O fly the red ensign ( and have a great big union flag painted on the bow) that puts their ships at risk. Other cruise lines continue to operate, and in fact we were offered to switch to Costa cruises who are also owned by Carnival. To get back to my original post, have just checked and prices have changed again due to TUI new discount code. However, 12th Jan 14nights balc on Exp 2 £2249, against 18th Jan 15 nights balc on Britannia £1764. You are correct that P and O have 4 sea days, against 2 on TUI, but don’t feel that this justifies such a large price difference. Hope you enjoy your cruise to the Arabian Gulf. We have visited the area on both Celebrity and Costa, and very much enjoyed both. If you have a port call at Abu Dhabi, don’t miss the Mosque visit, it’s fantastic!
  15. Hope that regular Marella cruisers can offer some advice here. After having a P and O cruise to the Arabian Gulf In January cancelled, we decided to look for alternatives . Found a Discovery 2 cruise which looks quite interesting, but whilst we have been discussing with friends the price seems to fluctuate on a daily basis. Is this normal for Marella cruises? Have checked an almost identical cruise from Barbados with P and O, which is £700 per person cheaper. The only difference seems to be the drinks inclusive on Marella. Would appreciate any suggestions as to if this cruise price is likely to stabilise!
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