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  1. This guy is a walking encyclopedia of songs - so glad that he's still out there keeping people entertained. I take it that transatlantic cruise in March 2020 was the ship's last voyage before everything came to a standstill?
  2. Wow. I cannot believe this but we have just been treated like garbage by Cunard. Unbelievable. Just weeks ago they pretended to try to help us, asked for hotel+flight receipts after dumping passengers off at Perth, and now they have told us that they don't owe us a cent because we should have thought about miracle insurance instead. As opposed to holding Cunard to account for dumping its passengers off... This is such a surprise that it's hard to accept. All this time I thought that Cunard was a genuine operator that would never attempt to scam its very own customers...
  3. Just curious but is there any stock-exchange-listed cruise line that has its ships registered in the US and flying the American flag? The reason I'm asking is that if it comes to any government assistance, wouldn't such companies be prioritized to receive aid or a bailout package?
  4. Many thanks for your help. In one way if someone travelling from Sydney to Southampton was going to be left in Perth then they wouldn't have boarded in the first place, but I still understand the pro-rata approach regardless of the inconvenience caused. Costs of hotel+flights should naturally be refunded as well. What do you mean by "something extra by way of compensation" in such cases? What could one expect from Cunard apart from the pro-rate + hotel + flights compensation?
  5. Just a quick question regarding refunds: If someone boarded the ship in Sydney (heading to Southampton) and the cruise ended in Perth, do they deserve a full refund on their cruise or a pro-rata one based on the number of days onboard before the cruise was ultimately cancelled?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm writing on behalf of my parents (as down the line I will be the one who will have to contact Cunard about all this). They were sailing from Sydney to Southampton, and in Perth when they heard an announcement that due to the global worsening of the COVID-19 pandemic some ports will be closed to passengers, they decided to pack their bags after breakfast and disembark since the risk in general was getting too high (they are in their 70's). As it turns out, Cunard shortly came to the same conclusion and cleared the ship of almost all pax. What
  7. I always book direct so they would have come from wherever Seabourn sends out their stuff centrally?
  8. I am currently away from home (overseas in fact) and I have a parcel from DHL that cannot be delivered. It was sent from "FRANKLIN PARK, IL - USA" though I cannot see the sender name when looking up the shipment number. Is this likely to be from Seabourn? I am not expecting anything else so this is the first thing that comes to mind. If so is there anything important there or just luggage tags, itinerary, etc. that I can print out myself?
  9. I recently booked a cruise for my parents but unfortunately there was no choice of cabins left - it was the last Queens Suite available. What is the best strategy for trying to change cabins from one side of the ship to the other? Is there a time when cabins become available due to people giving up on their reservations? Is there a waitlist for requests like these?
  10. Many thanks Bluemarble, I took your advice and did a US/UK/EU (Germany)/AU search though I did forget to check Canada. The UK site came up with the best price and in this case the AU one was most expensive overall (maybe because the ship sails from Sydney?). My parents instructed me to book this today aka "without delay" so I didn't have much leeway to dig into any additional benefits, though in their case they will be in Sydney at the time (so no additional flights required) and only drink the good stuff that they pay for (so packages might not be needed) though I should have look
  11. Thank you for your reply - that is interesting indeed. Are the prices the same throughout or are there significant differences between different markets? When booking with Princess for my parents I have always done the entire round of checking both the US, UK, continental Europe, plus Australia and have found some serious differences - usually when selecting a specific cabin class: for instance the last time around suites were heavily discounted but only via the Australian website. Does the same apply to Cunard or would I be wasting my time shopping around?
  12. On a side note, is Cunard like other operators such as Princess where the price for the same cruise will differ depending on which website you access, or possible where you are accessing the site from or what currency option you choose?
  13. Agreed. My parents took a cruise with Cunard and I'm in the process of booking another one for them, but I can't see the demographic widening art all. By widening I'm sure we all mean a move in just one direction because it's not going to shoot up the other end of the spectrum when they've got that pretty much covered. In any case the "hardware" itself won't allow for it. Compared to Royal Caribbean even I would struggle to board a Cunard vessel (but then I thought Princess was rather boring too...) though your post about "loving it" might convince me to give it a try.
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