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  1. Cruising is out the window this year I'm sure. Also, if it did resume, it would be a much diminished experience of queuing and checks and processes. Although, good news from Spain yesterday regarding UK tourists so I've booked a trip to the Canaries in August. Call me crazy!? I'll bet the whole cost of the holiday that the ridiculous 2 week quarantine on return to the UK is abolished by then. And obviously much easier to distance etc. on a land trip.
  2. Not good. I think things are looking slightly better in Europe, although Spain has apparently banned cruise ships indefinitely (and Barcelona is a major starting hub). I also think that Europe will take steer from the CDC. I was determined to cruise this year but it's looking less and less likely.
  3. Hope it happens and will be very interested to see the reviews, especially concerning the inevitable 'new procedures' and impact on the overall experience.
  4. Ah good to know, thank you. I will not be alone in hunting for updates. 🙂
  5. Do you have a reference for this please, or presume there is discussion about it on the NCL board? I have had my eye on the Spirit sailings out of Athens but might reconsider given these plans! As a predominately US based line I presume they will bring ships back online in conjunction with the CDC standards initially before more 'exotic' locations. Although, I had thought the CDC requirements were going to be pretty tough to meet, so had also thought they would cruise first wherever is 'easiest' from a legislative point of view.
  6. Oh that's interesting Bea. I would sail much sooner, although would allow others to be the guinea pigs as to the 'new procedures' and await feedback on that before fully committing. I would be conscious that it wouldn't be the experience I remembered, nor would I go expecting to visit any of the destinations - the ship would be the destination I think. Who would have thought it would come to this. 😔
  7. We were onboard Meraviglia last May when they were filming for the 'Dream Cruise' series from AWE. They have yet to publish the episode. I may watch this Nolans show, out of desperation to be cruising again more than anything as I can't imagine it's to my taste otherwise! 🤣 I hope you don't know more than me, I have $1k in Cruise Next vouchers and would not be best pleased to watch them disappear. 😞
  8. Yet another drawback of European booking contracts compared to the much more favourable terms offered to US guests! (Yes, I am jealous). I have my eye on a sailing in late Oct but not holding my breath. Had the misfortune to go through my photos from previous sailings recently and boy, would I pull the trigger if I knew for sure everything would be OK by then.
  9. That is the BBQ chicken wrap from the room service menu. Quite tasty, although not hot, if I recall correctly.
  10. No problem. I have found a photo of the first ('non-pizza') part of the room service menu also if it's useful: And also photos of the '4 Formaggi' (so good we had it twice) - suffice to say looking through my photos again is particularly cruel given the current ban on cruising!!
  11. Here's the YC pizza menu from the cabin as well as a drinks menu from the Top Sail Lounge. Although, you aren't limited to what's on the drinks menu if you have something more exotic in mind!
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