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  1. xcell


    I cancelled my Dec 2020 cruise 3 months ago and they said I won't get my deposit back until 3 months before the cruise was supposed to go (I guess before the theoretical final payment) -- who has ever heard of that? With that being said, I love the YC (way more affordable than NCL's Haven) so I am stuck with them...
  2. US cruise were supposed to start in August, then Sept, then Oct, now Nov? Not holding my breath (though that would help contain C19)...I'm betting 2021 (and hoping for at least August 2021)
  3. Fear sells news. Too bad the article doesn't have a comment section.
  4. I'd buy the OBC for the specific cruise versus the GC but one issue with the OBC is that you are limited to $1000 per cabin (unless they changed that rule).
  5. I'm 6' and was able to sleep on the sofa bed and stuffed me, my wife and two teenage girls in the YC. Maybe our family dynamics work (I am an early riser, they are not), so didn't have to fight for the bathroom. The room was great, and as another poster had mention, it's 1.5X bigger than the average RCCL or NCL balconie rooms. Plenty of storage, so no need to worry about that. I love being able to go down the hall to eat and drink...only left the YC to get my gelato (Seaside).
  6. It cannot be applied as the deposit either...well, at least in my case.
  7. Lift and Shift -- we had low hopes so moved our Xms 2020 to Xmas 2021 and still not holding out breath.
  8. Looks like a MSC Seaside/Seashore ship.
  9. Meraviglia -- Aug 2021 -- same announcement...
  10. Yeah terrible promo -- prices have gone up since last promo.
  11. Try a mock booking for yourself. I did add my C&A and Province, but when I get to the price screen, it does not show that my C&A status balcony discount. How new is this booking system? Possible glitch?
  12. I did some mock bookings and when I enter by C&A number, I cannot see my balcony discount on any of the mock bookings (specifically Dec 2020 and March 2021). Is this just me? Or anyone with new bookings getting the same results?
  13. Could you move the deposit from a "refunded" cruise to a new booking? That is, waiting for the refund from a cancelled cruise deposit used as a new deposit?
  14. I am in the same boat (or ship), cancelled my Dec 2020 cruise a while back and my TA said that MSC won't refund until 60 day before my original sailing. What? I cancelled -- the money should come directly back. Side note -- MSC said they could transfer my deposit to my 2021 August cruise but that cruise they switched it from the Divina to Meraviglia but they have not assigned a room to us (and doubtful they can) so I have held off on switching it.
  15. I cancelled my Dec 2020 cruise in May and asked my TA for the refund, she said that MSC will only refund 60 days before my original Dec booking? Say what? I think they make their own rules because it just doesn't make sense.
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