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  1. Been waiting for this.... 1 day !! Horizon here we come!!
  2. Sorry I missed that .:hearteyes:
  3. New smugglers tip....protein drink boxes. Excellent!
  4. None will work. Better load up some movies/shows on a memory card.
  5. Between scooters and food trays this walk down the hall is going to be more like American Ninja Warrior.
  6. Bought a $500 e-gift card 4 days ago.
  7. A breakfast burrito is my daily pre-breakfast, you know, before I have breakfast. :D
  8. Parkwest did not renew their contract with Carnival.
  9. Nah, Amazon is the place to get those. They work most every time! :*
  10. I never understood the desire to be in the middle of the loud over crowded area when there's so many other places to sit and enjoy oneself and even talk without having to yell ! Give me a chair on a high deck in the shade any day !
  11. I was burned for $10 by this dude. He sells a great story!
  12. Boom! That's it period. Turn off comments.
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