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  1. On 9/30/2019 at 6:50 AM, CRUISEFAN0001 said:

    We have yet to ever witness ungreasy bacon - anywhere on the planet.


    It simply doesn't exist based on the composition of bacon itself.

    HAHA, I was thinking the same...isnt that what bacon is...its just a strip of fat really....I mean I love it, but there isnt avoiding grease. If its too greasy then just pat down with a napkin?

  2. On 8/15/2019 at 12:19 PM, JennyB1977 said:

    I haven't book anything before noon. My June 2018 and January 2019 cruises both had 1:30ish flights home. Keep in mind 9:05 departure means pulling away from the gate. Boarding will begin at like 8:35am. Gate agent will close the door 10 minutes before departure at 8:55. Once the door shuts, you're (99% of the time) SOL.

    this makes me so nervous because our 2pm flight got moved up to 12:30....we are gonna walk off and get on the first shuttle. 

  3. Yep, possibly. But all the reservations are linked, our hope is to switch from my time dinning to the early seating. Not sure how we got into my time, but the original Booker said it was supposed to be early seating....we want 2 large tables next to one another. And she did the main booking super early so I find it hard to believe that the early seating was full at that point. 

  4. We didn't use the pool at all while we were on board, it was too chilly for my liking. Why on earth do you need 3 towels though for one person?
    Well i typically use 2 to cover the lounger and then the other I roll to prop my head a little or use as a pillow when i am laying on my belly. Plus they get soaked after getting out of the pool.


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  5. thank you for the awesome review. I have only sailed royal and will be on Epic for the first time in Feb 2019 out of Port Canaveral. Question- how was the temp of the pools in florida?

    Our cruise on Adventure of the Seas two weeks ago, the pool were heated until we hit florida (2 days going down from NJ) and then ice cold the rest of the cruise.

  6. 1 more random question....pool towels?


    On Royal you can check out as many as you want at the towel station with your sea pass card, you then return them with your sea pass to prevent any charges. How does this work on Epic? Can I get more than one, I tend to like 2 or 3 for just myself.

  7. you can add the gratuities prior to sailing. No, there are no actual formal nights, but the second night is formal, optional. Yo will see almost no tuxes. I don't think I have seen one in yeas: very few long dresses dresses but there will be a lot of people in after 5 type of dress. Most who are dressed up want to have a formal picture taken. that is part of the reason for dressing up a little more.


    What else would you like to know? Of course you already know I am guessing, one of the big sellers for NCL is the total open dining in the main dining rooms. Of course dining in the specialty dining rooms do require a reservation. Another difference between RCI and NCL, the dining choices. Otherwise, most mass marketed lines are going to be similar. The Epic, I will add is a bit different in the design of the cabins. We haven't sailed RCI in a few years, but when we did we found the service better on NCL. This is strictly a matter of opinion and probably the luck of the draw.

    Awesome thanks!!


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  8. Just got off the Epic about 2 weeks ago now. I've been posting a summary from each day of our adventures, so you may find some helpful info in that thread. That was our first time on NCL and I learned a ton of stuff from looking through all the posts here on CC.


    On several nights towards the end of our trip (Rome embarkation, which would have been near the beginning of the trip for those getting on in Barcelona) there were a bunch of people dressed to the nines waiting for pictures with the captain or just general fancy photos of their family. By no means is it a requirement to do this, we certainly were not about to pack fancy schmancy clothes for just a single night of a 15 day trip, but if you like fancy photos go for it. There were also families taking photos with regular vacation clothes on too, so whatever suits your fancy works on the Epic.


    The only restaurant we were turned away from was the Manhattan Room because hubby was in shorts. He had to run upstairs and put on pants. This dining room though offers identical food to the other complementary sit down restaurant - Taste. So the only reason we saw for going to one vs the other is if we were already wearing pants or not. The food is the same, and dress code is only enforced for men for some odd reason.


    We only ate at one premium restaurant, and there was no dress code there at Teppanyaki.

    Awesome thanks


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  9. Thanks much for posting these!!! One question.. do the bars offer any type of apps and finger food by chance? Not the poolside bars, but indoorsy type ones. Thanks!



    I saw peanuts at Bolaros but that was it and I am sure you had to ask for them.



    You can however go and pick up some snacks/pizza from Sorentos and walk over to duck and dog pub to sit and enjoy drinks if you can find a seat. they are maybe like 15 steps apart from one another

  10. Its happening on other lines as well.

    Just off a Carnival cruise where pretty much straws were by request only. When being served a drink they would not serve you with a straw



    Yep, it was the same way on royal last week.

  11. It is not a formal night. It is called dress up or not night. Yes there are photographers around. They will take your picture if you are dressed up. They will take your picture if you are wearing shorts. This is not a formal night. Formal nights on most lines require one to be dressed up to eat in the dining rooms. This is not the case on NCL.


    I just got off a royal cruise last week and I would say those who dress up and those who do not on formal nights now is about 50/50. Its no longer strictly enforced and you can eat in the main dinning rooms now even if you are not dressed up.

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