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  1. Abie

    Wednesday night ferry?

    Thanks for the information. I am not going until next year, but I am a compulsive planner!
  2. Abie

    Wednesday night ferry?

    I can't seem to find out how late the ferry runs from Hamilton to the dockyards. The Wednesday street party looks like fun, but don't want to be stranded. Thanks for your help.
  3. I have booked aqua class handicapped accessible cabin1538. When I looked at the deck plan, a picture of the room does not appear, but it states that there is an obstructed view. How can there be an obstructed view on the 11th deck? Should I be concerned? Thanks for any information!
  4. Abie

    Upgrading Drink Package

    Could anyone tell me what is this ncluded n the Go Big drink promo? I don't know whether it is standard, or classic. I think the price limit on the standard is $6, and I want to be able to get my cosmo!
  5. Abie

    Fakarava and Rangiroa

    Ato's tour is highly rated. You can reach him at fakaravaexplorer@ hotmail.com.
  6. I have posted this on the roll call, but it is pretty inactive, so I thought I'd try it here too. we have 5 people from the ship going on Ato's tour, and would like to add 7 more to fill his boat. He gets wonderful reviews. The cost is 105$ for the day, snorkeling the aquarium, lunch drinks, etc. Please email him at fakaravaexplorer@hotmail.com if you are interested. He is very good at answering promptly.
  7. I have just booked this tour in Fakarava. It gets wonderful reviews and cost $105. There is room for more people to fill the boat. His address is fakarava explorer@hotmail.com. I will post this on my roll call, but it is very inactive.
  8. Abie

    Question about Ato's tour

    Apparently Ato will not book a tour for one person, so I am going to ask on the roll call if any one is interested. The roll call is not very active, so I hope there will be some interest.
  9. Abie

    Question about Ato's tour

    I just sent you an e-mail. Thanks!
  10. Abie

    Question about Ato's tour

    How did you get an answer to your e-mail? I have e-mailed twice and heard nothing!
  11. Abie

    Pier in Moorea

    Thanks so much for your input! I guess I will have to find another tour. I liked the small number of people on the Miti tour, as snorkeling with 25 people is not as fun. I have learned so much from this site - Can' t wait for my trip in March.
  12. Abie

    Pier in Moorea

    Thanks for the replies. According to my email, if the ship is in Opunohu bay the tenders from the ship are too late for the 8:15 start of the tour.
  13. Abie

    Pier in Moorea

    I have been looking at shore excursions and contacted Moorea Miti Tours. They got back to me quickly and asked at which pier the ship docks. Does anyone know if it is Cooks or Opunohu bay? They can pick up at Cooks, but not the other.
  14. From which company did you rent a wheelchair. We are leaving from FLL on the 24th. Thanks for the info
  15. Abie

    Allure Sofa Beds

    we are 4adults trying to fit into one room. our travel agent has recommended a d1 category room and says that they have either a sofa bed and Pullman, or two Pullmans. I can't find any pictures or information on the website, or the printed brochure. Can anyone help me Thanks