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  1. If you are cruising only into Mexico ports, you only have to worry about his permanent resident card being up to date. I had my mom with us a few years back doing the Mexican Riviera and all she needed was her permanent resident card.
  2. I dont know if either one of thses is what you are looking for, but thought I would drop them here just in case https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2740728-carnival-cancellations-thread-please-read/?do=findComment&comment=59628357 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2741218-carnival-cancellation-policy/?do=findComment&comment=59640550
  3. Good question that I don't know the answer to. I booked on a Saturday night, and I know that the promo I was booking under there was a count down clock going. He didn't make it before the time was up. Then the next day there was some other promo going where it was also $50 pp deposit. He booked at that time.
  4. Are you sure that they were both booked under early saver rates? My buddy and I both booked the same cruise under $50 deposit pp promos in Nov '19 for a cruise in Nov '20. Apparently I booked under early saver, but he did not when he did his. So when I noticed rate drops I got my price adjusted, but he was denied.
  5. What I was told (early last month) when I called to do a price match is that I had to bring my deposit amount up to what a person that is booking making a brand new booking at that rate would be. For example, when I booked my cruise back in Nov for this coming Nov I had booked under a $50 pp deposit sale that was happening. Then when I repriced, the deposits were "reduced deposits". Someone booking the cruise for the first time when I was trying to reprice would have to pay a $350 deposit (three people in my room). So since I previously had only paid $150 deposit, I had to pay the $200 differe
  6. This would be interesting to hear from people trying to board and their experience. I never even thought of the whole CPAP thing, and I use one.
  7. Is your daughter going on the cruise as well? If so it would not be a problem to get the rate that is shown on her VIFP. I booked a cruise using my VIFP for an upcoming Nov cruise. Then I later saw that the same cabin category was cheaper using my wife's VIFP number. I called up carnival and they applied the rate listed under her number for us.
  8. I suppose it would depend on where it is going... but most likely the answer is yes! Living in fear is no way to live.
  9. Is the price of the flight included with your Cheers package, or paid for separately? I am too excited looking through this review. My turn is not until Nov
  10. I just happened on a $30 rate drop for our Panorama cruise that is booked for Nov. Not much, but better than nothing I suppose. Got the rate change speaking to customer service because the price was actually $30 cheaper with my wife's VIFP number. Same onboard credit, but there was a little higher deposit that was due. The representative was making it very clear that in order for the $30 price change, I had to pay up the deposit (I originally booked under a $50 pp deposit). So I just had to pay the difference to make it what today's deposit would be if I were making a new booking.
  11. I must be part Canadian because those temps are more than warm enough for me! 😋 I enjoy what would be considered "cold" weather around here (30's).
  12. You're welcome! 🙂 I'm actually still a pretty green cruiser compared to people on this site having only completed 6 (3 with CCL). But I do like to just browse here from time to time (especially when I have something booked). That said, (since I noticed it in your signature) I can't wait for my turn on Panorama in November.
  13. ditto what klfhngr said above about it going and coming. That said I have been on the itinerary 3 times at the tail end of the month of November into the first week of December. I have always found the temps to be comfortable (high 70's low to mid 80's) and the water temps to be in the mid to high 70's.
  14. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2020/02/24/former-carnival-cruise-ship-makes-nausea-inducing-entrance-into-florida-port Called Grand Celebration now, formerly just Celebration for CCL
  15. If you are able to, I would. I have always traveled with insurance from other carriers. Thus far I have not needed to use any of the insurance, but from seeing other people's experiences they do seem to be as good if not better than those offered by cruise lines.
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