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  1. The payoff from these cruises will come when and if they demonstrate that cruising is safe and the protocols effective.
  2. I worry about testing protocols, particularly at ports visited on a cruise. Fully vaccinated, I am confident that the risk of my becoming ill with covid is very low. But I don't feel that I understand the risk that an exposure to covid might result in a case that is completely asymptomatic but just enough to generate a positive test result and all of the issues that would cause. CDC doesn't recommend testing of vaccinated folks after a known exposure, so this is a risk very difficult to evaluate.
  3. Am I too cynical if I assume that Royal instructs its reps to always suggest that guests send more $$$?
  4. Pretty sure Biden signed a bill passed by both houses of Congress. Think that procedure isn't new.... ..
  5. And must be applied to a cruise booked by (a) 4/30/22 (b) 9/30/22 (c) 12 months from cancellation or (d) something else ?
  6. So suppose I book a September 2022 cruise with a refundable deposit before the new July 31, 2021 deadline. CWC wouldn't do much for my confidence. If I had to cancel the 9/22 cruise sometime after final payment in 6/22 I'd get a cruise credit with a shelf life of 90 days or less. And I understand it sometimes takes them a couple months for them to issue the credit.....
  7. I really hope this is correct. I've received conflicting guidance on this issue.
  8. Though by January 2022 that FCC would have a fairly short shelf life.
  9. Wondering what would happen to the $684 if there is a need to cancel. Is it lost? Perhaps FCC reissued with same expiration or maybe a new expiration?
  10. I suppose the lesson from the Yankees is that frequent testing can reasonably expected to produce some positive results, even if asymptomatic. Good news that CDC won't require testing of vaccinated passengers, but what might foreign ports require for arriving cruise passengers? And what about cruises originating outside the US? My main concern at this point is about how cruise lines and ports will respond to the positive test results that will inevitably emerge.
  11. Wondering if it is reasonable to expect that a FCC would be extended?
  12. This seems a hint of progress for those of us in the US booked on the September 12 Anthem cruise. EU official: Vaccinated Americans can visit Europe this summer | TheHill
  13. Thanks Ken. That's the answer I was hoping for.
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