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  1. Club balcony suites are overrated. Keep your angled balcony. Trust me.
  2. Sure you can. We have had no problem bringing back on water and soda at all ports over the last 6-8 cruises on different ships in different regions. You cannot get water or soda past the port security on embarkation day, but on port days after that, the ship security allows water and soda. They are usually just looking for dangerous items and alcohol.
  3. Ship is about half full. 2100 guests or so. It is actually great compared to a full ship. Small ship cruising on a huge ship. High level staff told us it isn't due to capacity limits. It is because they could not sell the rooms.
  4. You aren't sorry. You love to argue. As I said, apple to oranges.
  5. Read the thread. You will find your answer there. I can't help you beyond that.
  6. Vibe beach club aint the Haven, not even close. Apple to oranges. P.S. It aint worth anything, but nice try.
  7. You have to download a photo and click on the eurofin link. You don't actually have to sign up for eurofin, just click the link button.
  8. Of course you can use your forward balcony at sea. The only caveat is they often ask you to limit light exposure during the evening because it can cause issues for the bridge.
  9. You actually don't even need to register. They will put you into the computer right there. Takes about 30 seconds.
  10. Choir of Man had two shows. Both Friday. 7:30 and 10 pm.
  11. Yes, something is amiss. Call and get that corrected ASAP. Attempting to blame every failure on covid is bovine feces.
  12. In the past while hunting for the concierge, we have actually been told by the CruiseNext manager that they are the concierge for that perk. It varies ship to ship and crew to crew, but I know that was basically a blow off. Typically the Haven concierge will begrudgingly assist you if you can get his number, but they really want to spend 100% of their time assisting Haven guests. ($$$$$) The reality is if you are not in the Haven, you can usually get the job done quicker and easier yourself than trying to chase the concierge around.
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