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  1. I had this happen on my Xmas 2018 cruise, so possibly they changed it in their system. I assumed that they would just cover the cost of the excursion up to $50 but I was surprised to get the full $50 the day after. In any case, excursions less than $50 are very rare, mostly I would say at the private islands (snorkel, kayak)
  2. Also for the Latitude discount, it's only for the 1st two persons in the cabin, does not apply to #3 and #4 (sucks for my kids). Also, if you book an excursion that's less than $50 -- you do get the entire $50 credit regardless -- i.e. I believe on the private island, you can rent snorkel gear for less than $50 (so if it's $20 - no idea the actual cost, you came out ahead $30 for that port).
  3. It's possible your husband was assigned a new latitude number, call NCL to see if he has 2 numbers in the system (one from the first cruise, and a new one for this upcoming) and merge them.
  4. May I ask what he did that was above and beyond?
  5. Totally agree! Usually, we are with a party of 6+, so service is slow....many times we felt we could have sat down, went up to the buffet, brought it down and ate, before they even started to serve....
  6. I like NCL FCC as they are the best deal out there. $100 OBC for MSC -- they could do better, maybe add free internet as well. RCCL is usually only $100 OBC but lately, my friends have been getting really low costs for the cruise, booking onboard (I thought prices were fixed all across the boards/TAs). With that being said, and being from Canada, I will check out the what MSC has to offer on mu upcoming August cruise, because I cannot book on the US website anymore and the Canadian one, though in CDN $, is more expensive than the US, even with the conversion rate.
  7. The water park and slides were fun -- I think your grand kids would enjoy. Not sure about the kids club as my kids did not partake but I tend to recall lots of video games on the activity list (as per my kids).
  8. Best: O'Sheehan (chicken wings and beer, need I say more?), Haven and the Future Cruise credits (so I can cruise more with NCL but unfortunately, not in the Haven) Least: MDR -- but this is subjective, slow service and rude when it came to dealing with my kids nut allergies (better service at the Specialty and buffet, not to mention quicker)
  9. Not so much about the ship but did your itinerary include San Juan, and did you port or did the ship skip it because of the protest (are the protest still on??)?
  10. I don't remember anything being pushed on me on my YC March 2019 cruise....well, except when I walked into the specialty dining area (across from the YC main entrance) and there was a push to book. You will have a good time.
  11. So I was reading the reviews regarding the Budget car rental at the Port of Miami (89 SE 2nd St) and they are terrible. My question is, it seems that most are for picking up a rental after the cruise ship but I am looking at dropping off at this location and then Ubering to the port. Any one with experience regarding that? Or should I save myself the hassle and just drop off at Miami airport and shuttle in from there (Miami airport is another $20 for the rental).
  12. presents --> should be presented... I never proofread my posts...
  13. You should be finding out shortly, if your cruise is in a week but most will be answered 2 days before sailing.
  14. Great review! Question about the Uber from EWR -- was there a designated spot you needed to be for Uber pick ups? What was the approx cost? And are you planning to Uber it back from the Manhattan Cruise port?
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