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  1. Hello, I am in a mobility scooter. Is there anyway for me to get from the Nassau cruise port to Atlantis? Thanks so much.
  2. Can you tell me what time they open the port? I'm on the Oct 14th sailing. thanks.
  3. Yes i have done a b2b2b on the Sunrise this year so far, it was offered on all 3 sailings.
  4. I have 9100 points and have tried for days to get Carnival gift cards. Even 3 phone calls and no luck. I really really wanted 900.00 gift cards. Is anyone having trouble with ordering? Thanks
  5. For me, i will never sail on any Carnival ship that has Jamie D as a CD. Other then that, i'm good to go.
  6. Are you asking if the boarding time for your friends can be the same as yours? The answer is NO. You could wait to board with them. But noone is let in 'early'
  7. I've never gotten the Shareholder OBC when doing a casino rate cruise.
  8. I just did a b2b2b on the Sunrise. The first 3 sailings that is. There are good points as well as bad. Loved the new Sea day menu. Loved the CD Chris. His show was amazing as was the other one i saw. Very cool. The new ports for cell phones were great. Not enough bad and i'm booked again b2b in Oct. Norfolk is my home port.
  9. I just got off the Sunrise b2b2b YEP 18 nights. Norfolk VA is a tough port for this. We had to get off the ship and go back through everything. We did have a guide, but still it was a PITA.
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