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  1. Wondering if we can carry on the ship our airline-checked bag? We have done this frequently when embarking in US ports, thus avoiding waiting for our luggage to be delivered to our cabin. Thanks.
  2. While cruising in Europe, can I buy a bottle of wine while in port and bring onboard the ship to enjoy that evening? (I'm not asking about bringing on when initially embarking the ship, but wondering if I can bring on a bottle purchased at a different port)? Thanks.
  3. Excellent idea to donate to charity, that’s what we’ll do.
  4. I'm concerned we will not have time to locate the Bank of England. Wondering if we could use the "old" money for tips for housekeeping at our hotel? I realize the person would then need to covert themselves into the new currency, but we'd leave a generous tip, due to the inconvenience.
  5. Wondering what the Sanctuary is like on the Sapphire Princess? We've utilized the Sanctuary on the Royal and Regal, wondering how the Sapphire compares. Also, can we book in advance?
  6. Princess18

    Sapphire Princess

    Does this ship have on-demand TV (like Royal Princess and Regal)?
  7. wondering if Celebrity Constellation offers daily Friends of Bill W (AA) meetings?
  8. Can someone please tell me: (1) does this ship offer Coke or Pepsi products, (2) on-demand TV in the staterooms, and (3) what News channels are available in the cabins, CNN, ESPN, CNBC, MSNBC, others? Are there on-demand movies and/or TV shows available? Thanks.
  9. Princess18

    New to Celebrity

    We typically cruise on Princess, but are considering Celebrity. Wondering if Celebrity offers self-service laundry facilities onboard, vs having to send out laundry (and thus risk shrinking, etc). Also, does Celebrity offer anytime dining? Thanks.
  10. Princess18

    Tamaflu availability on ship

    Wondering is the ship infirmary has Tamaflu available for those passengers who may come down with the flu during their trip?
  11. Wondering if the Royal has the medallions yet, or if anyone knows when they will be installed?
  12. Is the Brooklyn Pier Terminal at Pier 12 the same as the Red Hook Terminal? Thanks.
  13. Does the Majestic Princess offer on-demand TV (like the Regal & Royal)? Thanks.
  14. Princess18

    Smith's for Airports

    We used Smith's for transport from London Heathrow to Southampton and found them very professional, reliable and competitively priced. We would use them again.
  15. Princess18

    EZ Air, multiple cities?

    We're booked for a Transatlantic cuisine, Southampton-New York. We are considering adding on a few days in another city pre-cruise, then flying from there to London (to get on the ship in Southampton), and flying home from NY. Wondering if we could utilize Princess EZ Air for multiple cities this way?