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  1. It was the Joy out of Jamaica this September. Sail away interior 500 ppd. 1600 solo.
  2. NCL had a well deserved reputation for being solo cruiser friendly. Now they are rolling out a new price structure which penalizes and discourages solo cruising. Example: They show a 7 day cruise with a 500 ppd price. One expects 1,000 at most with a 100% supplement. But no. The actual per person price is 800, but they are discounting the second person by 75% so that the total for two is 1,000, yielding 500 ppd. (800 x 25% = 200 + 800 = 1,000 / 2= 500). So when you try to book for one, it figures 800 for one person plus 800 supplement, new sticker shock price 1600, more than 3 times t
  3. 1. Brilliance in January 2021 2. Both Brilliance and Rhapsody, January 2021 (back by back) 3. Neither. Will FCC or Lift and Sift and do an inclusive land resort.
  4. Even a vaccine that did not provide complete immunity, but reduced one's likelihood of infection, and/or reduced the severity and duration of the disease would be a great help.
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