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  1. Data point... my deposit refund posted to my Amex card June 26. Cruise was British Isles, 9/13/20. I cancelled on 4/19 before Princess announced the cancellation. I had a $500 refundable deposit. So it took 2 months plus a week for the credit to appear on my Amex. ~Denise
  2. So hard to say goodbye after a b2b!! Thank you again for letting us travel with you. Loved your posts! ~Denise
  3. So we don't care for champagne, will the concierge let us substitute it for a bottle of red or white wine?
  4. Thanks for the tip! We've enjoyed the "suite life" on other lines, but not on HAL so really excited! Since you are so helpful, I'll ask a few more questions 🙂 Can you tell me about the muster drill? Where is it held? My husband can't stand for long periods of time so we always like to be prepared if it's a "mob scene". I think I've read something about room service (breakfast menu?) being enhanced for Neptunes. Any tips on that? I've followed your Pinnacle Grill/breakfast 'saga', sounds like all the kinks got worked out and it's a perk to be enjoyed. Any ot
  5. Wow! I really appreciate you taking the time out from your cruise to share those photos with me! So very helpful 😍 ~Denise
  6. Thank you for the wonderful photos! We will be getting on the ship as you leave on Dec 14! We are also in a Neptune Suite! We cruise often but haven't been on HAL in awhile. Can you tell me if there is bar soap or just body wash? And what kind of coffeemaker is in the cabin and what is the coffee provided in the cabin? And will room steward bring us as many as we want? Thank you! ~Denise
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