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  1. Yes, the non-alcoholic versions are cheaper.
  2. We used Megatrain in January from Southampton to London with no problems.
  3. This website is aimed specifically at cruise ships and should answer your Rosyth question http://www.cruiseforth.com/
  4. I can confirm that, on European cruises, anyone aged 18+ can order alcohol, including cocktails (our 18yo son just did so on the Jade).
  5. We usually book through our US based PCC but our next cruise was booked through NCL UK as it was much cheaper. Also, we paid the £ deposit with a $ Cruise Reward - they use a standard conversion rate.
  6. You certainly used to be able to but there is likely to be an admin charge - phone them up to check.
  7. This website should help http://www.cruiseforth.com/content/getting-around/
  8. I can recommend this pub Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, 145 Fleet Street, EC4 Rebuilt in 1667, this rambling tavern of creaking floors, cosy rooms and snug corners, possesses a timeless ambience that keeps the contemporary world firmly at bay. Portraits of those who have worked and supped here over the centuries gaze fondly down from its dark wooden walls. Dr Johnson, Oliver Goldsmith, Mark Twain, Alfred Tennyson and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – to name but a few – have all ducked beneath its low beamed ceilings to absorb its 17th-century atmosphere. Dickens, too, was a regular, and the table to the right of the ground floor restaurant’s fireplace is said to have been his favoured place. This is believed to have been the pub that Dickens had in mind when, following Charles Darnay’s acquittal on charges of high treason in A Tale of Two Cities, Sydney Carton invites him to dine: ‘Drawing his arm through his own’ Sydney leads him to Fleet Street ‘up a covered way, into a tavern… where Charles Darnay was soon recruiting his strength with a good plain dinner and good wine’.
  9. This is a very good website which should help you http://www.cruiseforth.com/content/getting-around/
  10. At county Hall you are diagonally across the river from the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. You are close to the London Eye and can walk along the south bank to Borough Market. For hotels there are Premier Inn County Hall, Marriott and Park Plaza. The main differentiator would be your budget.
  11. I think your budget is unrealistic for London. Most decent rooms are £150+ (pounds not dollars). There are unlikely to be deals available in July as that is during the main tourist season. Some of the larger chains have rooms which will sleep 4 - Marriott, Crowne Plaza etc. As you have found, you would need 2 rooms in a Premier Inn. Personally, I avoid Travelodge if at all possible. Options for London to Southampton are private transfer, train or bus. One option is the Megabus which actually uses the train although available times are restricted. Last week we used this option for Southampton to London for 3 adults at the cost of £3.50. If we had just turned up and caught a train it would have been about £90.
  12. The standard balconies are the same as on the Breakaway - just big enough for 2 chairs and a mini table.
  13. Our itinerary is from "Rome to Venice" and one of the ports is Messina, Sicily. By land, going between Venice and Rome takes you nowhere near Sicily but on a cruise you will stop at / sail past Sicily.
  14. This is another route to buying tickets for shows at ATG Theatres. We have a Theatre Card and managed to save more than it's cost due to special offers on two shows. http://www.atgtickets.com/
  15. If you ask for your change in Bank of England notes, most places will give you what they have but Bank of England notes are not too common! Any bank will change Scottish notes to Bank of England ones.
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