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  1. I have sat at tables for 14 and 15 on the Bliss which are always tables of 4 and 6 tables put together. I would advice you to see the hostess early and tell them what nights and times you like for your group. The hostess will refer you to the her supervisor to make the arrangement.
  2. You either go directly to the box office when you board, Or you can read the daily schedule which will tell you where to go for show reservation.
  3. I was on the Escape cruise that was waiting for the ship to return back to NYC. I always booked directly with NCL and they have my email plus home phone. I was never was notified of any change by NCL i found out about it on cruise critic. When I arrived at the dock at 4PM as stated on the cruise critic information I found thousands of people in two terminals some waiting since 10AM I was given #45 I waited then at 530PM then they called #1 to go to the next terminal to get their key cards. As bad as it sounds I think NCL did the best they could in a very bad situation.
  4. I bring a book till the they start the drill and put my self near my muster station before the elevators close down.
  5. The menu has been expanded and food quality has improved. Also the serve breakfast till 11am
  6. The so called salad bar in Moderno was terrible. They serve the cheap meat cuts first to fill you up then bring the filet out last.
  7. Just a note La bistro will now seat people in shorts in their front of restaurant tables.
  8. I have ben on the Jewel and the Dawn and had great cruise on both. If you like the super size RCL ships you should go on the NCL larger ships for a true comparison.
  9. As you can tell the best restaurants are La bistro or Ocean blue. Cagney's is hit or miss on service
  10. The key is do you like steam and sauna rooms their are 5 different types of these rooms. The big hydro pool has 3 kinds of jet sprays if you would like to try them out it is worth the money.
  11. I think if you look at the deck plans they show all the cabins on deck 8 forward hope this will be helpful to you.
  12. The restaurant has tables that seat 9 or 10 around the chef. I think their are more 2 an 4 reservations available than party of 3. I think hallux has the right idea. But remember the restaurant has a $39 charge so you might be charged advanced purchase for any person not listed for a SDP.
  13. Thank you for your help but the one question I wanted to confirm is their a headliners comedy club with howl at the moon on the Bliss. I have been on the Escape 5 times and love the comedy shows and piano players in that room. My cruise has 8 ports some I have not been to I know the Escape and Bliss have all gone on 14 night cruises in the last year or two. Any one been on any of those.
  14. I am going on a 14 night cruise on the Bliss. What will the entertainment be to fill up all the 14 nights. Also is their a comedy club with howl at the moon.
  15. I use my points on my NCL credit card to get $100 in ship board credit. Every day my DSC was deducted from my account off my ship board credit. If you get a OBC from NCL this can not be used for DSC that's the confusion that causes the problem.
  16. All menus are the same for all ships main dining rooms. Look up Bird travels on this forum he has posted all menus for all restaurants.
  17. The Escape was held up on your return to New York. Where the waters ruff or calm on your return. How late did you get off the ship. This delay caused a lot of problems for the people on your ship and those waiting to board at the pier. Do you feel this was the best way to go now that your home.
  18. Just off the escape and both had theme nights. I think the bigger the ship the more they have to space out the people in the five free restaurants. If you ever been in waiting in front of the three main dinning rooms you seen the lady with placard saying theme night in the other restaurant or buffet.
  19. If you do not have to fly sail away rates will come down $200 to $250 per person within 30 to 60 days till sailing. Even with all free offers if you do not need to use all of them sail away is the way to go.
  20. How may times have you read reviews from passengers who said they could not get a reservation for smaller restaurants like La bistro.I have been on 3 cruises on escape and have gone to reservations as soon as i boarded. I was told only early or late seating were available.I was just saying that the Haven being closed would make it harder to get a reservation and a time that you wanted. That being said Bird Travels is a legend on cruise critic i defer to your knowledge.
  21. If you did not book specialty restaurants before you board you may be able to get a good time. With all the haven people getting first crack at reservations you will be lucky to get first or last hour. Their will be a lot of people with a SDP package who can not get into most restaurants. With so many free SDP packages it is hard to get a reservation now. I think will hear from a lot of passengers who had a dining problem on your cruise.
  22. I have been in on 3 studio cabin cruises. You will meet people in the studio lounge who will gladly join you for the 2 specialty meals you get as a platinum.
  23. Is their still an upcharge for the Bayamo restaurant, How is the seafood quality and service.
  24. Best Le bistro and Cagneys since they put back the jumbo shrimp at no additional charge. Most improved La cucina and Osheehans has improved their menu.
  25. I have done a 13 day cruise on a larger ship with 3 other couples so no lack of company, What I found is menu is repeated on the 2nd week, The sea days on a small ship get very boring with lack of entertainment. My best advice is bring a lot of books to read.
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