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  1. So hard to say goodbye after a b2b!! Thank you again for letting us travel with you. Loved your posts! ~Denise
  2. So we don't care for champagne, will the concierge let us substitute it for a bottle of red or white wine?
  3. Thanks for the tip! We've enjoyed the "suite life" on other lines, but not on HAL so really excited! Since you are so helpful, I'll ask a few more questions 🙂 Can you tell me about the muster drill? Where is it held? My husband can't stand for long periods of time so we always like to be prepared if it's a "mob scene". I think I've read something about room service (breakfast menu?) being enhanced for Neptunes. Any tips on that? I've followed your Pinnacle Grill/breakfast 'saga', sounds like all the kinks got worked out and it's a perk to be enjoyed. Any other helpful tips are appreciated. Enjoy gala night!! ~Denise
  4. Wow! I really appreciate you taking the time out from your cruise to share those photos with me! So very helpful 😍 ~Denise
  5. Thank you for the wonderful photos! We will be getting on the ship as you leave on Dec 14! We are also in a Neptune Suite! We cruise often but haven't been on HAL in awhile. Can you tell me if there is bar soap or just body wash? And what kind of coffeemaker is in the cabin and what is the coffee provided in the cabin? And will room steward bring us as many as we want? Thank you! ~Denise
  6. Hi there! We have sailed NCL Haven twice and NCL suite on a non-Haven ship. We have also sailed YC on Seaside. Next up is YC1 on Meraviglia. We are doing the transatlantic out of Copenhagen and our cabin is on deck 18. If you have any specific questions, I would be glad to get answers for you! We sail Sept 22 and disembark Oct 8. Since you've sailed in both Haven and YC, you probably have your own biases. For us, butler escort at embarkation from curbside, the butler escort at every port, the Top Sail Lounge, the full access to Aurea spa, plus the priority elevators seal the deal for us! We love the YC. I confess I am annoyed that NCL has extended their nickel & diming to the Haven product, specifically charging gratuities on the drink package. And in my opinion, they've cheapened the product by allowing others to bid on a Haven upgrade despite the fact we've essentially paid full price. But that's just me 🙂 Anyway, let me know if I can provide any Meraviglia feedback to help you out! ~Denise
  7. We leave next week and just received an email from Irish Tour Tickets cancelling our excursion 🙁 While I appreciate the alert and offer to rebook us on a different excursion or provide a refund, it does sort of put us back in "travel planning mode" at the last minute. We opted for the refund. The email: "We are writing to let you know that due to operational circumstances we can no longer conduct the Belfast City Shore excursion on 26th Sept 2019. We have 2 options for you: 1. Join our Giants Causeway Excursion on that day at no additional cost (please note this is a full day tour), you can have a look at our itinerary here: https://irishtourtickets.com/giants-causeway-tour-from-cruise-ships/ 2. If this option doesn't suit, a full refund will be issued." ~Denise
  8. Ok I just checked my booking and my scribbles. I did get the 5+30%. I feel better now!! Thanks again for the fun review 🙂 ~Denise
  9. Thanks for the fast reply! We sail in 40 days, so way past final payment but I'm still going to try and squeeze a few dollars out of this latest news 🙂 I'm not optimistic lol but it never hurts to ask I guess. ~Denise
  10. Wow... so surprised to read this! We sailed Seaside YC last October and have an upcoming YC booked on the Meraviglia using our 30% casino discount. Casino dept firmly told my T/A that no other discounts could be stacked with the 30% casino discount. Perhaps you said, so apologies if I overlooked it, but was your "30% cruise" priced and booked onboard or after you returned home? Thanks for the reply and for the awesome review! Denise
  11. To clarify, since I've been through this a few times... The Voyager discount for past passengers is a minimum of 5%. Some promo cruises are 5 + 10% and some are 5 + 15%. You can find these in the Voyager Club section of the website. And the math can be quirky. If it's a "5 + 15" cruise, that doesn't mean 20% off. It means 5% off, and then the remaining 15% comes off the balance (or to say another way, an additional 15% off 95% of the original cruise fare). If you want the 10% military discount, as stated above you forfeit the Voyager Club benefits. If booking the cruise online or through a TA, you proceed as normal and call in after with your booking number for the 10% to be applied at which time they will remove any automatic Voyager discount that was initially applied. ~Denise
  12. An alternative... walk up to a slot machine, download $100 from your onboard account to the machine. You'll see $100 credit on slot machine. Cash that out, take the $100 ticket and go to casino cage (cashier) and get cash. Then you can spend it however you want. ~Denise
  13. Excellent review!! We've been on the Seaside, we've also sailed Princess. So it's fun to read your thoughts. Thank you! ~Denise
  14. John, I never put MSC and "consistent" in the same sentence lol. But agree with everyone, once you get the booking accomplished, the YC is awesome!
  15. We booked two separate 7-day cruises so we could receive twice the perks (travel agent obc, MSC obc, internet promo for both weeks). You are correct, 2 Black cards = 1 meal. So week #1 we received a card in the stateroom for one specialty dinner for 2. And then the following week we received a 2nd card in the stateroom for one specialty dinner for 2. Also, breaking up the 14 days into two separate weeks, we received two bottles of champagne (one each week) for being in the YC. We also received two bottles of Prosecco (one each week) for being Black card. We received 4 chocolate ships! And we each received a Black card gift each week (they were lame... week one we each got an MSC notepad shaped like a large block, week two each got a ballpoint pen with a floating ship in it). Hope that helps! ~Denise
  16. Hi. We are recently off a B2B in the YC on the Seaside. I just wanted to give you some feedback on the YC restaurant. When we boarded, we waited in the Topsail Lounge for our cabin to be ready. The YC director visited each of the groups waiting and gave us some general information. He mentioned that long pants were requested in the YC dining room at dinner, but he said it with a bit of a wink so it was apparent to us that as long as you dressed within reason, you would not be turned away. We saw a lot of people in shorts at dinner, especially on port days. On formal nights, we saw a few tuxes and suits, but mostly dress shirts and slacks, with or without ties. About the specialty restaurants, we status matched to Black and had two free dinners. We went to Ocean Cay and Butcher's Cut. We found the food in the YC to be excellent and we missed our waitstaff and the personalized service we received! If we had it to do all over again, we would have skipped the specialty restaurants and enjoyed the laid back fun atmosphere of the YC. ~Denise
  17. Just off a B2B where we booked the 2 weeks separately so we could get 2x the perks. We had separate booking numbers but the same cabin for both weeks. To confirm what others have said: We did have to exit the ship at the end of week one because the ship has to be cleared with zero passengers. We took our passports and a note from MSC that we were b2b. After clearing immigration we got right back on the ship before new passengers boarded. We did not have to attend the safety briefing on week 2. We had double the perks, but the free internet perk was not showing on week 2. We were in the YC and I asked the concierge for an assist and he was adamant that we were only entitled to it for week 1. Fortunately, I brought all my documentation with me that clearly showed the week 2 perk and the internet was then added to my cabin at no charge. We also had some missing OBC on week 2 (some from the TA and some from MSC). The concierge was able to get that corrected as well. As a side note, our pricing for 2 weeks was exactly what 14 days would have cost but with twice the perks. ~Denise
  18. Georgia_Peaches, Yacht Club is by far the superior product! But one thing I did miss about NCL's butler service, when we ordered breakfast, they would "sneak in" at the requested time and set up a full table with our breakfast and then sneak back out while I was still under the covers, bed-head and all lol. We cruised with 3 other couples in the YC and everyone found the breakfast room service barely adequate. But it's just a small hiccup in an otherwise wonderful experience. Zipline used to be free for YC but no longer. Sorry!
  19. I posted about this problem in the "bugs & glitches" forum which apparently has disappeared. That was back in October. There was no resolution then and pleas for help were pretty much ignored. Yes, I've cleared my cache and cookies over and over again. It is NOT the solution to this problem. I gave up trying to access Cruise Critic via Chrome and use Internet Explorer instead. It's a hassle since I have no use for IE otherwise. This problem has chased a lot of posters to FB. It's a big headache. Good luck!! And if you do stumble upon a solution, could you update this thread? Thank you! ~Denise
  20. Thank you for the fast replies. I appreciate it!! ~Denise
  21. Hello Royal Caribbean experts! I am posting an inquiry on behalf of my young nephew who is a first time cruiser! He will be on the LOS out of Galveston in January. I am a seasoned cruiser, but have only cruised Royal Carib once and I'm not a soda drinker so appreciate your help! The question... I think he can carry on (not check) a 12-pack of sodas. Is that correct? Is that a 12-pack limit per person? So he could carry on a 12-pack and his "cabin mate" could carry on a 12-pack as well? Thanks very much! ~Denise p.s., I am having issues with the new website format and I get a lot of errors using search, so I appreciate the replies here!
  22. Thank you SO MUCH for this. I can't move around the forums very well due to the error and can't search. So I appreciate you doing it for me. ~Denise
  23. Can you give me an example of an extension that would actually cause this? There's not another site I go to that returns the "bad request" error. To answer your other questions, yes, yes and yes. I would like to know if this is a known error that is being worked on. ~Denise
  24. I embrace change so I am not complaining about the new format. I am able to log in, I am able to select a board. I able to open a thread. But then when I click on page 2 of a thread or try to follow a link within the site I get this: Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit. I log out and log back in and can move around the forums a bit and then eventually get the above error message. It happens whether I use Chrome or Internet Explorer, although it seems to occur earlier in Chrome. Using search is impossible for me because I get the above error when I attempt to use the search function. Thoughts? Thanks. ~Denise
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