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  1. If they cannot control Norovirus, I don't see how they can control C19.
  2. I liked that in the seaside, the YC was just there -- meaning, restaurant, pool, TSL, and cabins all in the same enclave. Planning to do Divina next August, as the price of the YC was at least $3000 cheaper for a family of four, so for $3000, I'm willing to walk to the restaurant. With that being said, I see that the YC2 cabins are not in the enclave but more space.
  3. I was 1st loyal to Royal, but then NCL came up with the perk packages and a Xmas cruise that was half the price of Royal, I had to jumped ship. It was my first, and almost my last cruise with NCL as the Epic was a disappointment (bad bad service in comparison to what we experienced with Royal). I convinced my wife to have another go, especially since the next cruise included specialty dining for everyone in your cabin for 7 days. No regrets on staying with NCL as now we are platnium. My kids are growing up, so we switch back to Royal, as I could book 2 balcony rooms for the cost of 1 on NCL. We did stray and tried Disney, but didn't really enjoy it -- it was good, but not for the price (I could have taken 2 cruises for the price of 1 Disney cruise, which holds true even today.). NCL started to come out with ships with waterslides which enticed my kids back to NCL. We also had a taste of the Haven (twice) but way before the bids, and all you had to do was call in and ask how much the upgrade was (my kids love me then). Then when I heard about the MSC YC and that it was half the price of the Haven, well, another jumped ship. I think a lot of other cruisers (no fault of cruise critic) were doing the status match with MSC, so MSC upped the costs of the YC (at first, they didn't charge for the 3rd and 4th if they were kids, but now they are) and now it has to be the right cost for me to venture there (I don't think we could do regular cabins on MSC). So long story short, if NCL falls, Royal and MSC will be my back ups but maybe, just maybe, I will try different lines as I have to entertain my kids less as they become young adults. Sorry for the long answer, but these days, I like reflecting on the good old days....
  4. Well for my August 2021 Divina cruise it did. I booked about 2 weeks ago and now the same cruise is $1000 more (YC for a room for 4). And the funny thing for that cruise was the USD and CDN rate was very similar, partially becuase the US site was charging for 3rd and 4th, where as the CDN site was only charging port fees and taxes for 3rd and 4th (i.e. US site was $5000 USD, where as CDN site was $6000 CDN -- only example, because I forgor the costs)
  5. I feel your pain -- it drop low twice and both times I wanted lower... I snooze, I lose. This was not even for a get rich quick thing, it was just to have it at a reasonable level so I can get my $100 OBC and get it paid off with less cruises...lol
  6. I wonder, if someone gets sick (flu for instance) on a battleship -- how many get sick? Do they count when it's the flu? Or are they only counting because it is Covid-19 (catch phrase of 2020).
  7. How about just wash your hands for the requirement amount of time before entering?
  8. I think it should be more than a token. Basically, you are thinking (and correct me if I am assuming the wrong thing), token price for a non-Haven passenger, to be able to come in daily to the Haven area to eat, drink (if they have a drinking plan), enjoy the pool and sun deck? Everything but sleeping there? If that's it -- then might as well book a Haven room -- what's the difference? The cost difference between a mini-suite to Haven is huge and if it was only a $200 (I know you were just throwing out a number), I'd make buds with a Haven guest and pay the $200 (being sarcastic).
  9. I think the OP was going to book the SIL as a single in an interior and then have him "visit" Haven.
  10. Yes, FCC can not be used as a deposit. I agrued with my TA, and he brought it up to RCCL and everything was taken care of until the next day, when I went to log into my cruise on RCCL website, it wouldn't show up. It mentioned that nothing will show up until I put down the deposit, so I called my TA, paid the deposit and all my cruise info showed up on my TA's and RCCL's website. I'm not going to push it anymore since the FCC were not supposed to be applied because mine is a Christmas sailing. I guess they forgot.
  11. I was given this from my March 2020 covid-19 cancelled cruise... To redeem your FCC, please contact your Travel Advisor or, please contact us using the bellow information: United States and Canada: 1 800 256 6649 United Kingdom: 0344 493 4005 or email us at royalcustomerserviceuk@rccl.com Australia: 1800 754 500 New Zealand: 0800 102 123 Singapore: +65 63050033 Mexico City: 55- 5062-9200; Other Mexico cities: 01855-877-3492 If you live elsewhere, please click here to obtain the phone number for your local office. Just a heads up on some important information regarding FCCs: Any booking made using the Cruise with Confidence FCC must be used for a sailing that commences on or before December 31, 2021. If the Cruise With Confidence FCC is not redeemed and sailed on or before December 31, 2021, the certificate will automatically expire and have no value. Future Cruise Credits are per person, per booking, and valid only for the person noted above. FCCs are redeemable towards cruise fare only and are not valid on Complimentary cruises, Incentive bookings, Charter sailings, and holiday sailings (Easter, Christmas, & New Year's). All guests are responsible for taxes and fees where applicable. Royal Caribbean International reserves the right to void the FCC Savings amount if the guest named above receives other reimbursement. FCCs are only valid for the cruises on Royal Caribbean International ships, are not transferable, and may not be redeemed for cash. The Cruise with Confidence FCC cannot be redeemed to repurchase the same sailing where the original booking cancelled. Additional terms and conditions apply. I booked a new cruise during hoilday season (2020 Dec) but was able to do it, even though it says I should not be able to apply it. Maybe it changed since March 2020. Also FCC were not accepted as a deposit, so you need to pay a deposit and then apply FCC.
  12. I cancelled my August 2020 cruise last week on Thursday and my CN certificates are back into my account on Monday -- so that was fast (3 days or if you don't count the weekend, 1 working day).
  13. Yes -- go the ship you are going on, and there's a search button on the upper right (under your notification bell), type in "month" and "year", then another drop down menu comes up and I typically select... this forum all of my search words content titles ony I hope that helps.
  14. I meant get a Haven room for them unless it is already sold out...
  15. If your mom is paying for the trip, why don't YOU just pay for your future SIL to have a room with your daughter on the cruise -- count it as an early wedding present.
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