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  1. You can but you need to buy the internet package to do that. The premium package can have 4 on at one time (6 GB) and the standard package allows 2 (3 GB).
  2. Thank you for the review...I was wondering why there weren't any new reviews of the YC. We are going to the Seaside next Saturday. Was the gelato and chocolate martinis included for the YC? Anything we should not miss? Any hints?
  3. You will never know unless you try... With that being said, we are going on MSC in a few weeks and looking forward to it. I hear that they don't have a comedy club like NCL or Royal. From the boards, everything is subjective -- the main consensus is that you won't go wrong with the Yacht Club but as for the other experience levels (Bella, Fantastica, etc...) it sounds like a hit or miss. The other things you mentioned (vegas-like shows, dance clubs, etc...) it looks like it has that.
  4. Though I have yet to experience the rooms on the YC -- H4 on NCL is hands down my favorite room.
  5. I'm using this -- the other wont let me go on because I'm in Canada.
  6. still trying to load -- too bad I cannot record this to show the family later...
  7. Ah -- thanks doesn't work for me because I'm in Canada... 😞
  8. Secrets of a Megaship on Channel 5 (UK) on tonight at 9pm (their time). It's a 90 min documentary featuring MSC Seaside -- would be interesting to watch. Any ideas on how to stream?
  9. Thanks for the info on snacks -- kids are allergic to nuts, so I am hoping there are other things they can snack on...
  10. What kind of snacks can you ask for in the mini-fridge?
  11. I'm confused (which is normal). I am assuming that you and your partner are Black members, so you were allowed to invite them for the tasting menu at no charge? I thought it was only one dinner for 2 per cabin.
  12. Thanks for the review -- which itinerary were you on? Which floor were you on? 16 or 18? 3 weeks and counting for our YC experience.
  13. Do they have theme dinner nights in the YC restaurants as well?
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