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  1. A couple years ago, there was an oil spill in the Houston ship channel and our Galveston cruise board time was delayed. There was a long line and we eventually boarded just before midnight Sunday only to be told they would be making a decision that next day Monday about cancelling the cruise. Sure enough, Monday they offer we were given was we could cancel with refund or stay on board for the week but with no promise if or when the ship might leave. We had to decide then because we could not retrieve our car until next Sunday. We choose to disembark and drove home. Turns out the ship did leave the next day and did a cruise to nowhere for the rest of the week with less then half the passengers it normally carries. My point for this is stuff happens. You make the best decision you can at the time with the options you then have since the original plan no longer is available. You then move on. It is the "...you then move on" that is easy to say but hard to do. I get that. I lived it with my cancelled cruise above. But guess what. I could either spend my week's vacation time thinking about the planned cruise that didn't happen or spend it having a different kind of fun with my family. It is the moving on that lets you see the options you can do instead of being trapped into still mourning what had previously been planned. I am sorry for everyone impacted. For some it will take longer to move on than others because of circumstances. But it is my hope that everyone can adjust and enjoy whatever other options there are, even if not as fun as what you originally planned, and not let this completely spoil your planned time with your family and/or friends. This too shall pass. By the way, we went home and then enjoyed eating out together for a couple of nights that week at restaurants we normally do not go to and we enjoyed that as our alternate to our cruise. Not the same, but we enjoyed.
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