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  1. Is this my wife? Only she would complain if we were given too much back! Not a word when the error is in someone else's favor.
  2. Lift and shift is the best option the prices have doubled and even tripled in some cases. My TA was able to get it changed right away and it was for 4 cabins. I was disappointed it was only a week on either side but the price I paid was a steal compared to what they are charging for star class on the 2022 cruises.
  3. What cruises were cancelled for Nov of this year? I didn't think anyone was that far out.
  4. You would at least be guaranteed the 125% credit or a full refund of your money. I would opt for the credit. We were able to lift and shift our 2021 Alaska cruise suite in May on quantum to 2022. (Quantum will be staying in the orient apparently it is going well for RCI there.). However instead of the 4 week window they only allowed us a 1 week window. So it went from May 10th - May 16th. This also included the 125% credit we had on our suite from this past December that was cancelled.
  5. Does anyone think the lift and shift will be available for the Alaska cruises this May? I got a killer deal on a star class suite and no way am I going to get that price next year if this one cancels. Can my TA get this done rather than the 125% CC?
  6. My enthusiasm for cruising is great. The cancellations and not knowing what's sailing and when and being able to plan is what is killing me.
  7. I was talking with my TA today and she though there was a good chance that early cruises to Alaska on RC might be cancelled. Anyone else have any insight on this? I am booked on Quantum for May 10th. Already had my December cruise on Allure cancelled from this past week.
  8. My hope is all of the irrational fear causes lots of flights and cruise deals to start showing up. Going on Allure in December but would like to book in August. Keeping fingers crossed.
  9. OF course we are. Just like we do with the flu and common cold every year and 98%+ of everyone will do just fine.
  10. How old is your son? Last I heard and might of changed was that no one under 15 has been diagnosed with the virus.
  11. These are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.
  12. Anyone on Ovation this Friday to Alaska secure an upgrade?
  13. How long ago did you initially book this sailing to get this price?
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