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  1. Thank you for the replies, and it is good to know that a second dispute was possible. However after Chase told me I could not prevail, I went back to the internet and found the Best Western "corporate" customer service. I had to email them, and then follow up with a phone call to further explain the situation, but I finally did receive the refund I was promised. (Customer Service was apparently successful in getting that hotel property to respond to them.) It should have not taken the amount of time and energy that it did. I stand by my statement, "never again will I stay in a Best Western." And, yes, earlier in this process, I had posted feedback on tripadvisor and the management reply to that was to contact a different email address (which did not respond to me.) I tried to post that information on tripadvisor, but apparently tripadvisor rules prohibits a second post if it was within 3 months of the first. I tried to post directly on the Best Western site, but those reviews are fed from tripadvisor.
  2. It was the one that calls itself Ft Lauderdale cruiseport/airport.
  3. OP here. I have disputed the charge, but Chase told me since I stayed in the hotel, I do not have "lack of service" rights to dispute. Never again will I stay in a Best Western.
  4. shower and tub did not have running water In early April, my husband and I reserved a room for the night before a cruise. We arrived around 11:30pm and was given room #104. In the morning, we discovered that there was no running water in the tub or shower. (We were not told at check in about this situation.) I called the front desk to ask for an available shower in another room (there was none) and stated that I would not be paying full price for this room. Upon check out, I discovered that I was charged full price, and I again explained the situation to Joanne, the front desk clerk. She indicated that she would issue me a refund; she did not. I have called the general manager's phone number twice, and left detailed messages, I also left a detailed email message for him. (Note that the name, phone number, and email address of the general manager was on a large poster board at the front desk.) I also emailed to the address that "Caring Management" provided in its response to my post on tripadvisor. No one has responded. I posted this so that others can check to ensure they have a working shower and/or tub before they need to use it.
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