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  1. To New cruiser r&rd is a previous poster The hold back I referred to is a policy of one of the largest TA’s which they call a “15% cancellation service fee” I won’t go into detail about this but basically when you cancel they will impose this fee which is held by them and can be used towards future bookings. It’s complicated and when the agent explained the justification for it I hit the snooze button on the conversation and decided they were not for me. I’ve never been a fan of someone else holding my money. I agree again with r&rd. There are good and not so good Windst
  2. Out of our fourteen Windstar cruises, I tested using a TA twice and I was not pleased. At times, one TA was not available when I needed her. There were problems when the TA did not properly communicate what I wanted passed on to Windstar. Some TA’s hold back for future bookings, their commissioned part of your payments when cruises are cancelled. If things got complicated as in the case with r&rd, I felt my resolution was much more successful when I dealt with Windstar directly rather than getting a third party involved. Maybe you got a bit better rate, maybe you got a little OBC, but in
  3. That’s possible new cruiser. I’m just going from what is posted on the website so they may just be rearranging. I thought it might be correct since the transponder on the Pride has been off for four months. When the previous two ships were being worked on, their transponders were on and their location was showing in the dry dock. This time I hope I’m wrong.
  4. This may be old news but Windstar announced one month ago that he Pride was scheduled to start in the Caribbean this November. Now the first sailing is April 1, 2022 in the Med. Not surprising since the Pride has been docked in Palermo with the transponder off for four months, apparently not in the dry dock used for lengenthing.
  5. Maybe milepig should just stay home for awhile. I have more confidence in Windstar’s ability to, along with the other cruise lines with the same requirements, make the excursion experience worthwhile, not ideal but worthwhile. We have been on very few Windstar cruises when constant complainers among other passengers were a bit of a bummer. Those that want will accept only the Windstar experience of pre COVID should just make other plans for awhile until that time returns, whenever that may be.
  6. The good news is the last sentence in susisan’s last post. It seems that, with one exception, people on CC understand the value of the cautionary measures that Windstar is taking. Not what we might want but necessary. She said “No cruises for me on any line until these bubble excursion requirements are gone”
  7. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but they are not entitled to their facts as the saying goes. My guess is that the CDC is in the best position to decide if mask wearing is recommended in various situations. Hopefully Windstar will be following CDC guidelines and not IMO positions.
  8. Petoonya Did the tour operator in Moorea get included in the “bubble” or was it a thanks but no thanks response from Windstar?
  9. Petoonya outlined a very reasonable scenario for getting the crew vaccinated using the J&J vaccine as the key. Two obvious problems for Windstar are first, getting the vaccine, and secondly paying a full compliment of crew for two weeks on a ship with no passenger revenue. It makes no sense to require passengers to be fully vaccinated and not require the same of the crew who typically have the same degree of proximity to passengers as other passengers do. Windstar is going to need to make their crew vaccination policy clear before people feel comfortable getting on board.
  10. Just confirmed on Windstar site New COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement - UPDATED April 1, 2021Windstar Cruises will require proof of a current COVID-19 vaccination for all guests sailing aboard Windstar’s yachts. The cruise line arrived at the decision in the best health and wellness interests of its guests, crew, and the places the yachts visit.At the cruise terminal prior to embarkation, guests will be required to provide proof of a completed current vaccine course (one or two shots, depending on the brand) finished at least 14 days prior to the guest’s embarkation date.NEW: No COVID-1
  11. Mini donuts Your original posting falls under the category of “no good deed goes unpunished”. I didn't find it confusing at all and I appreciated the fact that you immediately posted the information shortly after it was released. If I did find it unclear, again I didn’t, I would have read it again and figured it out before I advertised my confusion, but that’s just me. Thanks again for keeping us current.
  12. As far as I can tell, the current Windstar Health and Safety Guidelines do not deal with passengers who have had the vaccine regimen. Those guidelines require a negative test result either 96 or 72 hours before boarding. The 72 hour requirement applies if you plan to tour outside the US before boarding which means that in many cases you would need to get tested outside the US. Hopefully Windstar will update the requirements to reflect the fact that by the time that they sail again, many, hopefully most, passengers will have been vaccinated. My hope is that proof of vaccination not ju
  13. 2Love The locator for the Legend definitely shows her alongside the dry dock and they could be doing non structural work there. The illustration for the Pride looks a different color than the other boats. It is possible, hopefully, that the transponder is off since she has been in Palermo since last year and if that is the case she could be in the dry dock. That’s a COULD BE but the fact that everything up until mid November is now listed as “call for availability” or not listed at all would indicate a delay.
  14. As of this morning and assuming that the MarineTraffic locators are correct, the Legend is out of the Palermo dry dock but alongside. The Pride is docked nearby but not in the dry dock. Unless the yard has perfected the stretching procedure substantially from the prior two operations, I would be surprised if they can get the Pride done in time for its first sailing in mid July. The Pride disappeared from schedules for September and October, that may be an indicator.
  15. Just in case, we also took pictures of our completed cards
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