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  1. Interesting story: when on the Grand Princess in 2000, we anchored at Monaco, which was a tender port. In the afternoon a very large yacht came up alongside, and later the Captain of the Grand Princess announced the Arab owner of the yacht had asked for and been given a tour, after which he asked "How much for the ship?" Apparently Princess Cruises wasn't willing to part with their newest ship at that time. 😀
  2. We were on Pacific Princess II (the current one) for a Tahiti to Hawaii cruise, which was fabulous! The ship has a more intimate feeling, and we were lucky enough to get to know the Cruise Director and staff as they have more time to meet guests. If flying from the USA (we went through LAX), do try to book Air Tahiti Nui. Even economy felt like luxury, and the people who flew in a day or two earlier reported a lot fewer passengers onboard. Our cruise had no issues at all with rough seas, and even the day of more wave amplitude the ship's stabilizers handled it well.
  3. Yes, Princess insurance is secondary coverage. With a Medicare Advantage coverage as the primary insurance, the doctor bill for onboard medical is covered at the usual rates. However Plan D prescription coverage does not pay for medications prescribed and taken whilst out of the USA. For those we get the denial and then submit to the Princess Insurance carrier. The biggest hassle we've had is for primary insurance wanting US ICDA procedure codes which are not on the bill received onboard from Princess. The longest we've taken for the onboard medical claims to be finally settled was about
  4. We have used Princess Platinum insurance since we started cruising (slightly different name back then). No problem with pre-existing conditions, and between it and our primary insurance it has covered every shipboard malady we've had @ 100%. As mentioned it does have cancel for any reason coverage. When researching travel insurance be sure to check if it covers you based on the state you live in. Living in Texas we have found that some popular trip insurance plans do not cover us (Texas has really weird regulations about insurance).
  5. The size of the balcony doesn't affect the ability to get fresh air at all, as it only takes minutes for an open balcony door to completely refresh the air in a room. We've found the balconies on Royal Princess to be totally adequate, and have spent many an hour outdoors on our balcony enjoying the sea air. We are not spring chickens but we also enjoy cruising and experiencing the local culture where possible and safe. Where we agree is that cruising is not in the cards for us until vaccines are out and proven effective (not this 50% goal that is being pushed right now
  6. You are right. When sailing the Royal Princess we've had a cabin near the aft set of elevators for access to the buffet areas. And midships had the usual set of elevators including the two glass elevators facing the atrium. We tried the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas, and it only had the two sets of elevators, midship and forward. Perhaps the OP has his cruise lines mixed up.
  7. It is after 15 cruise credits are achieved. The exception may be if one has booked what is normally 2 back to back cruises as a single cruise and your 15th cruise is in the first leg. Then the Elite status is after the end of the booked cruise. If you are in that case, then talk to the Captain's Circle representative onboard and he/she may change your status for the 2nd leg to Elite.
  8. The pre-pandemic timing shown above defined the problem. All the dining rooms pretty much filled @5 -5:30, and tables or sections didn't open up until 7:30. Our preferred dining time was about 7:00-7:15 and we were always given a pager and told to wait until 7:30, at which time we were directed to the dining room on deck 6, which was just finishing the Traditional early seating. When we turned in our pager there was always a large line waiting for ATD. On Royal Princess we found the Horizon Court dining to be very good. The food was almost always hot and tasty. Alfredo's was
  9. The problem with some brokerage statements is they have you full name on one page and just the account number on another showing your holdings. This was insufficient for CCL/Princess the last time we sailed, and we had to get a letter from our broker. This is a good reason for not waiting until the last minute to submit your request for shareholder benefit.
  10. Also I have found that any Princess Cruises special offer that has a non-refundable deposit says this clearly in the offer details. When actually booking online it will also ask if you are aware it is non-refundable. Without these notifications, the deposit is refundable.
  11. In addition I have also found that booking direct with airlines can beat the "best" prices offered by booking engines. When going to a new destination I will check those booking engines to find what airline offers the best fares, and then will go to the airline site to get the flight less expensive.
  12. What you describe is often called an "open jaw" flight. What I've found is that Princess EZAir beats the airline costs in almost every case because the airlines book it as two costly one-way fares and EZAir books it more like a round trip. In every case I have booked Princess EZAir. We have also found that once the booking is confirmed and you get an airline record locator code it is easy to go to the airline's websites and to reserve a seat. I've done this with United, American, Jet Blue, and Delta. The only time I've had an issue was when the airline changed aircraft type sometime
  13. I may be out of date on news, but the last I heard of countries refusing to repatriate was when the crew would have had to pass through a port, then through an airport to get to chartered flights to get back to the countries. In a time of global fear of further spread of the pandemic the amount of travel from the quarantine ship environment to the country provided too much uncertainty concerning re-contamination. This, combined with uncertainty about how the highly infectious virus is spread, meant that countries acted with an excess of caution, and also presented unreasonable roadblocks to
  14. The Princess crew still onboard are long past the incubation period for Covid-19. With them able to use the beach facilities (and probably being restricted from contact with island residents) you have a situation where it is a clean environment, avoiding re-contamination. And this is the problem with the proposal that paying passengers be allowed to cruise. They are not from a clean environment. Any one of them could be an unwitting asymptomatic carrier. We know that the cruise lines deep clean after a norovirus outbreak, yet days into a subsequent cruise the norovi
  15. Some clarification is needed. Many of us have FCC's that have a 2 year expiration date, after which our $100 deposit money is automatically returned. Then there are people who have been given some sort of Cruise Credit in lieu of cancelled cruises. They need to look at the terms of the agreement to see if there are clauses related to time and/or return of cash.
  16. With some of the new health restrictions in the near future, that might be our vacation option as well. It does make one wonder if we should be investing in an RV company...
  17. I suggest that when you research hotels, you also research restaurants. I nothing else go to the map app of your choice with aerial view and see how far the restaurant is from the hotel. Also talk to the hotel directly. We've booked the Renaissance twice looking at their website that promises a restaurant in the building to find when we arrive, it is closed for renovations or just plain closed - no reason given. The only other in-hotel options were pub grub in the bar, or order delivery from an Italian restaurant or pizza place.
  18. Allowing more time for disinfection between cruises makes sense, but that could also be accomplished by increasing the number of stateroom stewards - they have been given more cabins to clean almost every cruise, making them potentially less thorough. Increasing service at the buffet area is helpful and is currently in use when Norovirus has been imported to the ship by passengers. I disagree with the "do away with the buffet" concept as the buffet is a vital service, especially to passengers with diabetes who cannot wait for hours before eating in a more formal or regimented sett
  19. This article shows a complete lack of knowledge of the sources of norovirus, the "outbreaks" cited as pre-existing. Yes, the Princess Cruises ships regularly score 100% in the CDC inspections (with few exceptions), but those inspections do not inspect the PASSENGERS who regularly bring norovirus onboard with them or further spread it to others once onboard.
  20. I heard some of the same arguments about the cruise industry being in trouble after 9/11. We cruised then despite fears of terrorism. This time will be more serious and how the world handles the debt problem is a real question. Chapter 11 reorganization may be probable where the debt is significantly reduced. There will be some hard decisions by corporations concerning how to come through this problem, and I don't know that anyone knows what those decisions might be. As far as cruising, and even air travel I believe there will be an ongoing need, although it may be at reduced
  21. We'll sail on Princess again if there is a safe way to get to the port. And the post above about rust - there was rust on ships in the first year at sea. Salt water is brutal on ship upkeep.
  22. The arguments against using cruise ships often cite the need for medical staff to come from elsewhere. This is the case with the two US Navy hospital ships, where doctors/nurses in the Reserves will be called away from their existing hospitals/clinics etc to active duty on the ships. Note too that norovirus is always cited as a reason cruise ships are "dangerous", however noro is spread through contact in public spaces, and is input into the ships with new batches of people each week having been exposed elsewhere. Patients would be kept to rooms/hallways on a cruise ship, just like hosp
  23. Why do you bother cruising if you think like this. Noro is spread by people walking around the ship while they have symptoms. Carnival makes their case very well in the press release. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/carnival-corp-offers-ships-for-care-facilities.html
  24. You need to clarify what you mean by "refare". if it involved cancelling a reservation and making a new one then everything associated with the cancelled reservation would be expected to be gone.
  25. If you haven't received a response to your fax, Princess can and will locate your fax by the date and time sent. I've had this happen twice before cruises, and having this information from my own printer/fax machine allowed them to immediately find the submission and process it.
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