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  1. Sure thing. Thanks for checking it out!
  2. Glad you enjoyed it too. I wish I was there right now! Thanks for checking out my review.
  3. Oh, the first sailing! Lucky ducks! Have a fantastic time. Wave to me during sail away - I'll be watching!
  4. The Moore is a historic hotel with prices extremely reasonable for Seattle. This is one of the places I'd probably stay if I didn't live here. The location is fantastic, very near the market and pretty close to Pier 66 if you're cruising out of there. I've had family stay there and they really liked it.
  5. When we were looking for an apartment I had one criteria and one criteria only: view of the cruise piers. My husband had to be the practical one and consider boring stuff like, "is there a bedroom for our kid?" LOL.
  6. The apartment's okay, but I'd much rather be on a cruise ship. I'll trade you my apartment for a week for your cruise? Deal? Lol.
  7. I'm a Ute fan too! I grew up in SLC and went to the U! Cruising Ute fans, we should be friends.
  8. I'm jealous. Can you sneak me in your luggage? Enjoy!!!!!!
  9. Then I had to run home to snap a few more from my apartment! She's gorgeous!
  10. Look who I ran into on my morning run this morning? Welcome to Seattle, Norwegian Joy!!! Are any of you lucky enough to be on her this season to Alaska?
  11. Hi all, Happy weekend! I posted a photo review of Paradise Beach to my blog if anyone is interested. It includes prices, menus, taxi information, and tips. We found it a great value and really enjoyed our day there. Happy to try to answer any questions you might have. https://profcruise.com/paradise-beach-in-cozumel-does-it-live-up-to-the-hype/
  12. Here's what we've done over several different visits to both: Ketchikan https://profcruise.com/swimming-with-the-fish-the-best-way-to-spend-your-port-day-in-ketchikan/ Sitka: https://profcruise.com/cruising-alaska-9-free-or-inexpensive-things-to-do-near-port-in-sitka/ Lots of easy, inexpensive and fun things to do at both ports. Enjoy!
  13. We loved Hanauma Bay State Park in Honolulu. https://profcruise.com/ideas-for-a-long-port-day-in-honolulu/
  14. ProfCruise

    Car rental

    Hi Horsegal, We rented a car in Honolulu and are glad we did. Here's a post I wrote up about it with more details about the rental experience and what we did. https://profcruise.com/ideas-for-a-long-port-day-in-honolulu/ We also had a car reserved for Hilo, but they ran out of cars. I also wrote about our experience in Hilo here: https://profcruise.com/ports-of-call-lecture-series-what-to-do-in-hilo-hawaii/
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