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  1. Have fun on your cruise -- were you hoping they would change the vaccine requirements or were you willing to leave your wife at the pier, waving goodbye?
  2. Read a few posts down or up, I apologized that I got it wrong... fly you need the test, drive you do not --- going out that is...
  3. Yeah I noticed that as well. I guess they are trying to make up for loss revenue. Sucks you pay $300 USD just to sleep one night.
  4. Sorry my mistake -- thought when they were eliminating the antigen test, it was for everything... thanks for clarifying. I hope things change...
  5. Ah, forgot that the cruise wants the test, so I guess we still have to take a test 48hrs before unless that changes
  6. if your are flying after Nov 8th, no more test for travel to US, only the PCR on return.
  7. I'm curious how many Canadians are cruising and then further to that point, as Dr. Cocktail suggested, how many test positive. And then what happens if they test positive? I have read on the forums, the cruise lines will get you back home, but that's easier in the US than for us Canadians. I did write an email to RCCL but nothing yet for a response (that was a week ago).
  8. but a lot to be annoyed at -- Happy thanksgiving!
  9. Has anything been consistent with the Covid? You have some provinces that were barely locked down, where as we, Ontario, were locked down the longest. We can fly across the border but can't drive? I mean, nothing surprises me anymore regarding the rules... but that's another debate. I think we have the doses to give (in Ontario) for a third shot but not sure why they are holding off. My parents in Alberta just recieved their 3rd dose this week. They actually received both 1st and 2nd doses before I received my first and they also had them done within 4 weeks, whereas I had to wait 3 months.
  10. I thought MSC offered their own insurance?
  11. their lost but they better change that toon but August 2022
  12. I thought the OPs post was because people with iPhones were able to imsg each other on the cruiseship and keep in contact (but my last cruise with RCCL was in 2018, so they might have fixed that loophole).
  13. Thanks. I wish there were either more stories of success or unsuccessful cruises with Canadians to read...to either scare me to hold off or reassure me. I still have the opportunity to cancel to get some of my money back in cash, and other in FCC or cancel 2 days before and get it all in FCC, so that makes me feel better. I know, no one can predict the future.
  14. I did as mock booking and not many rooms available. Not sure if they are holding rooms not to book them or not. Some days I am gung-ho on going and then otherdays the fear of testing positive and being stuck in the US worries me.
  15. It works for me, as I have to find out my daughter's exam schedule before I go. I don't leave until Dec 19th, but the last day a University exam can be on, is the 19th, so would like to cancel if I cannot go. The stocks are going back up, so I think people are feeling that cruises are rebounding. Do you know or think the Christmas cruises will be closer to full capacity and not like what they are now (probably 1/3rd full).
  16. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/09/15/royal-caribbean-pushes-back-final-payment-date-and-will-allow-kids-take-antigen-tests Give us more time to cancel and more time they keep our money.
  17. Did they look at the time difference between the two doses or were you able to get the dose within 42 days? (or whatever the recommended amount of time is)
  18. The wording is so confusing... for instance, this is from NCL's website... "To be fully vaccinated means to complete the full brand vaccination protocol, and therefore one single shot of AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Sinopharm or Sinovac after Covid-19 recovery is NOT considered being fully vaccinated." Because if we were to follow "vaccination protocol" then we are not considered full vaccinated if we didn't get the second dose within 4 weeks of the first, right?
  19. Backburner -- yes, medical procedures -- backlog is evenmore crazy than it was before covid.
  20. So what's confusing is, if we are to be lead by data, how is it that one country says if you have Astra, you are considered fully vaccinated, whereas another does not? One dose of J&J and you are considered fully vaccinated in the US but 2 Astra, you are not? Isn't Astra (based on data) more effective than J&J, so why is it not accepted in the US? And then there's the ongoing debate on mixed vaccines, and time frame between, etc.. Too much discrepancy, too much confusion.. Then there's the issue of focusing just on the virus but putting everything else on the backburner? It would be like giving all your attention to that one kid with the learning disability in your grade, while ignoring the rest of the class.
  21. Not sure if I should start a new topic but the RCCL website is unclear of what vaccine protocols they will accept. Specifically, will they allow Pfzier and Moderna even though most of us (Canadians) had it more than 42 days between doses.
  22. Getting a 3rd Dose or booster doesn't make a difference in the eyes of the CDC unless you are able to be within the 28 days to 6 weeks dose protocols. So if your last does more than 6 weeks ago, sorry to say but you are still considered "unvaccinated".
  23. I think it is not to have to deal with the USA/Canada border Covid protocols...
  24. I'm in a similar boat(ship) for Dec but only my kids are "properly" vaccinated with the USA specific protocols. I wish I had a back up plan with an AI but never looked into that, since I have always been a cruiser. Everything is so up in the air this is like gambling. As per the FCC, RCCL said they need to be used before April 2022 for a cruise before Sept 2022 which I think is unfair.
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