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  1. Wonder if carnival radiance will be ready to sail when it was supposed to too. Whether it would or not is something else.
  2. thank you or as they say in barcelona muchas gracias
  3. please jimbo, you are very up to date on what is going on. we are on the same TA 6/11 . if you receive any pertinent info to this cruise, maybe you could post it on the roll call thanks..
  4. on TA on radiance 6/11 also wish they would cancel it and return my money.. i will book again at my schedule and leisure.
  5. I am 80yo, have multiple health issues, have TA. Cruise in June . Can I get my money back, not a future cruise credit? I am paid in full.
  6. 137 counting it up in my head (my fourth grade teacher would be proud of me) radiance 13 days Barcelona to the big apple.
  7. Will the radiance dock in Funchal Portugal and ponto Delgado, or do you have to take a tender ?
  8. Are the cruises that start in the United States and cruises that start in Europe have basically the same dinner menus ? I think they probably do ?
  9. Is there any car rental places close to the cruise terminal in New York ?
  10. Why doesn’t the cruise lines, all of them, not let you know how the ips are split and to who? I wonder if a portion of the tips go into the cruise lines general fund?
  11. i have been on ten cruises, i always pay the cruiseline gratutites, i also give cash tips to the room stewarts, waiter and one or two assistant waiters and matrie de. i would like to use the tips i pay to the cruises line and give it to the peop;e who serve me directly.. i have seen post in the past that the tips are also given to\worker i dont see. if that is so to me it is like subsidizing there salaries so that the cruise line doesnt have to pay them a living wage. in a restaurant you dont tip the people who work in the kitchen or the porter who cleans up the restaturant in the morning.
  12. Are there any hotels in Barcelona, that will pick you up at the airport? Or hotel shuttle van?
  13. thank you everyone/.lot of good information...
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