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  1. We will be on Azura at the end of March, and will try to establish who will be Captain for the Easter cruise. Will post our findings on our return. We were on Britannia in Caribbean in December, and were very impressed by Wesley Dunlap. Sure that he will an excellent choice to Captain Iona.
  2. We are on Azura in March, and have booked adjoining cabins on C deck. Does anyone know if we will be able to open the partition between the two balconies, to enable us to share the outside area. Many thanks.
  3. Thanks for that information Dai. When are we able to get the brochure for these cruises, to enable us to decide where we want to go?
  4. My suggestion for Bergen would be to take the excursion organised by the tourist office to the home of Edward Grieg, the composer. The coach with guide take you just a short journey, and then you have a guided tour of the house. You then have time to visit the gardens, and maybe have a coffee before the highlight of the tour. This is a short piano recital in a small modern auditorium, of some of the music that was composed In a small hut overlooking the lake. i suggested this to some friends who did the North Cape Cruise last summer, and they said that this was the best part of their cruise!
  5. We have done this cruise twice previously, with Celebrity and Costa cruises. On both occasions a small charge was added to our on board account ( sorry, don’t remember how much) and it was handled by the cruise lines. Would guess the same will apply to P and O, hope that someone can give you a definite answer. Enjoy your cruise, and don’t miss the Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The dress restrictions are strictly enforced for Ladies, but well worth the effort.
  6. Have done this cruise twice now, and can’t fault it at all. If you are booked on a charter flight from uk, you will check in your luggage at the airport, and the next time you see it will be in your cabin! The food was very good, and not surprisingly was aimed at the British tastes. The warm scones with strawberry jam and cream each afternoon are a real treat. Do some homework in advance, as the islands are very easy to visit independently. Each port will have numerous taxis waiting, and this is a very cost effective way to get around. We usually toured each island for 4-5hrs, and the cost was approximately 25-30$us per person, which is a lot less than the ships tours. Have a great cruise, I’m sure you will.
  7. Thanks everyone, for the helpful advice. Look forward to claiming my first shareholders benefits!
  8. Can someone please explain how the OBC shows, once it has been applied by P & O. purchased my shares from Hargreaves Lonsdale and apparently I have to give them the cruise details, and they then forward the proof of share ownership on my behalf. Has anyone had experience of this system, and can confirm that it works. I have no idea how long that it takes for this to happen, but have looked on the cruise personalizer and can’t see any mention of OBC. Many thanks.
  9. I agree entirely! Having just had an ISA mature, at a far inferior rate, I felt that it was well worth the investment. Hope that I have still several years of cruising left, before I see any need to sell my newly acquired shares!
  10. To claim shareholders benefits you have to apply at least 21 days prior to departure, but obviously after you have made full payment for the cruise.
  11. Many thanks everyone! Now made my purchase of 100 shares, and looking forward to claiming my first shareholder OBC for our cruise in Caribbean at end of November. Will try to resist spending it all in the Crows Nest!
  12. can any of the regular UK posters please give some advice on purchasing shares to obtain shareholder benefits. Do I need Carnival PLC or Carnival Corp? Know this has been discussed previously on here but have been unable to find the threads. Many thanks for any help you can provide!!
  13. Yes, you are correct you do have to remove shoes when entering the mosque. Hence the black socks, so your feet are not visible!
  14. A visit to the mosque in Abu Dhabi is a must do. It is stunning, well worth a visit. They are very strict on dress wear for females. I wore palazzo trousers, long sleeved top, and a pashmina to coer head and shoulders. Do not try to get away with sandals. I wore black, flat pumps, together with black ankle socks to ensure everything was well covered. Entrance is totally free, so just get a taxi, or use the hop on,hop off bus (although you will want to return to the ship ASAP to remove all that gear)
  15. If you want any further info, let me know, however I’m sure you will find it on the Bergen tourist office website. If I remember it cost about £16. By the way, the ships tour which was far more expensive, didn’t stay for the concert!
  16. Whilst in Bergen I recommend a visit to the home of Edward Grieg, the composer. A coach trip from the tourist office costs next to nothing, and includes a short piano recital in a small concert hall. This was the highlight of our Fjords cruise.
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