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  1. Day 6 - The Final Word on the Retreat Sundeck I must say, Hoppen Reflection, we are re-evaluating the Retreat Sundeck. We decided to re-double our efforts and spend as much time up there as we could and it turns out the sun is actually tolerable under the weird wood strip roof thingy and with a large enough hat. Like. A Sombrero would be perfect. The area is staffed continually throughout the day and since few people linger up here it's almost like have a 1-to-1 guest/staff ratio. Here's a look at the drink menu: And, because it's kind-of
  2. Day 6 - REVENGE! Thankfully turning in early last night, we awoke at 6am to in-suite breakfast provided by Anu, the butler. Say what you will about being on Vacation - waking up early greatly extends the day. For future cruisers, the rumor is Anu attends to his morning affairs with Singh, the Luminae Chef, and then can conspire to provide whatever delicacies one would des... annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd as if on Q (not the Star Trek villian, but close) here's the Cat: So, again, YMMV based on room (but we suspect not, considering how unfailingly polite everyone
  3. Day 5 - MISC (not MSC - totally different thing) Before we go face first into Day 6 wherein we finally reconcile OUR one and only complaint with Celebrity in the most esoteric way possible it occurs to me there is a bunch of clean-up I need to do here. Firstly, as is tradition, let's hear from the patchwork lunatic: (note catnip turtle in foreground - how can she be so angry??) So, #1 - look how pissed she looks. It's so cute. And even at a scale-tipping 16 lbs. I get to pick her up and dance with her whenever she gives me that look. If only I c
  4. Day 5 - Wind it Down and Turn it up After a whirlwind afternoon we retired to change for an arguably late dinner. We usually tear down for a 5:30 seating (which gets one the prime seat by the windows, for lookin' at) but due to the sailaway we were delayed until 7:00pm. This cruise, XZ decided to straight up take a small indulgence and instead of eating around the menus asked for Vegan service in Luminae. We never want to be impolite, or create an imposition, but the staff was ready and has come through in spades! The amount of Vegetarian chefs and service staff aboard the ship mea
  5. Day 5 - Sushi on 5, Party on 4 After wiling away the morning on some rather trivial pursuits, we once again ventured out to Sushi on 5 which is obviously my favorite restaurant on the ship. The Hand-Grated Wasabi is second to none and the experience is well worth the upcharge, which is likely an unpopular opion, but the heck with it, it's mine. After a light lunch XZ decided to go ashore and purchase me garish clothing which, whilst not one of the two pillars of our marriage, is becoming an increasingly common staple. I, for one, indulged in some more
  6. Day 5 - Master Rating In the midst of the all the pomp and Hoppen-stance it occured to us with the entire ship turned-over it was high time to revisit our never-popular chair ratings! What seemed like a ludicrous idea after a few drinks looks even more boring the next morning but for some reason we continually find it highly amusing, so here is a literal 'butts on the ground review of the seating in Anatasiia's Club: This is actually my favorite seating area that, thankfully, they perserved from the previous incarnation: THE Best Seat in the hou
  7. Day 5 - Pun and Games Retiring early in the evening has the one distinct advantage of being up and at 'em the next morning by 6:00am, which is a benefit if you're eager to stretch out the hours in the day as long as possible. After intermittently being in and out of the room over the last 2 days every 15 minutes to attempt to guess the heat-addled code to the safe (ok, something obvious, something obvious - number of umlats in Kelly Hoppen's name + the amount of tiny vases in the room as expressed in the distance they could be thrown in an athletic competition) we resolved to gear
  8. Day 5 - Reflections As odd as it is, Day 5 is actually mid-way through your basic crusie. Someone we met several years ago told us every day up until Wednesday moves slow as molasses and Wednesday to Friday happens in about 4 hours, which is what we are on the cusp of right now. We have...SO MANY things to still get to, but first, for those playing along at home and getting on board shortly, let's review some interesting changes: a) Digital is Now. Gone are the prolific paper wasters of cruises past. There are no Officer's handouts, no daily news bulletins d
  9. Day 4 - The Feztival As noted, we crashed out hard yesterday. But we did have some minor victories. Firstly, Anatasiia's Club continues to lead out with the strongest Conceirge Staff we have seen since the first time we cruised in a Royal, back before the Sky's weren't allowed in the lounge (a great change, BTW) and we spent all week hanging out with a mad Welshman named Gareth who was the Conceirge at the time. The combination of Tino, Sophie, Anatasiia, Matailda and Alexandra/Nina on bar makes this room feel lively and welcoming. Whilst we will await our always-popular chair revi
  10. Day 4 - Shores of California Welcome to day 4 - we are surprised as anyone else that this Blog is still going on. I owe it to the fact that XZ hasn't VLogged yet and I am somehow sustaining myself off of her unbridled enthusiasm (as opposed to Whisky, Rum, and good intentions, which is my usual modus operendai). Today is going to be extremely prosaic due to last night being a very, very late night and myself reaching that point in my book (60 pages left!) where I have to remind myself that it is perfectly acceptable to laze about in the room and furiously read as opposed to being o
  11. Day 3 - White Knight - After an enjoyable lunch at Sushi on 5 the deleterious effects of the morning Caribbean Sun finally caught up with poor XZ and she, like a fine Victorian woman, went down with the heat. However, this night had my favorite of all Cruise Ship Activities - Kareoke - and I dressed for a dinner which I never attended and instead based myself out a Anatasiia's Club: Pro Tip: If you want to meet, well, everyone, in Suite Class just hang out at the Club starting around 5:00pm. They say if you stay in one place long enough the world will pass
  12. Cruise Day 3 - Thunder Cats. Ho. Snorkling is always a joy for us, especially since we bought our own gear. There was something...disqueiting about biting down on a mouthpiece previosuly used by 'Bleeding Gums Murphy' and since that time we resolved to bring our own face masks. Unfortunately, this also means 'the shavening' must occur because moustaches and masks do not a fine match make. Originally, XZ decided to go with the 'Thomas Douglas' special, which is the cheapest option available, because saving $3 on an excursion in no way puts your life in danger. Her origin
  13. Day 3 - Keeping House Before we progress any furthur (Ken Kesey joke for those playing along at home) let's take a brief moment for some general observations: 1) The Bvulgari Bvnefit is Bover. See, I never did really care about the Bvlgari bvth products in the Sky Suites, because I never really knew how to prvounce them. Bulgari? Vulgari? Belugea? I'm an Ivory Bar Soap man myself, so I never did really give much for the upgraded soaps (note, if you can pronounce Bvlgari...how has it colored youe preception of other words, such as uvula? or Venezuela?) Anyways, the Vulga
  14. Day 3 - Antigua and the Valley Before we get underway this morning, let's quickly run down the dailies!
  15. Day 2 - on through the night! After relaxing for the better part of the day we had a quick change and then a sail away on the Retreat Sundeck - say what you will, they are finding ways to utlize this space more than ever. We had enjoyabe time with Sophie, Toni and Anatasiia (the Michael's Clu, er, Retreat Concierges). This night was evening Chic and for the first time the guests did not disappoint. There is a group onboard known as Team Cocktail who decided to get their 30+ staterooms all dressed in 1920s chic for the evening which was fantastic to see!
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