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  1. Bob, I always enjoy your "Live From" episodes. Have been reading them for years. Bailey looks lovely. Retirement sure beats full time forced labour...a quote from a friend. Enjoy. Judy
  2. Norris, Wonderful as usual. Have your review of Sky in my calendar. We are booked for Enchanted for the 10 day Med followed by the 15 day Transatlantic next Oct. Hope that you get to do the opera in Germany next year. Judy
  3. Norris, I did read and will give it another try because your reviews and pictures are so wonderful.
  4. Norris, I am continuing to absolutely love your review and stunningly beautiful pictures but my devices are struggling to load your pictures, laptop, tablet and phone....so much as I hate to do it I'm unsubscribing. I don't have unlimited data access so can't chance off charges. Carry on your good work. Your reviews are some of the absolute the best on Cruise Critic. Happy sailing. Judy Sent from my SM-T560NU using Tapatalk
  5. Norris, You may have had a back facing seat but the pictures are stunning as usual. Judy
  6. Your plans sound wonderful, relaxing is also more my speed. Have a great time. Judy
  7. Hi Norris, Thanks for the link on the Princess board. I'm late to the party but on board now for the duration. As usual, stunning pictures. Judy
  8. I have loved following along. Will be back next year, thank you so much for all your time and effort in doing this blog.
  9. I am looking at this cruise with Avalon in 2020. Has anyone done this itinerary? Doesn't matter the cruise line. If so, what did you think? We have done 2 cruises back to back so far..........Rhine followed by Saone/Rhone. All comments/thoughts welcome. Thanks. Judy
  10. Keith, Your pictures of the Central Market bring back fond memories of our stay in Budapest several years ago. I love all markets but this one just blew me away, The evening cruise to see all the lights is spectacular. Love your blog. Judy
  11. I have enjoyed this blog very much. I must confeß that I found it on the Silver WATER Cooler thread that I lurk on. Good job. Judy
  12. I have enjoyed your blog from start to finish, glad that you have a couple of weeks to go. Judy
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