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  1. This is true, every person you order a drink from on days 1 and 2 will try to upgrade you as they get a commission so as this post says, find the bar you prefer (ours is always the Martini Bar) and chat up one of the bartenders there and then upgrade from him....you will get PREMIUM service from him from then on....ours would even save us seats at the bar if possible or if full when we arrived we would get a table and then he would grab us 2 whenever someone got up to leave without us having to watch or lurk around the bar waiting
  2. LOL good for you! You will be just fine and you will also not find any of the elitist attitudes some people post here once onboard....its just so much easier for them to critique and criticize hiding behind their keyboards....frankly once onboard nobody notices much of anything other than if their drinks aren't poured correctly....
  3. We quite enjoy Domain Chandon when on the premium package as we have enjoyed their winery in Napa Valley many times, its truly one of the finest and nicest facilities in the Napa area and as it is owned by Chandon from France it is a very good Champagne and YES it is Champagne, to hell with the French and their laws LOL We have our Sommelier have a glass waiting on our MDR table when we arrive nightly and tell him the first night we will be having 2 to 3 glasses each prior to our red wine with dinner.....they always ensure there's a couple of fresh and properly chilled bottles for us nightly....a little planning with your Sommelier goes a long way for your enjoyment...that and a $20 tip on night 1!
  4. Dang...guess I missed it....have they had more than 1 a year lately?
  5. I have not been on here in forever and I seem to recall every summer Princess would have a Sip and Sail promo...have they had one lately or do you expect them to anytime soon?
  6. Actually it was Hawaiian shirts under our tuxedo's, all 4 of us....remember?
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