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  1. Hi Guys, We finally received all the refund from Princess, the last 2K showed up on my c c website (dated 6/4/20) today. This nightmare is finally over for us. Ship Name: Crown Princess Sail date : 4/25/20 14 days Mediterranean whatever Deposit made: 5/8/2019 Final payment paid : 1/23/20 Option 2 selected: 3/16/20 FCC posted: 4/23/20 First refund showed up: 6/3/20 (70% of the total owed, dated May 29, 2020, 79 days after the selection) Final refund showed up: 6/8/20 (dated June 4, 2020, 84 days after the selection)
  2. Hi, This is totally BS, I used TA too but Princess representatives were able to give me my info. Ignore whoever told you that lie, call Princess, they know more than your TA. Janet
  3. Hi Guys, OK, I finally got something; I got 70% of my refund. I split my cruise fares between two Chase cards (to take advantage of Chase's promotion getting bonus miles, now I wish I haven't done so😖). Princess only processed one of them on 5/29/2020 and the credit hit my account on 6/3/2020. I placed a call to Princess today and was told that the other part of my refund is " In the work, yes, they are aware of it, they have started working on it but the process has to go through several different departments. I will get my money sooner or later" ! And, of co
  4. Hi guys, When I called Princess last Wednesday (May 27, 2020), I was told that my refunds have been processed on May 22, 2020 and it should get to my credit cards by the end of the week, which was May 29, 2020. Of course that didn't happen, I was planning to call the Customer Relations direct number on Monday. However, out of boredom, I've placed another call to Princess this afternoon, yes, today is Saturday and all the important people just don't work on Saturday, to my big surprise, an agent came on the phone very quickly, less than 5 minutes.😳 She told me my refunds we
  5. Hi guys, I've placed a called to Princess this afternoon, got put on hold for 20 minutes then an agent came to the phone, I was waiting for her to read the regular scripts (working very hard to get us our refund blah blah blah), surprisingly, she told me my refund was process last Friday (May 22, 2020) and should appear on my cc probably end of this week. I didn't ask for the "Customer Relations" since end of this week is two days away, we shall see🤷‍♀️ My sail date was April 25, 2020, submitted the option # 2 on March 16, 2020. Janet
  6. Princess cannot see the air, so no refund?!!!! How horrible 😱 Did they emailed you a receipt when you first paid them? Now I am worried about my excursions.... Princess changed the route before they cancelled my cruise.... you know when they changed route, my paid excursions also disappeared.... but at least I have an email receipts from Princess for reservation. This is such a mess!!!!
  7. Wow... thanks.... my sail date was 4/25... submitted my option on 3/16... so .. by the end of the month? dare I hope? 😫 Thanks so much for responding so quickly🙏
  8. Would you tell us what was your sail date? Was it a March voyage? Thanks
  9. So Princess refunded you the whole cruise fares, right? Or Amex credited the amount that you disputed, Princess gave you back the deposit you didn't bother to dispute? Thanks
  10. Hi, Would you elaborate the "final refund reconciliation" process? Was it because you had filed the dispute so it kind of speeding up the refund process? Thanks
  11. Hi guys, I've just called Princess, got hung up twice but finally someone answered the phone. Ok, the dude was really nice, he said he was told this morning by his supervisor who also oversees a refund team of 60 people, that they are currently working on CC refunds of pause one customers, they are on schedule to finish the pause one customers refund by the end of May. I don't know if this is true or just another lie to get us off their back by the end of May. I really don't know. My husband told me to sit tight and wait but I just can't 😫 Janet😵
  12. Coral, Well said, I couldn't have said it better !!! BTW, a little update on my Allianz insurance case, I've gotten the refund last Friday, it took them only three weeks. So now I have gotten refund from United airlines, a small tour operator in Italy (ItalyTours.eu, $700+) and travel insurance, NOTHING from Princess..... this is pretty uncool to me. I've tried to be understanding, but this is NOT the proper way of treating your clients. Janet PS: Sorry for mispelling your name.... I finally realized it is Coral, not Carol 😃
  13. Do you have any screenshot or email saying the 30 days processing time ? I'd like to have a copy for my document. Thanks in advance. 🙏 I just cannot believe Princess is doing this to us, I've got my refunds from United !!!! And, even from a small tour company in Italy (ItalyTours.eu) which I actually had doubt about it.... a big company like Princess.... this is unbelievable!!!! I will file my dispute when my 60 days is up (5/16/20).... I think that's enough time for them. Janet
  14. Nope, I didn't get the email and I picked option #2.... I am getting more and more concerned too
  15. My sail date was 4/25/20, I picked option 2 on 3/16/20 and got a receipt email from Princess, I got my FCC on 4/23/20, but no refund for my paid excursion and on board reservations, and of course, not a dime for my cruise fares either. I just do not understand, since they have already gone thru my accounts (me and my hubby) and given us FCCs, why can't they process the refund at the same time? Are they going to have a different group of people, going through thousands of accounts AGAIN and process cash refund? I don't understand the rationale behind these🤷‍♀️ I think I will w
  16. Hi guys, I submitted my choice (#2) on 3/16/20, got my FCC credit (25% of my cruise fare exactly) to my account this afternoon (not there in the morning).... No cash refund back on my credit card side yet. Crown Princess depart date 4/25/2020... sigh.... we were supposed to be at Athens at Plaka Hotel rooftop bar now... Cannot believe this is happening....😪 Janet at Houston, Texas
  17. Dear Carol, I've just called the Allianz and they were extremely nice, and yes, I can still send in refund request and I have done it. Thank you again for being so resourceful and helpful 😘 Janet at Houston
  18. Dear Carol, Thanks so much, I will call them tomorrow. Janet
  19. Wow, Carol, Thanks for the information!!!! Now I do not know if it is too late for me to call Allianz tomorrow about the refund, my TA did not say a thing about this (we spoke about this when Princess cancelled the cruises) 😡 Who is your TA? I want to fire mine!!!!!😠 Janet at Houston, Texas
  20. Hi Guys, I read it somewhere that Carnival, Inc (parent co of Princess) just raised 6 billions.... so I'd assume they have cash now... https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/04/06/why-carnival-stock-will-probably-never-fully-recov.aspx
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