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  1. Hi Everyone, I am in desperate need for a Fantasy Pin for my friend, we were on the Fantasy togther and she entrusted me with the pins and I lost them.. Can anyone help me ...
  2. It was a neat place, we jsut took a taxi tour outside the pier, for $ 15.00 each there was the 3 of us and a lady form the Legend.. it was a great way to see the city, and we returned to the vendors on the street, had a couple of beers at the pier and then headed back to the ship.. Next time I will try cave tubbing... Belize had 6 inches of rain that week ( I think a day or 2 earlier ) and Carnival cancelled the cave tubbing becasue the river was so high... But cavetubbing.com was still taking people who wanted to go, they were doing 22 people to one tour guide and normally Carnival does 8 people and one tour guide... So maybe the next trip...
  3. Bob we didn't do the supper club, but it was $ 30.00 they call it a nominal fee...LOL but I am not sure if that is each or a couple, I assumed each.... And it was not very busy, each night on our walk we would walk by the outside and there were many tables empty.. The food in the dining room was delicious... to say the least.. I did a 4 part review... on the Miracle :)
  4. Sorry about jsut getting back to you Bob, In Belize the tendering did not require tickets.. Only in Cozumel.... The tender ride is about 15 minutes, we arrived in Belize about 8:15 am ... and we were at the pier before 10 am .... and really just took our time getting there, In fact our tender was not even full..... Good luck and enjoy..
  5. Oh my gosh those photos are awesome!!!! Yes that is the resort I am speaking of, there were people sitting int hose chairs when I was on the Miracle 2 weeks ago... So I thought maybe it was a resort... thanks for the info Lisa
  6. It is the area to the right of the pier there was a wall and it said private property, there were a few people laying on chairs and no one else around them... The tiki huts were on stilts ? Once off the pier ( near the pools and bars ) you could not see this resort unless you were back on the ship or the pier itself. ?
  7. Does anyone happen to know the name of the resort that is next to the pier in Costa Maya ? It was tranquil looking and the tiki huts were on stilts ? :)
  8. Hey Todd we are cruising again we did a short 3 day Disney Wonder in Sept and my DD says she prefers Carnival so this time we are doing the Miracle. and you ? Your kids must be getting big ? Are you travelling with the family and extended again this year ? It was good to hear from you...
  9. You can order it and have it sent to my cabin and I can then mail it to you... Or like it was mentioned you can try call Carnival... Good Luck Post if you need me ! Lisa
  10. I will never make this cruising mistake again ! I will never bring all of those clothes with me again ! I repeat I will not over pack ! Biggest cruising mistake on my part... :)
  11. One day after we returned from the ship from snorkling in St. Thomas I order room service. Our eyes were bigger than our tummies. I ordered quite a bit. I truly thought I would not make it to the late seating for dinner. The poor server brought two trays to the door, I felt like a pig. I felt so bad for him having to carry all of that food, I gave him a $ 10.00 bill. Needless to say we did not starve ! :o LOL
  12. My experience on hairbraiding on the Victory Jan.9th -16th 2005 http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=126762 I would not do it on the ship again... Get it done on the islands... LOL enjoy your cruise Lisa
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