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  1. I have been on the refurbished ships and think they’ve done an amazing job. In fact we’ve been on every ship including zenith and Horizon and Flora and still they’ve done an amazing job
  2. I think the points system based on length and cabin type works well but it should have another way of increasing your status similar to what Delta has For example if someone books a 2c balcony on a 7 day cruise and pays $1,000 and spends $5 on board total and I book a 1A, pay $1,500 and leave with a bill of $2,000 for excursions, photos, specialty, and spa, why would I not get more points towards the next status. Encourages me to more! Just a thought
  3. They get hundreds of thousands of request see year and in your “you wrote zero responses that’s not fair and balanced sorry
  4. Want to thank you for the amazing journeys we have had on Celebrity. Just got off Flora and once again you guys got it right! Loved that most of the crew was from Ecuador. They were so knowledgeable and great to interact with. Your efforts in providing equal opportunity to not only woman but also people from all parts of the world is something you should be very proud of. Someone asked me why I am so loyal to celebrity and I simply stated, although I love the design of the ships, the amenities, the food, the entertainment and the value, it’s the hard working incredible staff that brings us back. Every time we arrive to the ship in port, we feel like we are going home. Still have my Founding Member loyalty card and trying our very best to to reach Zenith! Keep up the great work
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