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  1. The Flying chairs are the same as a ski lift. The chairs don't stop so people can board. Rather it just slightly slows down and the people get scooped up just as with a ski lift. Getting off again it just slows down and people have to jump off and than quickly have to to side same as ski lift.. Really not safe for someone with a mobility disability that cannot walk unassisted.


    Fast forward to the 9:34 sec mark of this video to see boarding and unboarding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT4YBIC-F3s



    Thanks for the link to the video. It certainly helps with making a decision. It looks like most chairs had 1-2 people, any idea how many it can hold? We have a large family so I am thinking of making a grandma sandwich so she will have someone on each side to hold on to in order to make sure she is able to stand quickly and exit without tripping and being hurt plus a fourth person to hold belongings and walker.

  2. How accessible are the flying chairs at Mahogany Bay? Is it possible for someone who usually uses a wheeled walker (but can walk with my assistance) to ride on the flying chair? Would we be permitted to hold the walker folded up? I realize that you can always use the walking path instead, but I think my grandmother would enjoy the views from the ride.

  3. How long do you spend at the Tampa aquarium? We have a flight at 14:40 after our cruise and really not looking forward to sitting around in the airport for extended period of time since we have long layovers after this flight. We were wondering if we had time to get off the ship, visit the aquarium, and get transportation and checked in on time for our flight back to Canada.

  4. We have a balcony cabin that has a pull-out couch and a bed that can be made into a double/queen size or pulled apart into 2 singles. We do not wish to share beds. Would it be better to have the beds made into 2 singles and leave the couch as a couch for sitting on and more room to move around or is it more comfortable to sleep one on the couch and one on the big bed?

  5. I have never been on a submarine before and was wondering if there is any pressure adjustments that affect your ears (kinda like on an airplane). I have had some ear surgeries in the past that make normal "ear popping" very painful and don't want to spend my days on vacation in pain.

  6. Does this still exist? If so how do you book it? I don't see it on my dining or entertainment options for booking, but then again, not all dining options are bookable online and I have 0 options for entertainment at 87 days to go.


    I will be on the Norwegian Sun for the western Caribbean itinerary for Feb 1 if that helps and I would like to purchase this for my mother's birthday before Nov 14... am I out of luck?

  7. Does anyone who has been to Maya Chan have any experience with the differences between having the group palapas versus just 2 people sharing an umbrella? It looks like the singles/couples only get a flimsy umbrella where as the groups have a whole area with bed, loungers, hammocks, etc and it is the same price (or cheaper). Do the groups get more attention such as quicker and more attentive service and first choice with the floating loungers?


    Is it worth trying to meet up with a group through rollcall or can you get a nice shady place with access to a hammock and nap place without having a palapa?

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