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  1. 1 hour ago, StolidCruiser said:

    You will be challenged to find transport to accommodate a mobility scooter much less a wheelchair.


    None of the regular shuttles can even accommodate someone confined to a wheelchair (or someone who only uses a portable/collapsible wheelchair intermittently due to mobility issues) much less have the space to transport a mobility scooter.


    You would have to seek out "specialty carriage" well in advance of your arrival which would likely involve a cargo/passenger van that can handle your mobility scooter and a driver willing to load/unload it for you.


    Nassau is unfortunately not very friendly to those with mobility issues that require wheelchairs or scooters. 

    Thank you so much.



  2. 5 minutes ago, Hmdecor said:

    I have tried everything.  Yes the PO box, even calling to check on my addy.  I will try again.  Thanks  


    Have you tried ordering 1- $500 card then in another order 4- $100? I also had to change my shipping address to same as credit card address , they won't ship to PO box. And once I had not clicked on Mastercard to specify what kind of card it was.


  3. I just did a b2b2b on the Sunrise.  The first 3 sailings that is.  There are good points as well as bad.


    Loved the new Sea day menu.  Loved the CD Chris.  His show was amazing as was the other one i saw.  Very cool.  The new ports for cell phones were great.  


    Not enough bad and i'm booked again b2b in Oct.  Norfolk is my home port.  

  4. Thank you Everyone!  I'm just going along with a Premier cruiser.  He get a LOT of cash.  I''m just happy to be given a chance at a few games and gifts.  I would never believe i would get any cash.  LOL.  That's great info.  I have done some research and i believe im going to enjoy this cruise a lot.  Good news is I'm B2B after this Premier cruise.   Time to rest up.  I also understand my very first dou card will carry over for the next 12 night cruise.   Thanks.


  5. On 4/10/2018 at 6:55 PM, ImANewfie said:

    i have been on .. drumroll.. 17 premier cruises

    i have been on 4 premier getaway cruises


    Here is how they all work


    Premier and Premier getaway no difference except for length of cruise, premier getaway is normally 5 nights or shorter, anything longer than that is regular premier not getaway.


    When you board, on either, the first day there will be a welcome cocktail party, for only the premier guests. Keep in mind, nothing is different here, other than the length.

    The cocktail party has free drinks and finger foods, for the invite only premier guests...


    there will also be an explanation of what is happening during the week, and at the end, they draw the first snowball draw for cash.


    Ok ... when you board the ship..

    in thh room you will have a black bag, in it will be welcome gifts ( usually 2 tumblers of some sort, or journals, one time we received slippers, but 90 % of time its some sort of drinking tumbler


    also in the bag you will find your drink on us cards for the first two people in your cabin ( if more than two, the first two only will receive the drink cards, so pay attention to the order of guests on your booking, you can call and they will rearrange if necessary)


    you also will have two cards on a piece of cardboard( for a game later in the week) and finally, a schedule for all premier activities throughout the week.


    Only those on the premier invite gets to play in the premier activities.


    there are usually 100 staterooms, wth one guest each.


    thats max, often less than that


    The games will be matilda the cash cow, tower of cash, cash pong, fill my bag etc.

    In order to play these games, your name has to be drawn from a drum which contains all names of premier players and their guests only. Once drawn for a game, your name goes back in the drum, and you can be drawn again, and again, and again


    These games are different from the draws. There are two types of draws the snowball cash draw, and fireball raffle draw.


    The snowball draw happens each day, and is drawn from that same drum. If you are there you claim the cash prize, if not, it is added to tomorrows, and the pot grows.


    the fireball draw is electronic, dont use the drum, you get one electronic entry for each 100 points you earn on slots ( not sure about tables i dont play them)


    prizes again, are cash and happens every day.


    Towards the end of the week, every premier who has 2000 points or more has free entry into a premier only slot tourney, which prize is usually 500.00 and 2nd 3rd 4th up to 8th place gets some cash, and usually a tshirt or towel.


    Finally, in addition to these activities, you will receive gifts in your room. Everyone receives chocolate covered strawberries, bottle of champage, a box of home backed cookies, and on last or second to last night, larger gift, which has been blanket, travel sets consisting of passport holder and luggage tag, with key chain and pen, one in red and one in black, we have received wooden boxes with two packs playing cards, dice game and pen. Each playing card has picture name and info about casino host or hostess,, many different gifts at end, you could receive anything, laptop bags, travel or beach bags, anything.


    You will also receive casino cash or play... usually.


    Hope this helps


    Leaving on a b2b Glory for another two premiers April 14 and 21 on Glory

    Thanks so much..  Is the snowball and the fireball draw only once a day?  Also do you have a schedule for all premier activities Thanks so much

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