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  1. Wow, how I miss going on a cruise, it seems like just yesterday. Does anyone have another cruise booked?
  2. We were in an ocean view cabin where the tv was very large, located above fridge/desk. It also had movies on demand available.
  3. Great pics! I wanted to check out your review of the Caribbean Princess and loved, loved, loved your pictures! Our MDR waiter was Marvin, too (the fellow on the left in one of your pictures) Marvin told us it was his last week on our cruise on March 9, 2019, and he was returning to the Philippines to retire. We had a great time and would give the ship very high ratings, too.
  4. We learned about the steel drum lessons in the Piazza while the students performed a few songs on the last evening of the cruise. It was really inspiring to watch them perform, we could hear the music but really couldn't see from our viewpoint, were you folks one of them? We were sitting at vines enjoying a nice glass of pinot noir and munching on tapas and sushi, it was so good. Thanks again for organizing the slot pull, it was new activity for us, and we had lots of fun!! Cheers! Diane
  5. We would lounge for less than a hour, grab our cover up & sandals, go to one of the other pools, and run into some of the kind folks we met at the meet and mingle, such as Lori and Joel, Alison and Dave, Judy. Everyone was so nice to chat with!
  6. While I was on the Caribbean Princess last week, the MDR had a different kind of burger on the always available menu, once it was the Ernest burger, then a burger blt, then some kind of burger with salsa, etc. I didn't take pics of every menu though I 'll search my photos of the menus... Cheers!
  7. You're welcome! Our family really enjoyed this cruise. We compared our week to previous cruise lines NCL, and all decided the quality, different options for appetizers and main courses and desserts in the MDR we're top notch, 5 star, very delicious!! Our favorite place that we spent the most time is, wait for it, the POOL to swim in, there are two main pools, and an aft adults only pool, were all awesome!! And a small pool at the aft with a hot tub right besides it. My favorite, most favorite, favorite place is walking all around the ship on the promenade. 2.7 laps = 1 mile, great exercise!! And last but not least is the movies under the stars was amazing especially at night, seeing the moon and stars!!! We even watched movies under the sun during the day.
  8. I was told that it takes 35 minutes for the Ernesto burger to be made at the burger counter that is located besides the pool. I did wait/drank my beer, as I ordered the Ernesto and beer combo for $8. I recommend it as the burger was a gourmet burger, it was so delicious that I ate it so fast, I didn't get a chance to take a picture! Lol.
  9. We had a great time on the airboat ride, saw a few alligators in the Everglades. It was a short half hour on the water but it was fun when we went fast! The boat had twin propellers and was quite big as it carried around 30 passengers. We felt very safe while traveling in it. We watched the alligator show, learned some cool stuff about alligators, and even tried some alligator bites with fries, but forgot to take a pic of the food. Our tour guide's name was Lance, and he was very knowledgeable, telling us lots of facts, and stories about the Everglades, and the Fort Everglades area. Before we knew it, we were dropped off at the airport and on the way home to Canada!! I'll post a few tidbits of our favorite parts of the cruise in a separate post. Cheers!
  10. Our disembarkation day on Saturday was awesome! We reserved the Everglades tour, alligator show, and transportation to the Fort Lauderdale airport excursion. The awesome thing about booking this tour is that our disembarkation time was already determined by meeting at the casino at 7:55 am, easy peasy, AND the baggage tags were provided to us a few days prior, so we simply tagged our large suitcase and even a few of our carry-on suitcases as per instructions, left them outside our cabin our last night on the cruise outside our cabin door. We factored in a half hour for our last breakfast in the morning in the MDR in the Palm dining room. We even had time to go to the International cafe to pick up my daughter's specialty tea (see pic of favorite fruit green tea ice tea, my usual latte Expresso with almond milk, and my hubby's double shot Americano. Everything went well afterwards: disembarked the lovely Caribbean Princess ship, found our luggage, a porter offered to take our luggage to customs, waited in line for a few minutes, found our tour bus, tipped the porter, and we were off to the Everglades by 9 am.
  11. My daughter went to hang out with other teenagers during the day, so my hubby and I went to find some lounge chairs, swam in the adult only AFT pool, had a piece of the daily pizza special (mushroom & ham). I promised myself that I would have at least one Pina colada and one gin and tonic during the cruise, so check! And my hubby ordered a nice strawberry daiquiri today for me! Wow, how can the final day of our cruise be any more better? Well, of course our final MDR supper in the Coral dining room with Marvin and Ashwin serving a fabulous new York steak supper! I started with the seafood chowder, my daughter had the details salad to start, both delicious dishes and five star!!! Even better, a special dessert was served, too! I tried the sugar-free chocolate tapioca dessert, but tell you the truth, the baked Alaska was to die for! I lost my new Princess cap yesterday and found it in the lost and found at customer service on deck 6. So happy to wear it again! I'll do a quick summary of our disembarkation day on Saturday later on, ASAP. Cheers!
  12. I recommend ginger tablets as they really work for me! The ship stabilizers really make it much better, smooth sailing. I did bring regular gravol but none of my family needed to use it. 😀 Cheers!
  13. Another awesome day at sea, time for my latte with almond milk and muisli to start the day
  14. We had a fabulous vacation and went to join the celebration in the Piazza: Matt arrived just in time for the scheduled time 10:45 as indicated on the patter: excellent band, lots of dancing and of course the balloon drop!!! It was serious FUN!!!! My daughter went to the teen's club party and hour earlier with her new friends and joined the balloon drop fun, too. 20190314_224026.mp4
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