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  1. Please add us to the list. Thanks. July 17 Nassau R/T Gabelle (Nancy and Ken)
  2. There is also a Bahamas Airways flight from Orlando.
  3. We were on deck 10 right across from the laundry in January. No problem or noise. Actually very convenient!!
  4. Years ago we used Bruno with Excursion Bleue. Look for him online. Hopefully he's still in business.
  5. We live in St. Marys just across the river from you. Where exactly in Fernandina is she moored?
  6. gabelle

    Port Miami

    Our docs are coming from our TA and should arrive Monday. But we have received nothing electronically. Yes, the holidays threw a major curve!
  7. gabelle

    Port Miami

    Curiously we are on the same cruise and have received nothing. Booked this cruise 18 months ago. A bit ridiculous and concerning.
  8. What is the obstruction with the cabins toward the stern on deck 8: Cabins 8124 to 8137? On ship diagrams, they appear to have a deeper balcony.
  9. We did this trip in 2012. Can't believe it was that long ago!!! The fabulous tour we did in Tonga unfortunately doesn't seem to exist any more. In Savusavu we used Koro Sun Dive. They accommodated the snorkelers quite well. It was a cloudy, rainy day, but the coral was still exemplary. In Suva we did the Suva jewels of Fiji canoe tour. Without a lot of looking back, I'm not sure which purveyor we used. Again, a wonderful day despite the fact that my camera got soaked in the water proof bag that turned out to not be so waterproof🤪 One of our favorite cruises of all times,
  10. Please add us to the following two cruises on Serenity: May 31 (OCY200531) Rome to Venice - gabelle (Nancy/Ken) June 7 (OCY200607) Venice to Athens - gabelle (Nancy/Ken)
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