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  1. We did that cruise in April 2015 and while we enjoyed the cruise on the whole, which we did from Brisbane so 37 days, there was a few disappointments on it. The CD left a lot to be desired. He did a reading for the Anzac day service with no emotion or feeling at all and didn't allow some ex servicemen to take part in it at all. My husband is an Essendon supporter and passengers had lobbied to get the Essendon/Collingwood game broadcast. Finally said it would be shown dependent on satellite reception. Oddly enough that was the only time in 37 days there was no satellite reception!. There was only three production shows in the 35 days. We were told there was a new dance troupe on and they had to learn the routines. Once we left Sydney, there was no yoghurt available though was available on the Brisbane to Sydney leg. Were told "We might get some in Hawaii" but it never appeared. Pam
  2. I have a $4.34 refundable OBC due from that same cruise. Don't hold out any hope of ever seeing that.
  3. That is correct but someone can get chicken pox from a person who has shingles if they come into contact with fluid from shingles blisters. My sister had shingles in one of her eyes. Caused her a lot of pain for a good few months and discomfort for a couple of years. If you get onto anti virals early enough can reduce the symptoms somewhat.
  4. He has flights in the deal supposedly. Wishful thinking on his part I'm afraid. He doesn't have access to the internet and unfortunately believed what the TA told him including how well PO was handling the current situation. I think they may only offer FCC.
  5. We have a friend who, 2 days ago, paid the balance of his fare on PO cruise from Singapore to Brisbane in October. Was told full payment had to be made 75 days before sail date. I see this has now been changed to 30 days prior. If you want to cancel they are only offering a credit.
  6. I think you will find shingles can be contagious during the blister stage if you come in contact with fluid from them.
  7. On the TV news here this week they have shown cars being turned back at Cameron's Corner with the gates being locked.
  8. I am a fair bit older than that, have lived in Queensland all my life, and am quite familiar with with the term "early mark"
  9. The latest confirmed case in Queensland is a person who travellled from Melboune to Brisbane on a plane which was carrying someone who had corona virus. This person had come off a cruise ship and presumably would have served fourteen days in quarantine.
  10. Daughter was there on a school ski trip when Mt Ruapehu erupted in 1995. A bit of unexpected excitement.
  11. Magnificent photo of the sun hitting the peaks in Milford Sound.
  12. I believe they still have a lot of luggage on board belonging to the world cruisers. It might be a long time before they are reunited with it.
  13. Grand daughter was supposed to go to Vanuatu in July with her Christian school. They were still waiting to see if ti would go ahead because of the corona virus but think it would be more unlikely now. A big disappointment as they had groups of them going every two weeks over several months.
  14. When we flew out of and into Brisbane on Qantas in February, they boarded and disembarked the rear half of the plane via the rear steps so had to walk down or up stairs in the terminal onto the tarmac. A time saving exercise? A backward step in my opinion anyway.
  15. You could always try the Insurance Ombudsman. Sometimes if you tell them you are referring it to them they will jump into action. Happened to us with a telco.
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