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  1. Hi all, My partner and I and two of our friends will be on this cruise as well! I actually won a free cruise for our friends with their recent voyage of love competition, and we decided to use our cruise credit to join them. Fingers crossed everything will go well and no more cancellations! Are we planning a cruise critic meet up or anything? Cheers, Claire
  2. Congrats! I won the cruise for my friends as well, and we have decided to join them. We were pleasantly surprised that you actually get a balcony room and could pick a 5-day not just a 4-day. Great competition; it has certainly increased our sense of loyalty to Virgin and if all goes well on this cruise, I can see us sticking with Virgin for most of our future cruises as long as the itineraries are interesting.
  3. I was due to go in May, and had no problem using the app for that, until it was canceled. Then I rebooked for October, and it immediately showed up again in my app. I've been able to make reservations for excursions and all that, no issues with the app at all.
  4. Can we earn rewards with Virgin for these cruises? I'm going on one in October, but I haven't signed up for any kind of frequent traveler program with Virgin.
  5. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2021/03/16/virgin-voyages-require-covid-19-vaccine-all-passengers-crew/4712072001/
  6. I'm not really a pool person, but I do agree that it seems a pool would be useful. I wonder if there are somehow leaving the possibility for one of those on the future ship if people don't like the shallow ones on the first ship. The tattoo shop seems fun, I don't have any tattoos yet but I was considering getting my first one on the ship, and my partner has a lot of tattoos and wanted to add a small one while on the ship. The downside is that direct sunlight, or immersing yourself in water, two things that cruises tend to involve, are bad for tattoos. The storage feels
  7. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24481-virgin-voyages-delays-start-to-july-1.html
  8. I would definitely be down for that!
  9. At current rates, we can have 70% of the population vaccinated within 4.5 months. Since a good number won't want vaccines, and children are not currently approved, and some may refuse because they've already had covid, I think 70% is a realistic estimate of how many vaccines we need. Since vaccine production is actually ramping up and additional vaccines are being approved, there's a good chance we'll reach 70% by late April. So I fully support re-opening cruises in May and requiring vaccines. However, easy 'home tests' are due to be available by then as well, so cruise lines could conduct tes
  10. Dominican Daze! We got our COVID-19 vaccines in January and decided to use our cruise credit to roll the dice on a May, 2021 cruise. Will there be enough vaccinated passengers for the ship to set sail? Fingers crossed. Who's joining us?
  11. So we both got vaccinated and decided we'd like to roll the dice on one of the mid May journeys. Anyone else who's booked for May 14-19?
  12. The Scarlet Lady is unexpectedly sailing back to Europe. With a spike in coronavirus cases in Florida, Europe banning American travelers, and Europeans not likely to travel to the United States, has Virgin Voyages given up on sailing from Florida in the Fall?
  13. Gary, call and stay on hold instead. I have news! 1. I never received a call back (it's been 6.5 hours), so don't press 1, even if it worked earlier for Janess (glad you got the call though!). 2. However, I re-joined the line and actually waited on hold on a different phone, and after 4 hours, they picked up. I had fallen asleep but luckily the sound of her voice woke me up. The lady was super nice. 3. They were able to honor their deal, even though I canceled on Tuesday evening. I will be getting 200% credit!
  14. I've been on hold for 4 hours and 45 minutes now. Nothing. Got a response on social media but no answers. I canceled 36 hours before the new policy was announced and would like to know if they will refund me after all.
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