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  1. I'm loving your review so far! I live in downtown Seattle and was on the Bliss just a few weeks prior to you, so it's fun to hear your perspective on everything and relive my trip through your awesome photos. Can't wait for the rest - I'll be following! Here's the review I wrote on the Bliss (heavy on food pics), if anyone would like another one to read while they are waiting for the rest of yours. https://profcruise.com/norwegian-bliss-ship-review/ Come back to Seattle again soon!
  2. I booked a sailaway inside guarantee on the Bliss for practically nothing and ended up in a balcony! It was a bit of an unusual situation as I booked at the very last minute (you can read more about our crazy adventure booking last minute here: https://profcruise.com/last-minute-cruising/), but I would definitely do it again for the price regardless of which cabin we end up in. If I can pay less and cruise more (even without the drink package, etc), count me in every time!
  3. Thank you for the super helpful information. I'm trying Celebrity for the first time in August.
  4. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!
  5. We've had great luck with the weather in September, but as others have mentioned, prepare for anything. Waterproof and layer and prepare to have a great time no matter the weather!
  6. She moved out of Pier 66 and over to the industrial port earlier this week, so I didn't see her 😞 But I could have sworn I still saw her docked at the industrial port in the distance on my run this morning. But I accidentally read my Garmin wrong and ran 9 miles when I intended to run 6, so I may have been hallucinating from pain. LOL. I've driven over the West Seattle Bridge like 6 times this week to get a close look at her while she's over there. She's going to think I'm stalking her. Can't wait to see her back at Pier 66 soon!
  7. I'm so excited for you! Alaska is like nothing else I've ever experienced. And the Joy looks amazing. I so wish I was going with you. Have fun for all of us watching you depart from land!
  8. Lots of time for planning which is almost as fun. Almost. And Panama Canal is such a cool experience. I might need to book that one myself!
  9. Oh, the first sailing! Lucky ducks! Have a fantastic time. Wave to me during sail away - I'll be watching!
  10. When we were looking for an apartment I had one criteria and one criteria only: view of the cruise piers. My husband had to be the practical one and consider boring stuff like, "is there a bedroom for our kid?" LOL.
  11. The apartment's okay, but I'd much rather be on a cruise ship. I'll trade you my apartment for a week for your cruise? Deal? Lol.
  12. I'm a Ute fan too! I grew up in SLC and went to the U! Cruising Ute fans, we should be friends.
  13. I'm jealous. Can you sneak me in your luggage? Enjoy!!!!!!
  14. Then I had to run home to snap a few more from my apartment! She's gorgeous!
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