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  1. On 8/24/2018 at 7:55 AM, Rosee said:

    We will also be on Sea Princess at Fisherman's Island wharf in late October.

    Am also interested in the shuttle.......where does it take you to in the city and can you get off along the way, like at the Maritime Museum?

    Does anyone know if the shuttle's route passes near to the M. Museum, otherwise we will need a taxi, I guess.


    Thanks for any help here,


    Where the shuttle drops off is opposite Central Train station. From there you can catch the train to South Bank station, about four stops, and is then a walk of about 500m to Maritime Museum


    Alternatively, if you are here during the week, you can catch the free Route 50 bus, as previously suggested, which stops opposite Central Station, get off at QUTstop and walk across the river via the pedestrian Goodwill Bridge and that will bring you almost to the doorstep of the Maritime Museum.

  2. 13 hours ago, cheznandy said:

    Not silly, I had no idea they existed a while ago. I think they may also be called CVP Cruise Vacation Planners or PVP Princess Vacation Planners.

    They are basically travels agents that work for Princess from the office in Sydney.  When you are assigned one  they take care of your bookings........but to be honest thats all they do. I never get calls for price drops or special offers or anything.

    If one leaves I get an email stating someone else will be my new cruise planner.

    Its good to have an email or phone number direct rather than going through the call centres. Also your bookings show up just like booking direct with Princess on My Princess, where as when you book with a regular TA, the payment section doesnt show up, just the TA's name.

    I usually book online, then email through the booking numbers to the PVP, she applies the FCD's (future cruise deposits) then if I want to refare, change categories or anything else I contact her direct.

    Just call the 1300 number and ask to speak to a Cruise Planner, I am not sure of the criteria, when they asked me if I would ike one, they had noticed I had done a few Princess cruises.

    Thank you for that information. We have been using a TA for a number of years but she is no longer in the business so are a bit lost and if you want to refare they will usually charge you. We are Elite with Princess and have spoken to them a few times but never been offered a Cruise Planner. Will try that next time.

  3. On 4/16/2019 at 5:50 PM, cheznandy said:

    Did you get the Sydney office, US or Phillipines?

    I never get the Sydney office anymore if I call the regular 1300 number, I get diverted to OS......last Sydney rep I got was working from home!!

    I just call the PVP's now as they work from Sydney office.

    At the risk of sounding silly who or what are PVP's and how do you get onto them.



  4. 1 hour ago, MicCanberra said:

    Good job getting insurance that can cover pre-existing conditions, many will not cover them anymore including the travel insurance that can come as part of using your credit card.

    This is true re cover using credit card. ANZ refused to cover my husband in his 70's several years ago. He has had a broken ankle with pins and plate, 40years ago, some spinal fractures 30+ years ago and a hip replacement. None of these impact his daily activities at all and he walks unaided. Tried to discuss this with them but were totally unresponsive. No trouble getting cover with other insurers in the years since.

  5. Like many others I too have been reading the blog with interest and many thanks to cheznandy for all the information and time spent on keeping us updated.


    We have to wait to Feb 2020 for our cruise on the Majestic so will be interesting to see what changes may be made.


    I am wondering if they still do "Pub lunches" or is that another thing that Princess is no longer doing? I really miss fish and chips otherwise.

  6. Hello,


    We were told the same a couple of years ago by Princess, yet they allowed people to board without Indian visas, much to the annoyance of other cruisers, and we only visited one port. However, I would not be prepared to risk not having the visa and being denied boarding


    I think if you read the conditions, e visas are only available if arriving by plane.


    Good luck.



  7. We did 41days Southampton to Fremantle. We were on deck 8 mid forward and had 10/12 nights of disturbed sleep with plumbing noises in the cabin, fixed after 4 nights, creaking, very bad the first night and was told the ship was built for the Caribbean, not the ocean. As previously mentioned we then had very calm seas until after Singapore. More noises from the door to outside on deck 7 banging, also picked up by deck supervisor when she was in the cabin checking other noises and rectified very quickly. Took several goes to try and rid cabin of very loud creaks and when we rang on the second last night at 1am were told they had 30 phone calls re noise and was due to rough seas even though the navigation report said " seas slight".

    The beds are divine, staff generally very pleasant and except for International Cafe, public areas didn't seem crowded and usually not too difficult to get a reasonable seat in Horizon Court


  8. Both Pompeii and Herculaneum have similar terrain. Herculaneum does tend to have more shade, although in October the heat won't be as much of an issue. The real difference lies in the fact that Herculaneum is a much smaller site.


    Some will say Herculaneum is 'better' -- but I have to disagree. At Herculaneum, there are some well preserved houses, but there are few public buildings, so you don't get the complete picture of a functioning city the way you do with Pompeii. The only visitable public buildings at Herculaneum are the Temple of Augustales (very impressive) and the Baths. At the moment, the large Palaestra is closed for renovation. There's a Theatre -- but no one's been allowed inside it for years. And Herculaneum has the boathouses underneath, where a number of skeletons were found -- this is well worth climbing down and back up to see. (Some of the bones are still in situ.)


    If you can spare two hours -- which is the minimum amount of time I'd plan to spend -- then I would vote for Pompeii.


    Thank you for that information. It seems it will be Pompeii then especially as there is some restricted access at Herculaneum at present.

  9. We will be visiting Naples in October on Emerald Princess. We have to decide whether we want to visit Pompeii or Herculaneum. I have heard that Pompeii is rather strenuous and a lot of uneven ground.

    I would appreciate some guidance as to what people think is the better or both very similar?



  10. With the things you are planning, you should make this a DIY port.

    The only "issue" is that you cannot pre-book City hall tours so you have to go there to book a slot for that day.


    I'd say do Vasa first, them old town and if you have time/energy left to do something more then walk over to the City Hall and see if there is any available tour slots.


    You have info about the City Hall in the first post.


    Thank you for your help and very prompt reply. Will have to work on my plan for the day.



  11. Hello Desdichado62


    I am looking for some advice in getting the most out of our day in Stckholm. We will be at Stadsgarden S167 on 18th Aug from 8am-5pm

    We would like to visit Vasa Museum, Gamla Stan and do a tour of City Hall.

    Do you think this is possible and what would be the best way to approach it.

    We are not averse to doing a ship's tour and there are two possibilities


    1 Vasa Museum plus a drive through of the old town and Djurgarden


    2 City Hall tour and walk through the old town


    Do you think we would be better to do one of these and do the rest by ourselves or do the lot on our own. We are not terribly adventurous on our own


    Thank you in anticipation for your help and also for all the valuable advice and maps you have previously provided.



  12. We have purchased an annual travel insurance policy with maximum of 60days through RACQ, motoring organisation in Queensland.

    For those wanting insurance for domestic cruises, maybe medical only cover would be sufficient. I have done this previously and also for other travel when credit card company refused to cover my husband for medical.

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