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  1. Thanks for the info. I wonder if they are continuing the 125% for cancelled 2021 bookings -- looks like most of your cruises were in 2020. I
  2. For the cruises that have already been cancelled but paid in full, what was MSC offering? 1 to 1?
  3. How are they controlling groups of non related family? I travel with my cruise buddies, so are we then not allowed to be together? The dynamics are all too confusing.
  4. I'd be concerned about travel restrictions going there and back...in Canada, not only do we have to quarantine for 14 days after an international trip, but when we arrive in, we have to do another Covid test, stay at a pre-approved hotel until the results come in (min 3 night stay) and at present, it seems to be a s-show.
  5. I thought your cruise next certificates are based on how you paid for them/which currency? For instance, mine are paid in CDN dollars via credit card. When I log into my NCL account, it shows them in CDN (though I know it is $250 USD).
  6. Is your TA in the US? Because that's the only way I can see the TA only wanting to book in USD. Even when we go to NCL.com -- everything gets converted in to CDN.
  7. You click baited me with your title but then disappointed me with your question. 🙂
  8. With so many different vaccines around the world and different efficacies, I would assume since they can't monitor them getting the vaccine, they would at least have to test whether or not they have antibodies before sailing (and of course, covid negative, since getting the vaccine doesn't mean you are immune or can stop spreading it -- another debate).
  9. I think MSC has a lot of ports not in North America but close (relatively), like Pointe-a-Pitre, Rio, etc... Maybe they will do that and have more interesting itineraries.
  10. That one doesn't work but I get the point...just being a smrt ass. Any way, a lot of countries are implementing quarantine when you return or in Canada's case, a 3 day stay in a hotel at a low time price of $2000 pp until your arrival covid test proves to be negative. For that, I could take another YC cruise... such a deterant. For those in Europe, then let us know what we are missing -- so jealous.
  11. Not that it is funny, but I was chuckle when people were telling me, it will be better in 2021...yeah...more like 2023
  12. they are "ships" not "boats" -- has it been that long since cruising you have forgotten -- joking of course...
  13. This will be interesting to see and enforce -- if cruisers can't even wash their hands before entering the buffet, not sure how this will work. On that note, I will do that to get back to cruising...
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