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  1. Pammy s I agree that it would be “good to know”, but it makes no difference to how you will act from this minute forward. Assume the virus is everywhere. Fastidiously follow the instructions for self care and isolation and you will protect yourself, your family and community to the best of your ability. Safe trip home and safe journey through the time ahead.
  2. If the tray was left on the floor in the hall I would not bring the tray into my cabin. Only bring the plates, etc into your space.
  3. I hope the trays are not left on the floor to be picked up and brought into the cabin. At the very least food could be picked up off the tray and brought in, leaving the potentially contaminated tray on the carpet outside.
  4. Funny how the lines have different names for it. M1 on Princess.
  5. Disturbing to be woken up in the middle of the night. I wonder what their rationale was? Normal body temperature is usually at its lowest around 4 AM and highest around 4 PM. I wonder if they thought they might catch people who are taking antipyretics as they would be wearing off during the night. Hope everyone gets home safely soon. All the best.
  6. There were two positive cases In Alberta, Canada from the Braemar. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/province-announces-seven-new-coronavirus-cases-including-four-from-calgary-area/amp
  7. I think the point being made is that gatherings of any size should be cancelled at this time.
  8. Ha ha! Last night I joked with my husband that salt would be another essential to pack along with extra meds. A little salt mixed with warm water makes a soothing gargle for a sore throat.
  9. I believe we can decrease our likelihood of getting the virus and continuing its spread through our decisions and actions. It means cancelling travel and close socializing, working from home, staying home if not feeling well, washing hands and consciously avoiding touching your face, extra surface cleaning in your environment, covering coughs and sneezes and properly disposing of tissues... Perhaps the idea of having a preventive vaccine or post infection medication seems easier, but all the personal steps are cheap and achievable. We do have control. Don’t give up. We’ve got this!
  10. I add my thanks for all the enjoyable blogs and wonderful information. I carefully noted all the tips for French Polynesia as we are (soon will not be) booked for Sept/Oct. I had planned to leave an envelope for you at PSD with our leftover currency as you were embarking the day we were to disembark. Thank you for modelling sensible sun protection, for your insight and humour. I am going to miss your blog. Wishing you and your family happiness and good health. Bronwyn
  11. SHOES. No one talks about the possible role of footwear in transmission. It doesn’t take much to think through tying up your runners and pounding the deck for an hour, keeping the required distance. What is the chance droplets could fall and contaminate your shoes? Return to the cabin. When and where do you dispose of the gloves? Do you remove shoes outside the door before removing the gloves or walk into the cabin and untie your laces with bare hands?
  12. We are asked not to leave patio doors open. I would appreciate your explanation of how leaving this door open for long periods of time would affect the make up of cabin air, considering it is pulling air in from the alley. Why were some door vents taped over and how effective is this when air can still be drawn between the bottom of the door and the carpet? Thanks
  13. I would appreciate a link. I can only find YouTube Vlog #60 and they are saying people are spreading misinformation and they are OK at this time. Thanks
  14. The Officers and Crew would continue to work on board and it is possible there are B2B pax as well. The ship would not have had a deep clean before new pax joined. This is a repeat scenario of Diamond Princess, isn’t it?
  15. From my understanding, crew are not paid once their contract ends.
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