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  1. Ahoy Maties! Thank you for all the info. I very much enjoy this post.🥰
  2. Good Morning, Thank you for the 'daily's and all info provided. I watched the video of the Rotterdam and was excited. Remembering all of those who died on 9/11 and their families, as well as those who died in the 20 years of aftermath. God bless you all.
  3. Good morning, I was sailing solo on a cruise that was canceled. My obc was 600. So I rebooked with a friend, it was a b2b, my origional 600 obc was a go. Both of those rebooked cruises canceled. So now i'm being told I LOSE my 600 from my solo cruise and will be given 1/2 or 300 because I was sharing a cabin on my last canceled cruise. Somehow I'm thinking this is not correct. Can anyone help? Thank you so much.
  4. Oddly I have never seen the Lido and Deli folks on the Tip list. (or what ever it's being called now) A tip to me is providing a cash reward to a person who has given me great service, and that is what I do. On a b2b with DH 21 night total we did not eat in the MDR even ONCE. We did tip the lido and deli folks as well room service and random folks. We are all different and I choose to provide to people who helped me the most.
  5. I have never understood this. Several times my DH and I never eat in the MDR. So I would remove those tips, and tip the Lido and Deli folks. Are you saying HAL did not allow those folks that helped us the most, to keep there tips?
  6. Good Morning. Thanks for the daily and the lists. Bright and sunny here on the Outer Banks. Have an amazing day. 🥰
  7. Good morning Everyone, Thank you for the 'daily' I enjoy everything. Have an amazing weekend. 😄
  8. Good Morning Everyone, I have a few questions as I have not sailed HAL in quite a while. I have a Casino offer, (free inside, small $, drinks while playing) Will I be able to use my shareholder credit on these cruises? About the drinks while playing, I do not drink alcohol, but I do enjoy a few soda's, water and fancy coffee. Is this included? Yes I have started saving singles which is part of my pre cruise 'fun' On Carnival I have the free laundry perk, I believe it's 3 bags a week, has anyone been able to get this 'perk matched'? I had never heard of this but I did read this am where some cruise line did this for them. Are any of the pay for dinner restaurants free for lunch? I very much miss the "Dam Dollars" is there anything going on about the ship that gives away 'free' trinkets? Thanks so very much.
  9. Good Morning Everyone, Thank you for all the info. My b2b Carnival Sunshine December, was just canceled. SO next up the Rotterdam in January b2b2b. So it will be 2 full years without a cruise for me. 🙃 Have a blessed day everyone! Also I would like to 'relearn' HAL info, where would be the best place for me to look? It will be exciting to see the reviews on the first sailings on this new ship. Thanks so much. Debbie
  10. Thank you. I have 'free' inside 50.00 casino and Drinks in the casino. Or on Carnival it's DOU Drinks on us. The offer came out of the blue, so I grabbed 3 sailings in a row.
  11. Thank you, that is always the best way to get my answer.
  12. I'm sailing on a casino offer in Jan. Small amount of casino cash and drinks while playing. Does this mean if i'm at a slot machine I can have a cup of coffee? Soda? Water? But I can't go up to the bar myself? Thanks
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