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  1. Rates for single cruisers that have no extra supplement!
  2. No. You have to remember that they cater to an international clientele. Announcements are in 5 or more languages. Comedy shows would be impossible in multiple languages. All entertainment is more music/variety type shows that appeal to all.
  3. I also had my loyalty status taken away. I cruised MSC in 2012. In preparation for my upcoming cruise in the summer of 2019 I did a status match after we booked in Feb. 2019. Later they took my status away because I hadn't booked in 3 years. I called and talked to several people and they refused to reinstate it. No big deal...they don't give that much for their loyalty program anyway but it really irked me. Don't know why I went to the trouble to get the status match.
  4. There is an excellent country duo on the Dream and I've played country music trivia several times on different ships.
  5. I agree! met her on a ship and the next day she remembered my name!
  6. Would love to see a free internet package. Costs them nothing!
  7. thanks euro cruiser!
  8. Thanks for the review because we are looking at that excursion for upcoming cruise in June! can't wait! MSC isn't awesome but we just look at it as our floating hotel!
  9. I will be travelling to Bari, Italy in June with family members. Is it walkable to get to the old town area from the ship? Is there enough to see there to spend 4-5 hours? Thanks in advance!
  10. I have been quarantined twice while on cruises. Most recently I had insurance and it did cover the one day I missed of the cruise. I was not insured by the cruise line but with another company. I used to get sick on EVERY cruise I went on until I started cruising Carnival. I have never been sick on one of their ships!
  11. I sent an email to them in April and NEVER got a response. I called about booking a cruise and again did not get a response! It is good that the product is decent or no one would ever sail with this company.
  12. We sailed April 20 on the Seaview. We fought ahead of time to get OBC instead of vouchers because we were not sure they would actually produce vouchers. Also we asked about free water at dinner and were told no! The right hand does not know what the left is doing in the company. sad.
  13. I'll start by saying we had a fabulous cruise out of Barcelona. Went on the Seaview....fantastic ship, good food and great shows. so good....we have booked the Orchestra for next year. That being said....MSC is the absolute WORST company to deal with for just about everything in the planning and customer service areas! Everytime you have to call them the wait times are horrendous. We had to fight for our OBC for the fantastica drink coupons on the last cruise. Now the latest problem that is causing me way too much effort is this. Back story...I sailed with MSC in 2011. In Feb. 2018 I did a status match that took me to gold level. When we booked our Orchestra cruise they now had me at classic level. I've been told that my status from 2011 had expired but that is the number that they did the status match on. So now...I'm back to having only 1 cruise and lost my gold status. I was under the impression that your status match would be in effect for 3 years unless you did not sail on them again. True! but since they matched to my 2011 cruise....they have now decided I would lose the gold status because it was so long ago!!! I just got off my Seaview cruise a month ago! This company makes my blood boil...not sure I'll ever do another after this I'm so mad. And is it really worth fighting for??? Probably not.....
  14. You can't even get them to call you back when you want to book a cruise!!!
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