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  1. I sent an email to them in April and NEVER got a response. I called about booking a cruise and again did not get a response! It is good that the product is decent or no one would ever sail with this company.
  2. We sailed April 20 on the Seaview. We fought ahead of time to get OBC instead of vouchers because we were not sure they would actually produce vouchers. Also we asked about free water at dinner and were told no! The right hand does not know what the left is doing in the company. sad.
  3. I'll start by saying we had a fabulous cruise out of Barcelona. Went on the Seaview....fantastic ship, good food and great shows. so good....we have booked the Orchestra for next year. That being said....MSC is the absolute WORST company to deal with for just about everything in the planning and customer service areas! Everytime you have to call them the wait times are horrendous. We had to fight for our OBC for the fantastica drink coupons on the last cruise. Now the latest problem that is causing me way too much effort is this. Back story...I sailed with MSC in 2011. In Feb. 2018 I did a status match that took me to gold level. When we booked our Orchestra cruise they now had me at classic level. I've been told that my status from 2011 had expired but that is the number that they did the status match on. So now...I'm back to having only 1 cruise and lost my gold status. I was under the impression that your status match would be in effect for 3 years unless you did not sail on them again. True! but since they matched to my 2011 cruise....they have now decided I would lose the gold status because it was so long ago!!! I just got off my Seaview cruise a month ago! This company makes my blood boil...not sure I'll ever do another after this I'm so mad. And is it really worth fighting for??? Probably not.....
  4. You can't even get them to call you back when you want to book a cruise!!!
  5. My cousin printed her ticket for our upcoming cruise in April and the vouchers are listed on hers also. I think MSC has probably gotten sick of our complaints over this issue. They didn't even respond to my last email about it! I haven't gotten my tickets printed yet but I'm now hopeful.
  6. I have to say that my niece and I have been dealing with customer service for several months and they are the worst I've ever dealt with. Wait times on the phone have been 20-40 minutes to begin with. They have screwed up birthdates, completely changed the billing on our account. I sent an online complaint over a month ago that has been completely ignored. sure hoping the cruise goes better than the time leading up to it.
  7. They will no longer take it via email...only fax or snail mail
  8. I don't see great last minute deals these days. they seem to be a thing of the past.
  9. We have been told that since we booked prior to any package changes and before they planned to end the vouchers that they would be honored or we should "pitch a fit" with customer service on the ship. I don't think we should have to do that but time will tell I guess. I have had no response from the email I sent them but my niece spoke to her MSC person and this is what she was told.
  10. Yes this is for the Mediterranean sailing of the Seaview. No vouchers...no replacement of any drink package even though we booked long before August. Everyone needs to voice their displeasure with this to MSC for what it is worth. I'm going to keep bugging them. We originally booked Bella and then upgraded. Our room did not change so we are asking for the upgrade money to be refunded. WE still have a few months to complain. Will let you know if we get anywhere with it.
  11. So the package including 12 vouchers has disappeared and the vouchers will be discontinued in March. So those of us who purchased this package but don't sail till after that time have been told we are just not getting the vouchers. They have no plans to replace or compensate in any way because the contract says 'they reserve the right to change the package", I just don't see how they fulfill their agreement with some people and screw the rest of us. What really aggravates me is that my niece and her family (3) people and I all added this PURELY for the drink vouchers. The extra $60+ isn't going to break the bank but for my nieces family that is over $180 lost and now they must add the cost of purchased drinks on top of that. This is my second MSC cruise but guaranteed it will be my last. Terrible customer service and appreciation. I'm sure there are quite a few of us on here getting screwed out of our money. Do we have any recourse or is there anything else we can do??? This is very frustrating. I mostly sail Carnival and they would overcompensate for losses rather than screw their customers!
  12. cntrydncr1

    MSC Seaview

    Hopefully the OP is still looking at this and will answer questions! I'm curious about the dinner seatings. We have a late seating but have been told it can be between 7:45 and 9:30 and we won't know till we are onboard. 9:30 is way too late for me to eat! Any idea how that worked? Thanks!
  13. Does anyone know when they will start showing the itineraries and selling sailings on the Mardi Grax?
  14. I always use Premier Parking in Miami. Never left my keys with them.
  15. I learned that you can rent cars in some ports and do your own excursions. Much cheaper and you see what you want. Some of the islands like Aruba and Curacao are small and easy to navigate.
  16. Does anyone know what time we can board the Seaview in Barcelona? Hoping to do some touring during the day! Or, we don't even need to board....just drop luggage off! Any idea what time we can do that? Thanks in advance
  17. We will be porting Easter Sunday in Ajaicco. Will anything be open??
  18. Do people actually dress 60's theme? Tropical? White outfits? Just wondering if we should actually bring special outfits along for these nights!
  19. Normally they show the games in the sports bar. Of course it depends upon how good the service is at the time. Sure hope you get to see our EAGLES!!
  20. Can anyone help with this? I'll be on the Seaview next April. Trying to figure out Rome. Wondering approximately what time the excursion bus arrives in Rome and where they drop you off if you are doing the city on your own?? Thanks in advance!
  21. We are doing a family cruise next year from Barcelona on the Seaview. It will be a first time on MSC for everyone but me. I was on the Poesia it's first season in the US but I've long forgotten what happened on that sailing! lol Please let me know what you feel we should be aware of as new MSC and European cruisers! TIA
  22. The singles things are not well attended. The solo cruise I did was fun. I was seated at a table with others who were traveling alone...not all were single but most were.
  23. Amazing pics...thanks for posting!
  24. Thanks for your nice review. We will be doing a family cruise on the Mediterranean next April on the new Seaview. I know it is a different ships but I"m hoping you can answer a few questions for me relevant to MSC. I know that formal nights are dressier than our Caribbean cruises but what is the attire like on the other nights of the cruise? How dressy? I've read that coffee/tea are not served after dinner...is that true? Also...will we need to make reservations for shows in the evenings? thanks in advance!
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