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  1. The Scarlet Lady is unexpectedly sailing back to Europe. With a spike in coronavirus cases in Florida, Europe banning American travelers, and Europeans not likely to travel to the United States, has Virgin Voyages given up on sailing from Florida in the Fall?
  2. Gary, call and stay on hold instead. I have news! 1. I never received a call back (it's been 6.5 hours), so don't press 1, even if it worked earlier for Janess (glad you got the call though!). 2. However, I re-joined the line and actually waited on hold on a different phone, and after 4 hours, they picked up. I had fallen asleep but luckily the sound of her voice woke me up. The lady was super nice. 3. They were able to honor their deal, even though I canceled on Tuesday evening. I will be getting 200% credit!
  3. I've been on hold for 4 hours and 45 minutes now. Nothing. Got a response on social media but no answers. I canceled 36 hours before the new policy was announced and would like to know if they will refund me after all.
  4. I just canceled my May 3rd voyage less than 48 hours ago and was told I could not get a refund, but I would get cruise credit (only 100%, not the 200% they're now promising). Can't seem to get through to them to ask if I will be able to get a refund after all, or if they will at least honor the 200%! I tried the call-back option but it's been two hours without a response. Their online chat is down. Going back on hold now.
  5. I canceled yesterday. I was due to sail on May 3rd. Their current policy is that you can cancel but you can't get a refund. So you get full credit towards a future cruise which must be used within one year.
  6. Pyro Tec: Older than the general internet user. But younger than the average cruiser. We're polling the latter, not the former.
  7. resstation, that seems right in line with my findings of a median age of 47! Looks like more people have filled out the survey since; I'll recalculate again when we have some more responses.
  8. So I did the calculation as of today, with 49 responses here, and several responses on a different site (skews much younger) as well, and it comes out to an average age of 44 and a median age of 47.
  9. I would love to heard what trivia and game shows are on board. Even better: pictures of the daily agenda!
  10. I spoke with them as well last night for clarification. The guy was very clear: Use it or lose it, the entire $300+$100 will not be refunded if it is not spent. This is bar tab only, not sailor loot. So no shop purchases, no excursions, no casino credit, etc. This is put in one person's name, not both, so if it goes on your account, you will need to make all purchases for your partner if you want to have it count towards that $400. I can see this easily going wrong and leading to dissatisfied cruisers who thought it would apply to both, and who end up with a bunch of c
  11. I asked last night if there would be trivia on board, and the (super nice!) customer service rep said that they have not yet decided. Apparently some of the finer details of entertainment like trivia and game shows are still being worked out at the moment. If anyone has heard differently, I'd love to hear about it!
  12. rbt, that's amazing information, thank you!! I wish you worked for them, because this is far more helpful than what I was able to get out of them. I've definitely been in a range of different ports, like ones in South America and Asia, where you're in the middle of fishing boats, or in an industrial harbor where you're not permitted to walk, or where it's a good walk down the pier like in Ha Long Bay where it was about a mile to get down the pier and to the exit station (we just walked since people were waiting an hour due to shuttle shortages). Sounds like this will be the smallest dock thoug
  13. That's exactly where I suspected it would be, thank you for confirming! Good info about the long pier as well. The island is pretty small, so our thinking is that we will take some kind of shuttle to the end of the pier, then walk down to the southern end of the island, walk back up, and end up at the beach club towards the evening. Might stop by the ship first, drop off some stuff, and then take their transportation out to the beach club.
  14. hotsauce, that's very true, but that's in comparison to the general population. However, I suspect they skew much younger than the average age of a cruise ship passenger, which is decades older. Since we're polling the latter, that's what matters for the purpose of this poll.
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