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  2. If you think Oceania makes too many announcements don’t ever go on the mass market lines (Carnival, Royal, Princess, etc...). There are cruise directors on some of those ships who read the entire daily schedule line by as the day progresses! Oceania is nearly silent (to me anyway!)
  3. I saw this article this morning. Looks like Grand Classica is housing workers for the dry dock of Oceania's Regatta (which is a part of the NCL family) https://www.nsnews.com/news/cruise-ship-retrofit-to-spike-north-van-population-1.23937511
  4. You read my mind, that’s exactly what I was just thinking!
  5. I was shocked to see the current price of a cruise we did last summer is now $100 less than double what we paid!
  6. Just a tip... make sure both you and your luggage are in the cab before you tell them you only want to go to another terminal. It is my understanding once you are in the cab they can’t refuse to give you a ride. Enjoy your cruises! Back to back on different cruise lines can be a lot of fun, it is nice to experience two different products one after the other!
  7. Thank you for taking us along on this amazing journey! I looked forward to reading everyone's updates each morning. Hopefully one day I'll be able to take such an adventure! Most importantly, CONGRATS to the happy couple!!!!
  8. Although we rarely drink anymore I had no issue with paying the $25. I thought it was a very reasonable fee to enjoy a bottle of wine that I knew I'd like! I've always appreciated the way Oceania treats us like adults with their liquor policy!
  9. It absolutely is possible, we've done b2b on different ships multiple times. The easiest have been in Port Everglades when both ships have been docked across from one another and all it took was a little larger tip than normal to have the porter push our luggage across the street. In Miami you'll most likely need a cab to switch from Sirena too MSC. Oceania generally uses the smaller terminal J on the southern side of Dodge Island whereas MSC uses their new terminal on the north side. Just a tip, if you are using a cab make sure you luggage and you are in the cab before you tell them you only want to go to another terminal. They can't refuse you once you are in their cab! Enjoy your cruises!
  10. Not in my opinion... RCL screwed up... they need to own it and do what's right. Honor their mistake, not penalize their guests for their incompetence. Here's a great example of a company making a mistake but standing by their mistake https://www.vox.com/the-goods/2019/1/4/18168743/cathay-pacific-vietnam-error-fare-glitch
  11. Sorry... I really don't see how someone choosing to wear shorts impacts my vacation one bit, it doesn't. If they choose to feel out of place, that's their problem, not mine.
  12. I can’t believe I’m commenting on yet another dress code thread but that statement has always been my opinion! Finally glad to read someone else who uses common sense. I’ve never understood the fuss people make over shorts!
  13. I completely agree your statement! I remember thinking when I saw my reminder for "final payment is due on x date" I must have put it on my calendar wrong, then I went back through the booking confirmations and verified...yes they do want final payment that far in advance!
  14. This is the hotel was used: https://www.hotelcazose.com/en/ Enjoy your trip!
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