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    Couple left behind in Cozumel

    [quote name='rubrrick']That is a very interesting story. I'm going to go back a few years, and remembering a ship.........and I believe that it was a Royal Caribbean ship.......that set sail.........leaving one couple behind. We were staying in Cozumel at the time.........and remember the couple running after the ship that had already cast off......and was headed for the next port. The port police ran after them........and had them turn around and got them on a pilot boat........that took off after the ship. I also remember the ship just shutting down their engines........and drifting. All of this started when the ship had just started to move out of Cozumel. Long story short.......the pilot boat pulled alongside the ship...and the lost passengers were able to climb the rope ladder.........and there was much cheering from the vessel.:D So....in your story........the passengers were just left in Cozumel......with the ship just pulling away??? Does anyone know what happened??:confused: Times are changing..........and rules are getting tougher....and maybe there is too much liability in having someone board with a rope ladder. Thanks for the post. Hopefully we will learn the fate of these passengers. Rick[/quote] We had a similar story. I'm trying to remember where it was but it was on our cruise in 2005 we saw a couple miss their ship and the port police shuttled them over and the ship let them on. I think I posted about it when we got back. I can't remember what port it was but it wasn't Cozumel. It was either St. Thomas, St. Marteen, or Nassau. As Rick said, they must be getting more strict with the rules!
  2. firstcruise05

    RCCL current Prices

    hmmmm...I was hoping to book a Freedom cruise but that is dependant on price. I guess we'll see when the bookings are released (in March I think?)
  3. This happened to a friend of ours although he and his wife were not on a cruise. They were on a land vacation and they bought alcohol that was packed like they pack it for you on the cruise... the salesperson said because of the way the liquor was packed they'd be able to bring it on the plane. They checked their luggage and headed towards the gate and security said they would have to check the alcohol or leave it behind...they had already sent their luggage through so they had to leave it behind...they were pretty mad!
  4. firstcruise05

    Specialty Resturant: I want your opinion!!!

    We ate at both Chops and Portofinos on the Mariner. They were the same price at that time. We much preferred Portofinos. Not to take anything away from Chops but for us...including our personal preferences...Portofinos would be the choice if we could only have one. The highlights were their delicious goat cheese souffle and the service! LOVED THEM!
  5. [quote name='rubrrick']Thanks George! From left to right is Captain Johnny's wife, Sissel, Letty, Zu, Carol, Joe, Captain Johnny, and Bobbie. Rick[/quote] Aw...we LOVED Captain Johnny...although I'm fairly sure he spells his name differently. He made even my sour puss DH smile in the mornings! And that is no small feat! :p
  6. [quote name='rick1300']me and my fiance are honeymooning on the Mariner 4/19/09. we have decided to bring my whole family with us!! mom and dad, 2 brothers, 1 sister and her boyfriend, 2 nephews, and 1 family friend. but they are all on a diferent deck then us!!![/quote] :eek: Oh boy...THAT doesn't sound like a honeymoon to me! :p Enjoy though...You will have a blast. We loved the Mariner (although we went to different ports and sailed when she was docked at Port Canaveral FL)
  7. Originally Posted by [B]Illmaxict[/B] [URL="http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?p=18192347#post18192347"][IMG]http://boards12.cruisecritic.com/images/buttons/viewpost.gif[/IMG][/URL] [I]Good riddance. Royal doesn't want you, and neither do we. There is something to be said about those that remain Loyal to Royal. I believe it goes something like through sickness and in health...[/I] Quote: Originally Posted by [B]Illmaxict[/B] [URL="http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?p=18196336#post18196336"][IMG]http://boards12.cruisecritic.com/images/buttons/viewpost.gif[/IMG][/URL] [I]to answer your question, no i didn't read the review. but anyone who sailed on carnival because of royal doesn't belong with the royal fleet.[/I] Quote: Originally Posted by [B]spintowin[/B] [URL="http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?p=18194745#post18194745"][IMG]http://boards12.cruisecritic.com/images/buttons/viewpost.gif[/IMG][/URL] [I]If we wanted a carnival review, wouldnt we go to their boards?[/I] [quote name='FireIce0010']Lighten up people. This was not just a Carnival review. It was a comparison between two cruise lines. Put down the cheerleader pom poms and read for a change.[/quote] thumbs up fireice! WOW! What the heck is THAT all about. Don't read the review if you are "loyal to Royal". Yikes! And definately don't post if you aren't going to read. OP - Thank you for the review. I am HOPING...really hoping to sail on RCCL with my family sometime late 2010/ early 2011. But we'll see when the reservations are released for that time period what is going on with the pricing. If the other lines are much cheaper I may not be able to overlook the price difference. I'm hoping (all fingers crossed) that RCCL comes in at a reasonable rate in comparison with some of the other lines.
  8. Ditto from me too. If I want a Chops steak, I'll dine at Chops. Otherwise, I really do expect the dining room service to be devoid of these extras.
  9. firstcruise05

    Freedom For 5 ?

    Have you booked your cruise yet? I have a family of 4 but we were planning on having two staterooms. I don't like the idea of my kids having a balcony but we won't cruise without the balcony...so I like the connecting room configuration that features one balcony cabin and one inside cabin. On the freedom there are only 2 sets of these on deck 9 aft.
  10. Such an important message. I generally don't get travel insurance but DID get travel insurance for our last cruise. Nothing happened but I will get it again when I cruise next. Who did you use? Or are we not allowed to say here?
  11. firstcruise05

    Easiest way to "trade" cabins

    Here is a link to the post. I forgot..It wasn't ME who asked...but it was a question that I also had so I read it very carefully. :D [URL]http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=874780&highlight=switching+seapass[/URL]
  12. firstcruise05

    Easiest way to "trade" cabins

    When I asked that question other cruisers said to go to the desk (I'm drawing a blank) and have them switch the cards immediately upon embarking.
  13. firstcruise05

    Liberty of the Seas???

    I've heard that it is wise to request the Anytime dining at the time of booking because they have limited spots available for it. On Royal its called My Time Dining, I believe.
  14. [quote name='toonjie']You are so right, we had a, you know it's a bad winter when...moment yesterday when it was 46 degrees and people were out sitting on the beach! You know it's been a bad winter when 46 is a beach day![/quote] Definately! :p We have been spoiled over the last couple of years...it hasn't really been bone chilling cold during the winter. We pretty much made up for it this year though. There were a few -2 degree nights. Although...today...we were driving around town with a window open because it was too hot in the car...I would like to say this could be the start of the spring weather but having lived in this state for 33 years, I know better. We always have a couple of beautiful warm spring-like days followed by one last snowstorm. Its just a matter of when. :cool: Anyway, when we took our Mariner trip we used the cruiseline transfer from MCO to Port Canaveral. It was a bus and we had to fly in on the day of the cruise. When we go on the Freedom we want to fly in a day or two early though so we are entertaining the idea of a rental. How did you work that? You rent the car for the week and leave it at the Radisson for free? I have family in Kissimmee so they are another option but I don't really want to put them out by making them drive us from the airport to the Port. I was planning on visiting them for a day though so a car is pretty much necessary.
  15. firstcruise05

    Favorite foods offered in the dining room

    I should also say that the Escargot was deshelled...which took some of the mystery away. ;)