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  1. Just off the escape and both had theme nights. I think the bigger the ship the more they have to space out the people in the five free restaurants. If you ever been in waiting in front of the three main dinning rooms you seen the lady with placard saying theme night in the other restaurant or buffet.
  2. If you do not have to fly sail away rates will come down $200 to $250 per person within 30 to 60 days till sailing. Even with all free offers if you do not need to use all of them sail away is the way to go.
  3. How may times have you read reviews from passengers who said they could not get a reservation for smaller restaurants like La bistro.I have been on 3 cruises on escape and have gone to reservations as soon as i boarded. I was told only early or late seating were available.I was just saying that the Haven being closed would make it harder to get a reservation and a time that you wanted. That being said Bird Travels is a legend on cruise critic i defer to your knowledge.
  4. If you did not book specialty restaurants before you board you may be able to get a good time. With all the haven people getting first crack at reservations you will be lucky to get first or last hour. Their will be a lot of people with a SDP package who can not get into most restaurants. With so many free SDP packages it is hard to get a reservation now. I think will hear from a lot of passengers who had a dining problem on your cruise.
  5. I have been in on 3 studio cabin cruises. You will meet people in the studio lounge who will gladly join you for the 2 specialty meals you get as a platinum.
  6. Is their still an upcharge for the Bayamo restaurant, How is the seafood quality and service.
  7. Best Le bistro and Cagneys since they put back the jumbo shrimp at no additional charge. Most improved La cucina and Osheehans has improved their menu.
  8. I have done a 13 day cruise on a larger ship with 3 other couples so no lack of company, What I found is menu is repeated on the 2nd week, The sea days on a small ship get very boring with lack of entertainment. My best advice is bring a lot of books to read.
  9. My cabin on escape is 11916. Thank you for any help on balcony size
  10. I just got upgraded to a aft facing balcony has any one stayed in this cabin. Is the balcony bigger than a regular balcony.
  11. I have gone solo to the thermal spa on two escape cruises. It is a great place to relax and bring a book. No one will be judging you.
  12. I cant believe my luck i when from a sail away inside cabin to a aft facing balcony for 205.00 each.My cruise lives in two weeks on the escape.
  13. I just got a notification that my bid was excepted and They sent me a new confirmation. My card was billed for the amout I bid
  14. SeaShark you found the solution to her problem. The only problem is will they let them add a third person as they have made final payment for the oct cruise.
  15. Aft balcony is a premium location if you plan on spending time on the balcony. Getting off the ship is faster from the aft section than the forward,
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