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  1. Thanks Bea. I know you've done some pretty long cruises before - do you have a sense of the maximum length of time you'd be willing to spend in a YIN, given the size/space constraints? Although I think your upcoming one is around the 21 day mark so I guess you'll soon find out?! Interesting comment r.e the bathroom - I was reading a review on the NCL board, where a larger gentleman actually asked them to remove an entire sliding door from the toilet compartment to give him more room. The treats (or lack thereof) matches what we had on Mera, the macaroons, chocolate strawberries and chocolate on the pillow were all we got - although as far as I remember, we did have the card to accompany it. Really disappointing your butler wasn't more sympathetic or helpful given the circumstances. You should never be made to feel like a burden, least of all when dealing with an illness and all the associated worry etc.
  2. It's not great, I appreciate, although I would be tempted to send them a scan of my last boarding docs which clearly shows the status, a photo of your cruise card or some other kind of thing to show they have just recently recognised your status.... not that you should have to but I can't see another option that wouldn't require effort on your part... either to complain, or to 'prove' to them the status you've just had. Hope you enjoy your next cruise as much as the first, despite the rocky start!
  3. I suspect at least one of those reports about Meraviglia is my own. I stand by everything I said - and for the first time ever, my swimming wear turned pink - the strings should be blue. I can only assume this is the result of a chemical reaction hence my comments about cholrine. That type of issue is easy to fix and nothing to do with the actual physical design or contents of the spa. However, it depends on what you are used to - anyone who's been to an NCL -away class spa will be disappointed. Although I've not been to the Seaside spa, based on the pictures, it looks much better than Meraviglia's.
  4. Indeed. In my case, the reason for cancellation made the situation far worse - something they could have e-mailed out and done weeks prior to the cruise, at which point I would have had the opportunity to rebook online, at the lower rate. However - MSC prices tend to be cheaper than most mainstream cruise lines I've been on - perhaps only Costa is comparable. NCL is a joke - $180 for the same tour of Rome you can get on MSC or Costa for €60.
  5. Just a regular 1C balcony. Didn't want to commit to the big bucks of the suites until we're sure we like the product. Although, I understand there's a bidding programme, so might look into that nearer the time. @WonderMan3 - What a gorgeous room. Very irritating r.e the luggage. I had a similar thing happen to me in a supposedly 5 star hotel here in Scotland. They lost my bags because a wedding party wanted to use the lounge they had stored them in.... then dropped them off at the wrong room and we didn't get them back until I made a complaint with the manager, 3 hours later all in.
  6. The good ones will refund you - and you will know this in advance as they usually make it clear on their website Again, the good ones have backup transport arranged - I've read a story on CC whereby someone's bus broke down, but the tour firm had strategically placed taxis/busses along the route that could be called into action and the guests were returned to the ship on time. With advance research, close scrutiny of the T&C's and reviews, I find going third-party the best option almost all the time.
  7. Had this experience in May. I was absolutely livid. They cancelled our tour on the basis that one of the attractions was 'under construction' - I had prepaid for the tour months in advance and they told us onboard, 2 days before the tour - no construction on a national monument starts with 2 days notice! Long story short, ShoreEx staff were really unhelpful and the 'manager' was never available. They refused to honour the lower rate - my argument was had they informed me in good time, I would have rebooked online before boarding the ship. I asked to speak to the Hotel Director at Guest Services (after ShoreEx desk wouldn't progress the issue). Meeting was set up with the ShoreEx manager, such a rude woman, who made it seem like she was doing us a favour when she agreed to offer 10% discount on the new tour price. I explained to her the Web price was 20% discounted and it took a ridiculous effort to get her to agree to match the price. Disgusting experience. I wrote a lengthy complaint to shoreside on my return, and to their credit, they offered some OBC for our upcoming Preziosa cruise as an apology - but still - disproportionate effort for me to get sorted.
  8. I'll try and leave her in good nick for you.... Hoping to do an in-depth review and should make some progress on that before you board, if you find that kind of thing useful. Just had a peek at your signature- we're doing an 11 nt Southern Caribbean next April on Reflection, for a change (primarily cruise NCL & MSC with a smattering of others over the years).
  9. We get off Preziosa on the 9th and are in Barcelona for 2 nights before flying back to Auld Reekie. Are you sailing on Preziosa or Bellissima?
  10. Agreed - the experience as relayed definitely calls for escalation. Appreciate a lot of people don't like 'conflict' or complaining but they will continue to get away with this practice if it's not addressed. Likewise, but if I find something I like, and I ask for it, and it's available, I expect to get it! I'll do a wine tasting event if I want to 'broaden my horizons.' Cheers! 🍷🍸🥂
  11. Thanks very much for your review so far. Appreciate you aren't enjoying the food very much, I'm sorry about that. It's funny, my next-but-one cruise is on Celebrity (first time) whereas I've done several on MSC - interesting to see your perception when the roles are reversed. Enjoy your night in Barcelona and the next leg on Seaview! Hope the food improves for you. Looking forward to your updates and thoughts. I've got a soft spot for Barcelona, I'll be there myself in around 3 weeks. 😄
  12. Wow. This is the absolute worst iteration of the situation I've read so far. It reminds me of what you would say to a child to get them to try something for the first time - 'don't look at it', 'pretend it's this' - as fully grown adults I think we can decide if we want to experiment with a different wine or not! Unacceptable. Short of them not physically having any on the ship, I would be extremely pissed off with a refusal to provide me the drink I asked for. Yes, that's my experience too. For me it was never an issue to get the Bordeaux in the TSL but always in the restaurant. A trained bar tender who looks 'confused' is just taking the piss. They know fine well what they're doing (or rather, what they've been asked to do). I am so mad just reading about your experiences..... that I'm reaching for a rather nice Côtes Du Rhône to calm down!!
  13. That reminds me - on Mera, our first night's shower ended up having two fire marshalls come to the cabin as when we opened the bathroom door, it set off the very sensitive smoke detector. The water was scalding hot, hotter than I've ever experienced water in a hotel/on a ship. I thought for liability reasons they weren't allowed to make it that hot! Anyway it was 10 minutes of this alarm going off - and we are dressed in towels and robes as these fire marshalls are sniggering away (after they realised it wasn't a fire!). They had to radio the bridge to shut the alarm off.......
  14. Firstly I must apologise - I was on hiatus from the boards (real life distractions) when you first posted your review. Fantastic detail and pictures, thank you so much. Sounds like you had a fantastic time and really made the most of the YC experience and amenities. I must say - this would annoy me. I can take myself to the various venues on the ship and don't want to have to be ready for an allocated time. I'd politely make this point if our butler tries to do this - although on my last cruise, there was no attempt to do this. Something I also like to do - "getting ready" drinks - although again no offer to bring them back to the cabin on the silver tray! 😞 This gave me a laugh - I filled in that form in the YC embarkation area - I selected the 'i' newspaper and got the 'Daily Mail' every day instead, with absolutely no explanation as to why! Didn't think they brought tours to the YC - good advertising perhaps. Yikes! I think that's expensive - but glad you enjoyed it. It would stick in my throat that kind of money for bowling. One thing you've really made me want to do is to take full advantage of the pool grill - our last sailing was in the Baltics in May so not ideal for outdoor dining - but I sure like the idea of a freshly grilled burger or minute steak on the pool deck this time round. You've also reminded me to select the 'always available' filet option if I don't fancy anything else, and possibly ask for breakfast in the cabin on the day we are doing an early tour. Thanks! Casino voucher...... a 30% voucher + 5% VC discount is appealing... very appealing indeed. I am amazed this is achievable with $100 of slot play (not counting the 'recycling' of course). I'd happily bet $50 a hand at Blackjack for an hour or so if it would guarantee me a voucher but I appreciate that's not how it works! 😞 A dark art to work out what it takes to qualify? I'm not a casino user in the main and I don't like the smoke - but could certainly bear it if it resulted in a voucher. I'm primarily an NCL sailor, Platinum with them although haven't made it to the Haven as I can't justify the prices. I find the Haven vs YC comparisons interesting. I would consider doing the spa suites on NCL, as I love the spa on the newer ships and it's an added-value perk when paying for the Haven experience. I also like their specialty dining options better, although would feel like I was missing out on the Haven restaurant that I was paying for if I was 'eating out' all the time. Still on the fence to be honest - if I saw a Haven spa suite at a great price, I'd take it, as I find even the MDR food on NCL much better than MSC. But it's not as clear cut as I would have thought a few years ago..... and of course that 'great price' is so hard to come by these days.
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